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Thursday, 30 October 2014

DAY 71: Comfort

The upside to wearing a corset for 12 hours is that you really start to appreciate your own comfortable clothes. There is plenty wrong with fashion and beauty today, but at least I can choose not to have my ribcage squashed into my lungs. I can bend over and tie my own shoe lace without running the risk of a whale bone snapping and piercing my chest. And it is well known that I'm partial to a good pair pyjama bottoms.
Heavenly hoodie. This one's been with me since I studied in Australia in 2009 and it feels absolutely wonderful on tonight.  
Apart from the fact that yawning hurt, and you tend to yawn quite a bit after just three hours of sleep, it was a good day filming. After a bit of food and rest, tomorrow will hopefully be equally as good, and then it's the weekend! Wohoo!

Hope you've had a good week so far!

DAY 70: A duck. On stage.

A friend and I went to see tonight's performance of The Wild Duck at the Barbican. The Ibsen play had been transported into modern day and the dialogue and scenes reimagined. Despite this, the story remained the same and yes, there was a live duck on stage. It pretty much stole the show whenever it was on. (Who cares about human misery when there's a duck?)

I really enjoyed the show and many of the solutions. It was also an educational outing for future projects. It's always interesting to see how others have solved the issue of making something "old" relevant for a modern audience. It doesn't always have to be much, but sometimes rethinking an old story can give it a whole new life.

Right, I need to get ready for bed. I'll be getting up in about 3,5 hours to catch a bus to work. Oh the glamour of being an extra. Should be fun thought!


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

DAY 69: Giant Fun

Who says offices can't be fun? My office is moving buildings in a few days and suddenly we have three GIANT rolls of bubble wrap. They're pretty much as high as I'm tall. Now I'm not the tallest person in the world but that's still pretty high for a roll of bubble wrap!
Bubble wrap makes people go funny. Very few can resist it. Imagine what you could do with these! I want to roll around on it. I want to walk on it! If you walked like on hot coals or glass, could you get across without popping any bubbles? But then again, all the fun is in popping the bubbles.  

I have a feeling I shouldn't start just yet, but maybe when we've moved and unwrapped everything again? A mountain of discarded bubble wrap! A literal heap of fun! Who wants to join me?


Monday, 27 October 2014

DAY 68: Creative Challenges


I know, that should be 69. I feel like I'm slightly struggling with the 100 days of happy challenge because there is so much else going on, which is a good thing in itself. Having come this far though, it would feel silly to stop, especially now that I have so much fun.
I was hoping to have a photo of a lion, but didn't, so you're getting pandas instead. This is how relaxed I'd like to be about it all. But maybe that wouldn't be good for the creative juices ...
I did a normal day at the office before shooting off to the Southbank Centre to meet up with a couple of great ladies. We are planning to work together on a project that is both very exciting and a bit intimidating. It is definitely going to challenge my creative process and how I normally do things, which is part of why I really want to take part. I just have to keep telling my instinctive flight reaction to put at sock in it. I'm not going to be eaten by a lion, I'm just taking a little step outside my comfort zone.  Unfortunately that's all I can say for now but I'm very happy to have something new to "chew" on.

I hope you've had a good start to the week and have plenty to look forward to!


Saturday, 25 October 2014

DAY 67: Before and After


Happy Saturday! Are you up to anything fun? I've had a great day, which included emptying a storage unit, having lunch with the family (Chinese) and painting a very sad looking door. The door had spent quite some time in the attic space of my apartment building and needed some TLC now that it moved back downstairs to the actual flat again.

Here's the obligatory before picture (after I'd scraped off loads of loose paint):
My dad then did some magic with filler so I could slap on a couple of coats of paint. It didn't turn out completely smooth but so so much better! Ta daa: 
I had to wait for an hour or so between the coats. Alone, in an completely empty flat where the only other option was literally to watch paint dry, I made myself a little nest and spent the time reading and drinking chai tea. Could be much worse!
Tomorrow I'm flying back to London where a busy but fun week awaits! But before that, a lunch stop at my Gran's. Glad to have had time to see so many lovely people this trip!


Friday, 24 October 2014

DAY 66: A cool end to the day

Holy Moly the wind is cold! I just got back from dinner with my dad and I thought I'd turn into an icicle while waiting for the tram. Luckily I didn't but my body is still in spasms. A cup of tea is what I need! Seeing my dad again was great though, and it's been a good day on a whole. Unfortunately I only have a couple of very random photos:

1. In Finland we always coordinate our outdoor outfits with our take away coffee ...
2. My hotel room window oversees the hotel next door and a balcony that is clearly being used for storage of random objects. It's brilliant! I feel like I'm taking part in some great secret ...
Tomorrow promises a bit of door painting, storage emptying and lunch with the family. If everything goes as planned, it should be a great Saturday!

Have lovely weekend!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

DAY 65: New leather, M&S and Mexican


Flying to Helsinki today was a treat. The old BA plane had finally been replaced. The blue leather interior that was literally falling to pieces had turned into something black and sleek. I know, don't judge a book by its cover, but when you fold out your tray and it comes off completely, you start to worry about the engines ...
Comfy seats and free papers - Nice
I did worry a bit when I got off the flight bus and this was almost the first thing I saw. Had the plane turned around and landed back in the UK? Since when has Helsinki had Marks & Spencer?!
Damn you globalization.
Having relaxed (and warmed up, -2 C outside) a bit I headed out to meet some dear friends and it was great as usual. It doesn't matter if we haven't seen each other for months and months. Having been friends for over 10 years now, we just pick up where we left off and have a good time. This time, that included Mexican food. You know, when in Finland ...
I hope my Mexican flatmate approves.
Thanks to the 2 hour time difference I'm still pretty energetic and will enjoy some down time before a full on weekend. I hope you have something nice to look forward to!