Thursday, 20 November 2014

DAY 90: The BBC thinks I'm ancient


Greetings from my sushi coma. Some good food and good company made it a very pleasant evening indeed. I might have had a bit too much green tea. Hopefully it won't make my current nocturnal tendencies worse.
Good but evil.
In other news, I was listening to BBC Radio 2's Non-Stop Oldies at the office and this song came on, Daniel Powter's "Bad Day".

My brain did a flip and went "Hang on!". That's not an old song. Definitely not old enough to be part of Non-Stop Oldies. For that segment I'm thinking Elvis, The Beach Boys, some Beatles and maybe a Barry White or two. Not the biggest hit of 2005! I refuse to think that my early 20s are now None-Stop Oldies material. I was still quite pleased though because I'd completely forgotten about the song and I suddenly remembered how much I liked it back in the day (me and the rest of the world). I'm not sure it has aged very well but it was still a nice bit of time travel. Who doesn't want to meet "The One" on a rainy day under a red umbrella? (And vandalise a piece of advertisement in the tube.)   

To be fair, it's not the BBC that picks the songs, people are allowed to send in their own playlists of oldies and then BBC the chooses a suitable list (so they do make a judgement call of sorts ...) Anywho, I didn't have a bad day and I hope you've enjoyed your day too!


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

DAY 89: A slightly less lethal lunch

I know, I've already written too many "Hurrah, lunch in the park!" entries, but come on! I'm Finnish. To me having a sandwich and a coffee in the sunshine, outdoors, in mid-November is pretty much a miracle.
No rabid penguins, just a few covert doves. 
Back home I'd be keeping one eye on my numb feet and the other on the rabid penguins watching from the shadows. It's hard to run from a penguin when you can't feel your feet and you have tomato and mozzarella, frozen solid, stuck halfway down your throat. (Okay, I should point out that there are no actual penguins in Finland (or polar bears for that matter). Way too many people still believe there are. No. Not even up North. We have normal bears. And wolves. Lots of flesh eating bunnies (they might not be flesh eating) and worst of all THE SEAGULLS. But you don't see them much in winter. Not the bears either, they normally sleep.) What I'm trying to say is, I really enjoy living in a country where I can sit down for an al fresco lunch without freezing to death or at least catching a urinary tract infection.

I could also tell you about the meeting I had this evening, but let's leave the shoptalk for another time. (My head has gone a bit too night time mushy by now, as you might have noticed.) I'm very happy to be involved though and excited to see where it might all lead!

I hope you've had a great day!

Monday, 17 November 2014

DAY 88: Sweet sweet art

Hurrah! Scandinavian Kitchen in London sells ready made gingerbread dough! There will be gingerbread cookie-baking/decorating this year as well! Why ready made dough you might ask? Well, ideally I would like to make my own but I have a nagging feeling I won't have time, and finding all the right spices in London is a pain. Previous years I've had to leave some out because I just couldn't buy them.
Last year's dough, which had already spent a year in the freezer ... Krhm. (Nobody died! Nobody got sick! ... I think.)
The fun part is decorating the cookies anyway. In Finland we would usually go for the traditional Nordic Christmas motifs but since my flatmates joined me here in London, we've gone off-piste a bit, as you might remember from 2013 and 2012. Lots of fun anyway!
Hopefully I'll be able to pick up a bottle of glögg as well (Nordic version of mulled wine which you can drink with or without alcohol). The risk of going to places like the Scandinavian Kitchen is that I get all food nostalgic and spend way too much money on things like Felix Smörgåsgurka. Oh well, it could be much much worse!

By the way, if S Club 7 was my office radio soundtrack on Friday, today it was all about Queen and "Don' stop me now".

Hope your week has started off well! (I'm definitely feeling better so the resting cure seem to have worked! Knock wood.)


Sunday, 16 November 2014

DAY 87: A break from the break


I had geared up for a meeting this afternoon and when that got postponed, I decided to take a break from all the resting and use my stored up energy (real or imaginary) to go out for a coffee and some window shopping. I want to find a birthday outfit (any "we're all born naked" jokes can be checked by the door, thank you) and did spot a couple of maybes. I just need to go back when I have the stamina to actually try something on. I might even pop out the heels! (Normally I'm very much a fan of "Sensible shoe day".)
How about these? I'm sure the museum in LA wouldn't mind lending them to me. I'm sure Judy Garland would have wanted me to have them. 
And what I wouldn't give for an outing in my running shoes. After two weeks of almost no decent exercise I fear my legs might be plotting mutiny. I just haven't had the time! (And running with a bug is never a good idea ...) Anywho, as you might have noticed there's not much to report today either but I did give you glitzy shoes. What's a Sunday without glitzy shoes?

Have a great evening!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

DAY 86: Milk + Herbal = True

Hello there,

Not much to report today, I'm just trying to rest and hopefully avoid a full-fledged cold. There's no time for that! It's moments like this when I really wouldn't mind some kind of house-elf that brings nice cups of tea and checks that the heating is on.
Oh well, there's an upside to making my own tea, I can put as much milk in it as I want! It doesn't matter if it's black, green, fruit or herbal, I enjoy a splash of milk in most kinds. I know, I'm weird. People give me "the look". But I don't care! I left the flat long enough to buy dinner and stash up on ginger and lemon tea. There is no cure for the cold, but a hot drink is always comforting and I think there's some Strictly on in an hour or two ...

And tomorrow I'll be up and running again as normal, right? Right?!

I hope you're having a great weekend!

Friday, 14 November 2014

DAY 85: Stars and Rainbows

Hello! How are you?

I'm battling an itchy throat and spending the evening at home. I'm quite happy though with a tidied room, clean sheets, fresh flowers and some "throwback" music.
The song first came on at the office and reminded me of those teenage years when I was still quite good at popular music. Sure, music snobs might crinkle their noses and have 99 reasons why it's not good enough, but today I couldn't care less because it makes me happy (and it's a great song for cleaning).

I hope you're also dancing, whether it's in a club or in your bedroom. Dance like everyone's watching and it doesn't bother you at all!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

DAY 84: Radio!

My office job can be a bit antisocial at times (in a shared office you don't want to disturb everyone else by constantly chatting) so I spend a fair amount of quality time with my headphones and the radio. BBC radio 2 has become my go to station for everyday live listening, their mix of talk and music suits me well and it keeps me in a good mood. Sometimes I feel like a duck on a pond, upper body all calm and professional while under the desk my feet are dancing.

Speaking of feet, it's lucky my office is a relaxed kind of space. I got dressed in a bit of a hurry this morning and didn't realise I'd picked the shoes I wore at last week's filming. Our holding area was rather muddy and I hadn't had time to give my shoes a good clean ...
Oh well, I think my shoes are the worst sufferers. They keep getting drenched and dirty whenever I'm out on "adventures" and somehow they still manage to pull through. A good old pair they are.

Have a good evening!