Friday, 27 February 2009

My big strawberry bag

So it´s not pink, but it´s huge and I love it!

Mom and I met up after work and walked around for a bit. We were only going to look at some suitcases since there´s still plenty of time until my trip, but one shop had a sale and this Samsonite one was a bargain! The same case is way more expensive in other shops. (We checked.)

So now I´m the proud owner of a new bright red suitcase that will be easy to spot at the airport, and is so big I could probably live in it. :)
Time to hit the gym and work on those biceps!


And no, there´s no other point to this entry. I´m just really looking forward to a weekend of fun and rest. I don´t have any specific plans though. I get paid today so there´s a looming risk that I might go and spend some money, but I probably shouldn´t.
Any other ideas? What are you doing?

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Catch it at the pharmacy

Every time I go to the pharmacy I get a bit worried. You go there to find something for your health, right? To make you feel better. But often it seems far more likely for you to catch something even worse! People are sniffling, coughing, clearing their sore throaths and looking deathly pale. They fiddle with their prescriptions and try to keep anyone from seeing what they are for. It makes your imagination run wild and you try to remember every fatal disease you´ve ever heard of.

I know I´m being paranoid and unfair. I don´t recall falling sick a single time after going in for plaster, vitamins or moistening eye-drops. Who knows, maybe I´m the one spreading those resilient little germs, touching bottles and packages with my bare hands. But I can´t help it, it´s still a bit creepy to stand there amongst all those people and wait for your turn. On the bright side, It really makes you grateful for your good health.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


A couple of things to report:

1) My macho baby brother makes a mean salad. Who knew? Nuts, grapes, cherry tomatoes, cabbage etc. Family life suits him. :) (Maybe this should become a food blog?)

2) I got a part of my manuscript back from mom. She´s reading through it before I hand it in to the publishers. It´s great having an extra pair of eyes. She sees all those little important details that I miss (or choose not to see) and gives things a new perspective. Of course, it can be a bit awkward sometimes, especially if the story is about some "embarrassing" subject, but luckily, I have an open minded mom. Now I just have to consider her suggestions, make some corrections and then it´s of to the professionals for more critique. Spooky.

Hope you had a great day!

Monday, 23 February 2009

I missed it!

I am clearly loosing my mind. I missed the Oscars last night! No, actually, I FORGOT about the Oscars last night. It´s a scandal.

For as far back as I can remember I have watched the spectacle with big, excited eyes. Okay, I might have taped it some years, or only watched the beginning and the end, but I have always followed it with glee in my hearth. I guess it´s because of the secret actress in me that wants be there herself, or the little peeping tom that loves following glamorous peoples lives. What did she say? What did she wear? Is that going to be me someday? (If not as an actor then perhaps as the author of the winning original manuscript or something ... A person should dream.)

But what now? Has the actress died? Has my interest for fairy tale lives withered away? Has an early morning at work become more important than nightly hours in the limelight? It saddens me to think so. I enjoyed my slightly crazy fascination with the glitzy show. It became a tradition. It can´t have come to an end, can it?

No! I won´t be defeated that easily! I´m going to fight back. Next year I will watch the entire show from beginning to end. It doesn´t matter if I haven´t seen a single one of the nominated films. I´ll cheer them on. I´ll drink caffeine filled drinks. And I´ll wear the pretties PJs in my closet.

So: Lights, Camera, Action!

Ps. The reruns are not the same.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

A GOOD weekend

This was a great weekend for the taste buds. (Not so much for the waist.) Saturday began with a veil hunt down town with my brother and his wife to be. After some successful shopping we rewarded ourselves with ice cream. I chose mint ice cream with large chocolate chips in it. Mmmm.

Later on I visited a friend who´s a vegetarian like me. Together we made vegan brownies with wathever we found in her cupboards. The outcome wasn´t perfect (my presence usually makes stuff become flat, burned or just plain unappetizing) but with homemade frosting on, it was delicious. And what´s better than eating brownies, drinking hot chocolate and chatting about future adventures with a friend?

Sunday didn´t dissapoint. After a nice calm morning I went to my parents house, together with my brother and his family, and had waffles. With cream and jam. Aah. Having the whole family gathered and eating a tasty lunch is definitely one of the best ways to spend a sunday afternoon.

So, I`m full. :) What about you? What is your favourite (unhealthy) snack?

Friday, 20 February 2009

You decide!

A friend is making me read Låt den rätte komma in by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Not a bad idea per se, but the pressure is on. Critics and fans alike have loved this book. My friend hated it. Now I´m supposed to read, contemplate and then give her my verdict. Who is right? Is it good, bad, gory (in a good way), gory (in a bad way) or is it just plain stupid …

Having only read a part of the book I can´t give you my opinion yet, but it´s got me thinking. Who has the ultimate right to say which books are good and which ones are bad? Is it the professional critics? The self-proclaimed know-it-alls? The real fans? Or maybe even the writer him/herself? Does anyone have the right to give such a verdict?

Reading is a very personal and subjective experience, and I think almost any book can be the RIGHT book for a specific person at a specific time. It might not be a classic or the next serious bestseller, but who cares if YOU like it and it gives YOU something. As I said, reading is personal and nobody should be ashamed of what they read.

This does not mean that you can´t discuss books, compare books and share your experiences with other readers. That is part of the fun! But I would be careful of setting my opinions in stone because, in the world of books, there is seldom just one RIGHT and one WRONG opinion. There are YOUR opinions and MY opinions, and that is great. We can still be friends. : )

So, will I like Låt den rätte komma in? I don´t know yet. It´s not my normal genre but trying something new is rearly bad. So, nevermind the outcome, thanks for making me read a book I otherwise (maybe) wouldn´t read!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Move around the world

So, this Sydney thing ...
It´s partly the reason why I started this blog. I want to catch the coming 10 months in words and pictures and share them with anyone who´s interested.

In July I´m going to Australia to study environmental journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney. It´s thanks to this great new EU-Australia GEJI-project with 8 collaborating universities around Europe and Australia. So for five months I´ll be studying and working in Sydney! I´m so excited!

Okay, so it´s still five months away. But I thought I could already share some related thoughts and plans, and in between also write about other things going on in my life. Maybe about writing (and the pain of not writing), work, working out, shopping, random stuff and so on ... Bear with me!

One of my big purchases before moving around the world is a new, large suitcase (and a bigish backpack to take on the plane). Any tips on shops, brands or colours? Is it more or less likely to get mugged with a bright pink one? :P

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I declare this blog opened!

Wow, my first real blog! I might be the last person in this country to get one. :) I´m writing in english because I need to practise. Five months from now I´ll be a writing journalist/student in Sydney. Iiiik! But more about that later ...
For now: Hello blogging world! Pleased to be a part of you!