Saturday, 30 May 2009


I found a dress! Yay! I had almost given up when I saw this one and realised that it actually might look good on. :) The bow is detachable so I might change it for something else, depending on what kind of jewellery I choose for the occasion.

The dress is also proof that I challenged my "phobia" of small shops. Especially small, exclusive shops for women. I hate being targeted as soon as I open the door. I hate the way the shop assistant follows me with her critcal gaze (or that´s what it feels like anyway). And I´m one of those people who don´t immediately wants help. I want to look around on my own, make up my own mind in peace and if I have a question then maybe, MAYBE, I´ll ask for some assistance.
But anyway, this one was worth a bit of hassle.

It was also fun to watch all the dressed up kids with their proud parents and grandparents, everyone carrying pretty flowers and enticingly wrapped presents. I decided that I also want to celebrate summer and achievement so I ate some sushi for lunch and then had ice cream in the park. Mmm. Now I´m a bit drowsy from all the sun so I might even take a nap. :)

Bye bye house of the rising sun

Good Morning! I had a really nice evening at Soc&koms farewell party yesterday (Soc&com: The part of the University of Helsinki that I attended for my bachelor and where I have also worked). It isn´t the school itself that is drawing its final breath, but the building its been in for a long time. In fall Soc&kom is moving closer to downtown Helsinki and into a completely new building (it´s not even finished yet ...)
Anyway, great night, speaches, food, music and the student organization had put together a "talk show" that was hilarious. Alot of nice people too. After all that standing my feet got pretty achy though so I ended the evening with a warm footbath. Aah.
This is what I wore:

Today I´m going dress hunting. I need a dress (or actually two) for my brothers wedding. Hopefully I´ll find something I can show you later.
Until then: Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

No more split ends

Visited my hairdresser today. My hair had finally taken control of my head and I had to do something about it or admit defeat. Anyway, this is the end result. About 5 cm shorther and with a bit of layering. I like it. Hopefully it wont look like a rat´s nest in a couple of days. (Sometimes it does when my natural curls go in cahoot with the layers.) Looks darker again too, just because of less damaged hair. Jay!

(Sorry about the bad pic. I didn´t know it was this hard to photograph hair (and me)! I guess it needs that 3D thing. :P )

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Cleaning Lady

Thank god for rainy days. I have spent most of my Saturday cleaning and now I feel an almost silly sense of achievement.
I´m not the kind of person that hunts for dust daily or wipes the dining table after every meal. From time to time I´m almost a slob. But then it hits me, this sudden urge to tidy up, to ORGANIZE. And I don´t think it has anything to do with the current state of the apartment, it´s more psychological than that. The more mental clutter there is in my brain the bigger the need is for a clutter free physical environment.

This need is not always linked to a negative mood or dilemma, sometimes I get the urge because I´m so happy or excited that I have to "dispose of" some excess energy, but most often it´s connected to something that stresses me out in one way or another.
For example: I often get this cleaning craze when I´m supposed to study. First I thought it was only a way to procrastinate but then I realized that I actually do study more efficiently when I´m in tidy surroundings. I feel calmer, more clearheaded and professional. Suddenly I´m like those superachievers in films who go to Harvard and study law and become great people who do great things. It really does help.

So, my conclusion of the day: Cleaning isn´t all bad (ugh I can´t belive I just wrote that). Not only do you get an attractive apartment again, as a bonus, you also get a calmer state of mind. (Or vice versa.)

Friday, 22 May 2009

Letter received (or actually an email)

Wohoo, I finally received my Letter of Offer from UTS. I was beginning to think that they had rejected me. There´s still some paperwork to do but this was an important step, soon I can request for a visa and health insurance. The only problem is that there was some kind of misunderstanding concerning my preferred subjects. The one subject that is a must for every GEJI exchange student had been replaced with another for me "better suited" subject. Apparently someone didn´t realise that I have to take that subject, even if I am considered a postgraduate student.
Oh well, I´m sure it will get sorted out. Until then I´ll just have to keep on waiting. Alot of that in my life right now but one day or another everything has to fall into place, right?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Getting started

Good morning! (Or is it maybe too late for that?) I´m pretty slow today but thought I´d give the gym a go. Maybe I´ll pop into a shop or two as well, just for the fun of it.

I had a nice evening yesterday. I was invited to a dinner at my former workplace. They wanted to thank me for the work I did there for 15 months. It was great meeting my friends again and I also received these lovely flowers and a gift card I´m really looking forward to using. Thank you!

Now I really should get going or I might get stuck here on the sofa for the rest of the day. Maybe I could come up with some kind of sofa workout that is just as efficient as going for a walk och hitting the gym. Hmm. ... Preferably while taking a snooze.

Oh get a grip! I know I´ll enjoy it as soon as I´m there, it just the getting started bit that always feels like the ultimate chore. But no more excuses.
1. 2. 3. UP!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Color therapy

Like my new red shoes, the color of my newly painted, apple/poison green nails give me an incredible boost. There really is something about color that affects the brain in a positive way.

I have never had green nails before but for some reason it seemed like a good idea today and why question instinct? :) My hands feel like spring, like the small developing leaves in birches. What can be better than that?

Next week they might be orange. :P


Sorry for the lack of activity these past few days. I´ve been a bit distracted and there hasn´t been much to write about either. I´m not sure accounts of teeth brushing and sock searching are very interesting in the long run.
Anyway, nice sunny Saturday. Thought I´d hit the gym after lunch, pretend that I actually like working out, and then there´s the big eurovision song contest final tonight. Wohoo! I have no clue where Finland will end up. It can go very well or we might finish at the bottom of the list. Hopefully someone will wote for us!

I did promise a while ago to tell you what book I chose. Well I picked out one of my own but then my mom told me that she has the latest Brunetti crime novel and I decided to focus on that one instead.
We (me, my mom and my grandmother) have read all the novels in the series about Guido Brunetti, a commissario in Venice. I like the atmonsphere in the stories. It is quite calm and it describes a different culture. (The author, Donna Leon, is actually an american but she has lived in Italy for many years). You can´t help but to salivate when Leon depicts what Brunetti is having for lunch and dinner, and you can imagine yourself walking down the narrow streets and over the bridges looking at old churches and small cafes.
It is also refreshing to read about a member of the police that is not a lonely, grumpy alcoholic. Brunetti is a nice middle aged man with a loving family and he seems to have his life under control. That doesn´t mean he´s boring though, somehow Donna Leon makes her characters so likeable that you want follow them from novel to novel. And the plots are often so well twisted that you get hooked and can´t stop until the last page.
So, that´s what I´m reading at the moment. Give the series a chance if you have a bit of extra time someday.

Have a nice weekend!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Happy Shoes

I couldn´t help myself today. I just had to buy these shoes. They make me happy! I don´t know if it´s the color or the shape or that they make my feet look 12-years old again, but I have to giggle when I see them.

They´re from Din Sko so every other person will probably have the same ones soon, but I don´t care. This particular pair was made for me. :)

(Click on the picture if you want to see it larger.)

Saturday, 9 May 2009

What next?

I have too many unread books in my shelves! (I also have too many bookshelves but that is another issue ...) The problem becomes imminent when it is time to find a new book to read. I have a bit of everything so it´s mostly up to my indecisiveness when I can´t choose.

Now I just finished the second Jo Nesbö thriller so I need something new. But do I want another thriller, a bit of chick lit, a praised contemporary novel or one of the great classics? Should it be something easy to read or something that demands my absolute attention? I´m not a very fast reader so very thick books scare me a bit. There are so many books to read and I don´t want to be stuck with the same one for ages, it doesn´t matter if it´s good or bad. You could say I´m impatient. Maybe that´s why I often read two or three books at the same time ...

Anyway, time to pick out something that suits my current mood. Hmm ...

(Maybe I should choose one of the encyclopedias from the shelves in the hall (not pictured), I always dream of reading them and learning heaps of new things, but then again, they´re very large and hard to carry in your handbag so a paperback is more practical. I like carrying books with me so I can read wherever I am. Hmm, again.)

I´m sorry! I am evidently procrastinating. I´ll tell you what I chose if I ever get that far. Thank you for your patience. :)

I really should clean my "cable basket".

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Afternoon report

I´ve had a good day so far. Met my ex-workbuddies for lunch and had a nice chat. It´s fun to be kept in the loop about office-gossip and stuff even though I´m not at the office any more. It was my world for over a year and the girls were the people I spent most of my time with during the day. It´s interesting to notice how much has happened since I left work and how everything still is somehow the same. :)

After lunch I took a nap. Aaaah. Bliss. There is something absolutely wonderful about being able to go to bed and just dose off i the middle of the day. I always get really tired after eating and some short nights due to ishockey and a spot of irritating flu has made me even sleepier. So, I went nighty night for a while and now I´m up and going again. (Not that that means I´m doing anything productive ... ) I really should wash those clothes though ...

Anyway, hopefully I´ll be wide awake this evening so I can watch the game. Go Finland! :D

Monday, 4 May 2009

Why can´t I belive?

I´m such a pessimist when it comes to sports. I just have to trash my home team and belive the worst about every game. Maybe I´m afraid I´ll jinx them if I suddenly become positive and start cheering them on. I mean, I almost belived we would win against Belarus and look what happened!

Of course, I always hope that my team will win but I try to keep it to myself until the final score is absolutely certain. After the end signal that is. It´s like all those sayings: "Ropa inte hej innan du är över bäcken" and all that. It was the same when I played soccer, as soon as we scored a goal I had to tell myself that it was still 0-0, just so it wouldn´t somehow go to my head that we were in the lead, and that way loose focus. So, the pessimism goes way back it seems. Maybe it´s something I should work on. I mean, it can´t be my fault if a team looses, can it? It doesn´t matter if I cheer or trash. I don´t have that kind of power (I think ... ). Maybe it´s more like selfprotection, I won´t be as dissapointed if I didn´t belive we could win in the first place. And all too many times I get to be right. Maybe that gives me a bit of satisfaction as well? I don´t know ... It´s just me.

BUT; Now, having been mean the entire Finland-Canada game, I am happy to say that the Finns played well. They deserved to win. And they did but it was too late. We needed 3 points to win the group but only got 2. Anyway, the tournament goes on. At least one more game. I´ll try to be a bit more positive then. (BUT WHAT IF THAT MAKES US LOOSE??!)

And now: The national anthem. Aaah.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Candy Strike

No more candy for me. It feels like the sugar is eating my brain to get more room in my body. Beginning today I´m going on a candy strike. No sweets for at least a month, by then the addiction should have disappeared and I will not even want to eat anything too sugary. Well, that´s the plan anyway. The first days are always the hardest ...
I´ve decided that ice cream is allowed despite the strike (it´s soon summer!) and also really dark chocolate ( at least 70% coco). But other than that, I´ll try to stay strict.

Now, does anyone want to join me? :)

Friday, 1 May 2009

First of May

Aah, no more contact lenses (for today). The last couple of hours were agony. But I´m glad there´s the option.
First of May is slowly coming to an end. It was nice and sunny outside although it was a bit windy at Kajsaniemi. I had chosen an outfit for the day but kept my jacket on the entire time because I started freezing early on. When the need for a bathroom grew too big I decided it was time to leave the park for this year.

(I did wear shoes ...)

After the park I met up with my family and had ice cream. Mmm. On my way home I decided to get into the hockey mood by buying a pizza. It was the first time that I bought a pizza to go on my own, just for me. I know it sounds weird, but it just hasn´t happened before. So, it was a first on the First of May. :) Now I´m ready to cheer Finland on and enjoy being a couch potato.

Mmmm. Pizzaaaa.