Sunday, 27 September 2009

New Sunday, more Animals

Spent most of the day today at Taronga zoo here in Sydney. A large zoo with very nice views.

It was my first time on a ferry and I went with Annette, Sebastian and Eva and later on we also met up with Christian and had some rich cake at the Rocks. Warm tea and coffee was also exactly what we needed after a very windy day.

Now I think I've seen pretty much all animals there is to see in any zoo or wildlife park. We saw a seal show and a bird show and also heard a talk about chimps so I guess we should be somewhat wiser now.

I got a bit too close to nature at one point. My worst nightmare basically. I felt something tickling my neck and I viped it away. The next second I saw a spider running over the floor. It had been on me!! Arrrgghhh.
It wasn't big. Or in Finnish measures it actually was quite large, and brown. Yuk. I felt momenteraly weak and nauseous and kept imagining more spiders on me. But I didn't scream och cry or leave the park so I should be proud of myself. Yeah.

Here are some pics again. I wish they would load quicker so I could put up more without it taking hours.

Elephant. They had a baby one as well, but it didn't want to be photographed. It was more fun to sleep in the shade of its mummy.

A kingfisher in a really pretty blue color.

One of my absolute favourite animals. Can watch documentaries about them over and over again.

And how cute are these? Awww.

It was very windy as you can see. (The Germans are being German and checking the map. (Okay okay, I did it too ...))

Waiting for the seal show to begin. A nice view of the water and sky line behind the scene.

My green tea and chocolate mud cake at The Rocks. Mmm.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Animals and Mountains

Got up early this morning and left for a tour of the Blue Mountains. We also made a stop at a wildlife park which was fun because I actually got to stroke a koala and a small kangaroo. Cute! There were also alot of other interesting and weird animals.

The Blue Mountains are really beautiful and you just wish that the camera would make it justice. We walked to different outlook points, saw the three sisters and then walked to the bottom of a valley and took a super steep "train" back up again. Fun and a little bit scary at the same time.

We hade to do our decent to the valley a bit faster than planned because there was suddenly a thunder ower us and our guide was worried that rain would make the track muddy and that we would get stuck in the forrest.

Anyway, a find trip and a good break in the life of a stressed student. :) Here are some pics from the day.

Me and a koala!

Me and a small kangaroo!

A wombat.

An albino peacock. So beautiful

Albino kangaroos!

The famous three sisters.

Some nice views.

Me and Eva practicing the art of self portaits.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Just a bit busy

Hi guys,

Sorry for being such a bad blogger right now. But there really isn't much to blog about. My life currently contains of work work work. And some of the assignments (stories) I'm doing do not want to cooperate which is quite frustrating and a bit overwhelming. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon ...

Anyway, Friday today. For many students at UTS this means 2 weeks of holidays. Technically I have 2 weeks off as well, but with deadlines coming up all the time the days will mostly be spent at uni anyway. No travelling for me (or many of my journalism friends). We'll try to have time for some fun stuff, though. I'm still looking forward to the zoo and on Sunday I'm taking a trip to the Blue Mountains. Yay!

Something fun but also rather stressful is that I'm going on a one week trip to Townsville the week after the holidays. Me and a friend are doing a story about the barrier reefs for our Investigative journalism class. It will be fun to see the tropical town and parts of the east coast. It's just crap that I have deadlines the week after so I really have to get a head start on everything before I leave. (And that isn't really working out.) Aarrghh! (Why don't people answer the phone or e-mails or smoke signals or ...?)

I should probably do something fun tonight since it's Friday, but I think I'll just take a nice hot bath, read a magazine and then watch some bad tv. After all, I have a 5 hour class tomorrow morning. Yup, it's good to be a journalism student.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

0-1 to the Northern Fury

I spent Saturday evening at the Sydney Football Stadium, again pretending to be sport journalist. Sydney FC was playing against newbie North Queensland Fury FC and it was a talked about match since Robbie Fowler, ex Liverpool player, was coming to town with the Fury. And what should have been a Sydney win also ended in defeet, thanks to striker Fowler.

So, an interesting evening. We sat just next to the real press box and could again attend the post-game press conferece. After that, like after the NRL game, we all dashed home to file the match report before deadline. Stress stress. Luckily I didn't live too far away this time and could power walk my way home.

Now I just have to wait and see what our teacher thinks about the report. I do need a bit more time than an hour to write something brilliant in English ... But I did my best so we'll see. (My rugby report was all but great so I really hope this one gets better feedback. At least I understood what was happening on the field this time.)

Sydney in blue, North Queensland in white

Eager Sydney FC fans (but here they look bored of course... typical ...)

Sunday, 6 September 2009

The BIG issue

Second day in Paddington, second movie this weekend.
After hours of studying this morning I felt quite restless and walked to a cinema on Oxford Street. I saw "The September issue", the documentary of Vogue legend, editor-in chief Anna Wintour. I really liked it! I love going behind the scenes and see how things really work. And I loved Grace Coddington, the Creative Director at Vogue. It is just so fascinating to watch these people, so tough and frail at the same time. The business is really grueling. I don't know how they manage in the long run.
The film did not make me want to become a fashion editor but it did give a little "I can do anything" energy boost which was exactly what I needed. So, time for another study session. (Before a bit of Aussie Idols...) :P

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Weekend so far ...

After a busy week at uni we decided to begin our weekend with "relaxing" at the movies. The film was not very relaxing though. We had chosen Balibo, the story about 6 Australian journalists who got killed in East Timor in 1975 when Indonesia invaded the country. We thought that we, as journalism students, should see it. It wasn't a bad movie, although disturbing, and it did make you think about how far you are willing to go for a story ...
To get our minds of death and destruction we had a drink at the near by Opera Bar afterwards(the movie theatre was just next to the Opera House). It was a pleasant way to spend Friday evening. Here are some night time pics of the surroundings.

Luna Park on the north shore.
Skyline seen from the Opera bar.

Annette and Sebastian

Me and Eva

Today I decided to walk down to the suburb Paddington where they have a nice market every Saturday and there are alot of rather fancy shops along Oxford street. At first I didn't really have the guts to go into all the shops, feeling a bit scruffy, but towards the afternoon there were so many other customers there that I dared to take a closer look. I found some nice stuff but most of it was just too expensive. And why are all the dresses so damn short this season?!!

A small part of the market.


Tutu anyone?

After Paddington I sat down in a park and read for a bit, sipping a large chocolate shake. Mmm.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A thought about the weather

First day of spring is here! Officially at least. Can't really see a change in either weather or people yet, but maybe something will happen that just screams SUMMER IS COMING!

The weather has been sunny and a nice 20 degrees since I arrived, but I have never been so cold during a winter before. Why not? You're from Finland for goodness sake! Well, because of this little thing called insulation. Yes, I have talked and complained about it before.
In Australia, or at least in Sydney, insulating your house doesn't seem to be a priority. Instead they use huge amounts of energy and money on heaters and weird fleece things called snuggies and in general complain that they are cold. No kidding.

Even if the weather is nice and warm during the day, it can get pretty cold outside when the sun goes down (and it goes down early in winter). And with some of the windows leaking chilly air like a pasta strainer, it gets pretty cold inside as well. I have never slept in so many items of clothes before. Nothing seemed enough in the beginning. Double pair of socks? Yup, that's me!

Now I seem to have gotten used to it a bit. Or maybe it actually is getting warmer even though it doesn't show during the day. On Sunday I took myself shopping for summer clothes, buying a pair of sandals so tiny I could just as well walk barefoot. But I want to be optimistic. I want it to become warm. Warm in a way we do not experience often in Finland.

And welcome back in a couple of months when I complain about the horrible heat and how I can't sleep because of it.