Sunday, 28 February 2010

Strange and thrilling night

Good morning. I feel slightly zombieish, but you can't sleep all day, can you? :)

Last night was interesting. It began with a get together down town, organised by a friend of a friend. It was nice to get dressed up and see some new faces. Afterwards we went to a big club, but didn't stay too long. I cought the last tram towards home at 1.30 am.

Me and Hanna. Sorry about the horrible quality ...

On the tram I suddenly got a huge urge for a cup of tea. Weird. I knew I didn't have milk at home and I always have milk in my tea, even herbal, so I decided to visit a 24h grocery store. To my surprise I wasn't alone. A bunch of "normal" people were doing their shopping like it was in the afternoon. Couples, an older man, some teens. I bought milk, Sunday lunch and some fruit and walked out with my plastic bag. It felt so strange. First clubing, then grocery shopping at 2 am. Haha.

I wasn't a bit tired when I got home so I ate and then took my duvet to the couch. There was no point going properly to bed because the BIG THING would be on in just two hour. ICE HOCKEY! Finland vs. Slovakia, the fight for the bronze medal. Iiik.

Boy was it an exciting match. I was ready to give up in the second period when Slovakia scored several times, but luckily the Finnish players had more faith in their skills than I had. The third period was such a thriller!

In the second half of the period Finland made 1-3 into 2-3, into 3-3 and then 4-3. The medal was suddenly ours if we could just hold out for a few more minutes. But the Slovakian team kept pushing, and pushing and pushing. I'm sure more than one heart was racing in the couches of Finland at that point. They couldn't give in now!

It was a huge relief when Finland scored into an empty goal in the second last minute of the game. 5-3. We won! YAY! The players celebrated. The President celebrated. It wasn't gold, but it was a very welcomed bronze. Well done Finland!

After 24 hours of very little sleep I could finally go to bed. Bliss. Let's see how long I can stay up today before a small nap is in order. :)

Pleasant Sunday to you all.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Saturday Night Outfit

I'm going to a party in a little while and thought I'd share what I'm wearing tonight. I'm fearing I might relive the "dress climbing up my leg" scenario again but I'll just have to tough it out until I'm back inside. :P

I'm being optimistic wearing something short sleeved. I'll probably have to wear a sweater the entire night, but this was my vision anyways.

Have a nice evening whatever you're doing. :)

Licensed to goof

I was going through some photos and found two pics that were taken during a photo session with a friend. They belong to a whole series of pictures we took at an industrial area/outside thrift shop a couple of years ago. It was a lot of fun. These pics still make me laugh, especially the second one.
The official, serene photo.

The goofy one. I call it "Snow White had one too many coffees".

Hihi, making faces in photos comes naturally to me. Is it a sign of slight photo angst? I don't know ... Of course it's easier to look at a photo and say "Oh, I look weird in this one because I was making a face on purpose" than to look at one where you really tried to look decent and find that you still look weird. Or is that just me?
Oh well, bad pics will come and go, and good ones be saved, treasured and posted on blogs. :P

Hope you have a good weekend!

Friday, 26 February 2010

They are here!

Yay! The two boxes I sent from Sydney mid-November arrived in Helsinki this week! I carried home the second box today, together they weighed more than 15kg so I had to make a couple of trips to the post office. :)

I didn't put anything in the mail I wasn't ready to loose, but I'm still very happy to see all my Aussie stuff again.

For example this fabulous (?) Australian bath towel. I had to buy it in Townsville since I hadn't brought one with me (no room in the bag). This was the cheapest towel I could find, it was on SALE! And now that I'm back in Finland I'm sort of happy to have some rather tacky australiana to show off. Haha.

The boxes also reunited me with my cancer-council hiking hat. Good for keeping your head cool and the sun off your face. Not that you need that very often in Finland ...

Anyway, welcome home boxes! Hope you had a nice 2 month cruise around the world. :)

Back to school (and the dog just ate my brain)

Argh, I just realised I haven't written an exam in over two years! And now there's one in just a few weeks. Communications theory ... Doesn't sound like the lightest of subjects. Zzzz.

What if I've forgotten how to take in loads of information and then spew it out again? What if my right hand has lost its ability to write pages and pages of text in panicked frenzy? What if I can't get the books and don't have time to study? And what if my pencil breaks during the exam and I forgot to brings extras? *gasping for air*

I'm trying to transport myself to one of those tranquil university scenes you find in movies, where the heroine happily walks around campus with books under her arm, asks intelligent questions in class and reads the text books while drinking coffee and calmly jotting down notes. No beating heart, no "OMG I didn't understand a word on this page" or record long sessions of procrastination (kind of what I'm doing now ...).

Please give me some tips on how to study efficiently!

Thursday, 25 February 2010


What a brilliant day for the Finnish women! First a bronze medal in the cross country relay and now bronze in ice hockey! And against Sweden no less. Haha!

Nice to have at least ONE successful Olympic day. :) Lets hope the good luck and spirit continues for the final competitions!


Qualified surgeon

I just wanted to report that my thumb has made a complete recovery from last week's splinter accident and my brilliant needle *I'm going to faint* operation. Like anyone really cares ... :P


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Career change?

I haven't quite decided yet what I want to do when I "grow up". My uni diploma says I'm a journalist, but hmm ... Maybe this would be it instead? :P

Don't know if these guys have an actual job title? Maybe "Snow-on-high up-roof-shoveling-people"? At least they've had plenty of job opportunities this winter. But what if there's no snow next year? And what if I don't like hights or the orange harness just doesn't work with the rest of my outfit? ;)
I should probably think this over a bit more ...

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Name my Teddy!

When my grandmother says you´re getting a teddy bear, you're getting a teddy bear. And a darn cute one as well! (Yes, I'm 25, and again, childish or not, I don't care.)

In our family almost everything gets named, so what should I call this guy? (Yes, it's a he.)

Okay, off to dry my hair, not that it really matters in this hail of snow, but I'm meeting the girls in a while.


Monday, 22 February 2010


First of all the compulsory whining; Why did Finland play so badly against Sweden?! Why do we always (with some exceptions) "forget" how to play good hockey when we meet our neighbour?

Okay, time to focus on making the rest of the day better. I'm meeting my grandmother for lunch down town (yay!) before going to uni for another tutoring session with the newspaper gang. I hope this issue doesn't take all night. I'm meeting friends tomorrow for drinks so I want to be even half awake. Not like this:

Have a good day!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Yes, I know, but I don't care. :)

I have my talents, but painting isn't one of them. I still love to work with colours so from time to time I take out my paint kit and pretend to be a genius. It's all very childish. If you were kind you could perhaps say that my paintings belong in the category of (very, very) Naive art.

Here's something I started today. It's a work in progress called "The Gathering". Inspiration: The animals at Taronga zoo. :D

Do I hear a bid? Anyone? I know the "kangaroo" looks a bit dodgy but there's alot of weird species in Australia. :P

Clean out

Cleaning is a great way to get rid of pent up energy/frustration/worry. You get a bit of exercise and you (usually) see instant results.

Organised cupboard = organised mind?

I'd been thinking about cleaning out a cupboard in my flat for months, but it wasn't until today I actually did it. And it didn't even take that long! It was full of my brother's old clothes which he kindly left behind when he moved out. Thanks.

Now I just have to get these giant trash bags to the charity bin somehow. Maybe my brother can help this time ... (One bag is actually mine after I cleaned out my own closet and it weighs a tonne!)

While in cleaning mode I thought I'd do a bit cleaning on the "inside" as well. At the sushi dinner my thumb got a splinter from a tooth pick! (Yes, I know how stupid that sounds ...) A piece of wood lodged under the skin and caused a small boil. It had to be emptied.

I did my best with the sterilized needle although I did feel a bit faint. I just hope I got everything out ... I'm not entirely sure because there's still a small bump, but it's not as sore as before. We'll just have to wait and see. Exciting times.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Nature´s energy

I was going through some stuff from Australia and found these bracelets I bought from a small India inspired shop in Sydney.

The purple stones are supposed to give you hope, the red ones health and the pink ones love. I don't actually believe that certain stones have these kinds of power, but at least they remind you of what is important in life.

For some extra energy in this rather grizzly weather I bought some dark pink tulips. I love tulips, the look and the feel of them, they're like happiness in a vase.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Today my grandmother said she's buying me a big teddy bear. I have this kid-sized Australia t-shirt that would look cute on one.

The teddy could sit in the rocking chair in my bedroom (yes, I have a wooden rocking chair in my bedroom) and keep me safe while I sleep.

Teddy bears are magic, some of them have that look in their eyes and you just know they belong to you. On Monday we're going to find mine.

Sleep well.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Food and Fun

Mmm, sushi. Had a great time at dinner with Ninni and Anna. It was so much fun to meet up with them again and the conversation sort of just picked up from where we left it last time. Too bad we don't work together anymore.

I'm a vegetarian so I don't eat the fishy sushi but I love the ones with different vegetables. Today I had kappa maki (cucumber) inari (tofu rice pockets) and shinko maki (radish). They didn't have my favourite, sushi with avocado, but this was still plenty of lovely food. :)

Hm, now I'm actually hungry again. Maybe a pre hockey snack? :P

Looking forward to today:

1. Sushi! I'm meeting two friends/ex-colleagues for dinner tonight and we're all a bit sushi crazy so it was easy to choose what to eat. :) I'm looking forward to nice food, great company and maybe a bit of juicy gossip (not that I have anything to tell ...).

2. Ice hockey! The Finnish men's ice hockey team begin their olympics today with a match against Belarus. The olympics aren't going very well for Finland right now but I'm trying to stay hopeful. :) And the women's ice hockey team won China last night so now they're in the semi finals! Yay! Now they'll play against Canada, USA or Sweden for the medals. Not so easypeasy ...

Have a great day!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

And the goodies keep on coming ...

Hello! Hope your week has begun in good spirits. I'm in spirits after today´s major sugar rush. We had a family get together this afternoon and there were so many sweet things to eat!

First of all there were the traditional "fastlagsbullar" we eat on Shrove Tuesday (Today!).

And then some other lovelies (not all in the picture ...)

Now I feel slightly like a pig, but I think it was worth it. I'll eat a tiny bit less tomorrow (maybe just a few "punch rullar" and "Sacher cakes"...). :P

To prove that I actually do more than make or eat food right now, here's a pic from yesterday´s sewing class. I got to work with fabric this time! Hehe.

You can see I'm concentrating because my nostrils are slightly flared. How attractive. I wonder if I always do that? All those class presentations and book readings ... Argh!

My friend Hanna who took this photo didn't want to be in a picture herself, but don't worry, I'll talk her into it somehow. :D

Hope you got some fastlagsbullar as well!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

A day of romance (?)

I got this heart filled with chocolates from an admirer. My lovely Mom. Hehe.

Being single on Valentine's day can be a bit depressing, but I try to focus on family and friends instead. I'm so blessed to have them in my life. And in Finland (in Swedish) Valentine's day is actually called "Alla hjärtans dag" (All hearts day, sort of.) or "Vändagen" (Friend's day).

Besides, having a partner doesn't guarantee the perfect day. You might love the hype and the idea of gifts and romance, while he/she thinks it's just commercial bs. It's a day that sets the bar for disappointment rather low.

At least I don't have to share my chocolates. ;)

This is the outfit I had on yesterday evening when my "journalism class" from the past got together to gossip and remember old times. I really like the dress but realised too late that when it's put between tights and a long coat it starts to climb up your legs with terrible speed. Not very practical ...

Have a nice day!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Are they crazy? No, they're Finns.

In honor of the Winter Olympics there's a 9 meter high Ski Jump hill smack in the middle of Helsinki. And anyone can try! As longs as you are at least 15 year old and sober ... Typical Saturday afternoon out in Finland: Shopping, lunch, Ski jumping! :D

It doesn't look terribly big, but I wouldn't try. Famous Finnish ski jumper and 2-time olympic winner Toni Nieminen did the first jump and flew 9 meters. He was later beaten by some guy who just thought he would give it a try. (I mean the second guy jumped a meter longer, he didn't attack Nieminen.) Hehe.
(Click on the pics if you want them bigger.)

This guy did it old style. Flapping arms. (The legs shouldn't flap though.)

This one had a style of his own. (I would probably have the same ...)

It wasn't always easy to stay on your feet.

This kid was like eight. But he jumps "for a living" and was therefore allowed to jump and show the crowd how it's really done.

Anyone want to try? It's open at least this weekend between 10am and 4pm. (I don't know if your life/medical insurance will cover it though ...)


Friday, 12 February 2010

Domestic bliss?

I have a confession to make. I'm more and more turning into a perfect housewife. (Apart from the fact that I'm not married.)

Here's the evidence:

1. Today I made cinnamon buns from scratch. I thought they would make a good evening snack for the first event of the winter olympics.


I love the olympic games! There's something special in the air and suddenly all sports are exciting. I'm not sure about the Finnish prospects though ... Can for example Finns fly anymore? Janne Ahonen has had bad luck in previous olympics,although he has shown good form this season ... But can he beat a whole team of Austrians on his own? (Sorry, I digress ...)
Anyway, delicious buns.

2. I've started to sew.
Hanna lured me to a sewing class at "Arbis". Once a week we're supposed to get together and work on clothes of our own choice. I chose something simple to begin with, a basic skirt.

What the heck does all those numbers mean?
Unfortunately it's not so simple since it involves a pattern, lining, a "hidden zip" and something called Vliselin. Then there's measuring, cutting, sowing, ironing and final fitting etc. Will 3 months be enough? Follow the blog and find out.

3. I am so passionate about the these two activities that I actually risk my life doing them. Going outside in Helsinki is down right dangerous right now. It's like walking into a death trap. You can choose between sliping on ice or have iced snow fall on your head. Or you can be run over by a giant snow plough. It actually happens every year! At least the first two things. Not sure how long ago someone died from a plough hit and run ...

Anyway, this was my argumentation for my slow transformation into someone who actually knows how to run an adult household. Should I be worried?

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Working 3 to 3

What a night. I'm sorry if every second word in this entry is wrong but I didn't get much sleep and so my brain isn't a 100 percent rigth now.

Anyway, to get 5 study points for my Master's degree I'm tutoring the uni's first year and third year journalism students. In the subject they make the school's "practice"newspaper, Morgonvrålet. The beginners write the material and the oldies are the "bosses" and do the layout.

My job is to oversee the process and help out if someone gets stuck. I'm basically a stand in for the teacher who goes home in the afternoon and leaves her minions to continue the work. In the paper I'm also titled the editor-in-chief which is slightly scary.

Alli and Hanna are going through the final draft before sending it to the printers.

My shift began at 3pm yesterday and everything went fine, we managed to sort out most glitches. It was the first paper in a series of ten so we knew there were things to figure out. The main "problem" was that none of us are professionals in layout or photography so things were going a bit slow. As the clock started ticking into the night we began to feel the strain.

When we finally had everything printed and distributed around the building it was LATE. Luckily I got a lift home with one of the editors because there wasn't any public transport at that time of night.

Happily home at 3am I had a few sandwiches and then fell into bed at 3.30. I'm doing another shift tomorrow and then there are four left. Things might go quicker some nights but since it's a learning experience for all of us you can't expect people to do more than their best, fast or slow.
Luckily I'm free today so I don't have to use my sleep deprived brain ...


Saturday, 6 February 2010

... I actually made money.

Just wanted to show you my two finds. I did some work down town today and thought I'd take a tour of the shops before I went home. I acutally had a mission; winter boots. Why? Well my current ones started leaking in water this week. One of the seems had opened up (again) and the slush decided to get to know my poor socks.

So, hoping to find something that wouldn't break my budget completely (boots can be sooo expensive) I began the hunt. The result; these leather boots.

I would also have liked a more feminine pair with a thinner and higher heel, these are quite robust. But these have their own charm and I think they'll keep out water well and I won't fall over as soon as I go out. Besides, they were on sale, 70% off, so no worries if I want new ones next winter! :)

Well, I couldn't stop there. I went into another shop and there I found these really cute purple suède shoes for spring. (The picture doesn't make the colour justice ...)

They were also a bargain. Down from 70 to 20 euros. Wohoo! I love having small feet because sometimes you can actually find things that fit even during the final sales. (Being "normal" size in other places makes shopping for clothes much more difficult ...)

Anyway, hope to have fun with these treats. Now back to the no shopping policy or things might go very very wrong. (But if you think about it I actually payed less for the shoes than I saved so with that logic ... ) ;)


Friday, 5 February 2010

Day of delicious excess

Today I've eaten way too much. It wasn't planned, but food just sort of piled up and who am I to complain? Yum.

It began with lunch with a friend. We went to a Kurdish place where they had a buffet and since it was good I got myself a second helping. Not so good concidering I had a class in Eastern dance afterwards. I was so full of food I couldn't suck my tummy in properly, let alone find any stomach muscles!

Oh well, home I went and what if not a Runeberg´s cake was waiting for me in the cupboard. I had actually managed to save it for the correct day! (Very adult ...) The cake was absolutely scrumptious and true to myself I saved the best bit for last, the top. Ahh.

This was the last thing the poor cake saw before being eaten. Scary.

Full of cake I started the next project, bread baking. I don't bake much but my mom found a nice looking recipe for tea bread I wanted to try. Off into the owen the dough went and mmm, soon the smell was divine.

They might not be the most aesthetic pieces of bread in the world, but for me they were a success.

And with butter, cheese or apricot jam ... Lets just say I'm so full I might not be able to move much more today.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I usually don't wear animal jewellery, but I fell in love with these owl earrings at a market in Sydney. They're sort of bookish-fun and make me think of my grandmother who really likes owls. :)

The problem is that I usually in day to day situations wear glasses. (I'm half blind without them and contacts make my eyes tire too fast if I for example work at a computer (and sometimes I'm just too lazy to put them in).) But why is this a problem?

Well a fashion lady in a recent copy of Elle magazine stated that you should never wear earrings with prescription glasses. While reading this my first reaction was of course; How Dare She tell me I can't wear earrings with my glasses?! I was in utter protest mode.

Unfortunately I hade come to the same conclusion before reading Elle. At least when it comes to my own face. It just gets too crowded with both glasses and earrings. There's so much clutter and you can't decide where to rest your eyes. Maybe it's because my face is a bit small (or is it?) or my glasses are statement enough ... Either way, it's not a good look.

Now however I need to stop being lazy and use contacts a bit more often. I love earrings and these owls need exercise!