Wednesday, 31 March 2010


As kids we are taught not to eat lip balm, no matter how deliciously it smells. It's not good for our tummies.
I am having difficulties sticking to that rule right now. This lip balm does not only smell of divine lemon, it also tastes like it. It reminds me of these paper covered pieces of candy I had as a kid, which tasted of different exoctic fruits like pineapple, orange and lemon. Mmm. I can't help it!
Maybe the candy still exists and then I could leave my poor lip balm alone?


Working Holiday on the Beach

Wohoo! Last night I booked a one week trip to Rhodos, Greece.
It's going to be a research/holiday trip. The research is for a writing project I've been working on for a while. It might not come to anything, but you never know if you don't at least try.

I'm thinking, best case scenario: I have a great stay and the script turns out brilliantly.
Worst case scenario: The project turns out to be the worst idea ever, but at least I get a nice holiday out of it (unless the plane crashes or it rains all week, but lets stay positive.)

I'm so excited! I haven't been to Greece before, but in May it's off off and away!

Okay, back to reality and the books. Have a great day! Cheers!

Photo: dancing_triss

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Elevator Scare

My grandparents came for a visit today, and my grandmother mentioned that their elevator's light was out of order. This made me think of two things, both connected to elevators.

1. I have a weird fear of elevators with non see through doors. Especially ones with actual doors you have to open towards you. I can't help thinking a dead body will fall over me. Now how stupid is that? How many dead bodies have fallen out when the elevator door has been opened? (Actually, don't tell me. I don't want to know.)

2. My elevator in Sydney was slightly scary, a bit scruffy and it kept breaking down. One day the elevator light had burnt out, but since I lived on the 5th floor and had huge bags of groceries I thought I'd take it anyway.

As the doors were closing a man slipped in. I only saw a huge tattooed arm before the elevator box went entirely dark. I could hear him breath heavily, but he didn't say anything. I wasn't sure how close he stood and who he was, and I didn't dare to move. It felt so weird and uncomfortable to be alone in a pitch dark space with a man I had never met before. Scary scenarios flew through my mind and the journey up had never felt so long.

When we arrived to my floor I couldn't have been happier to see the doors open. To my surprise, so seemed he. He smiled quickly as we exited and in the light of day he was actually quite cute. Too bad I never saw him again ...


Monday, 29 March 2010

Who wants to pay my bills? Anyone?

I just paid a couple of large bills and now feel rather poor. (Kela is jumping for joy.)
This would be a good moment to find out I have a secret admirer who insists on giving me 1 million euros, although that would be rather suspect ...
Or maybe I entered a lottery and then forgot about it, and now they call me up and congratulate me for winning first price.

Today is a generic Monday (apart from the feeling of being robbed). I'll soon go to the uni library to hand in a book, and then it's off to the sewing class. I was rather excited about my project coming together, but then I tried the skirt on a realised it was a too big. So now I have to take out a few seems and take in the fabric a bit. Or I could eat more chocolate and gain that extra size, but that might not be advisable ... Then again, with easter coming up ...

By the way: Has anyone eaten my vliselin (support fabric)? It has disappeared from the face of the earth and I need it today. Things getting lost, the story of my life?


Sunday, 28 March 2010

Back in the 2000s

Yesss! I have a digi box with matching remote control! Suddenly life feels so much easier. ;)

My brother had a spare box with a remote control, and since the original remote disappeared while he stayed at my place, he wanted me to keep this box for as long as I needed it. If the natural forces are in play, that should only be a couple of days. You always find stuff you've been madly looking for, when you finally don't need it anymore, don't you?

It was really easy to install. So easy that I can't even call myself a technical genius, which I naturally do every time I get the dishwasher going or realise that the iron doesn't work because it's not connected to the socket. :)

Tonight I'm going to flip through the channels like a maniac, just because I can.


Saturday, 27 March 2010

To drink or not to drink

To continue the theme of the day: (small) PROBLEMS.

Me and my friend are going for a drink of some sort before the movie tonight. I just don't know what to have. I'm paranoid about drinking before/during movies. I HATE having to go to the bathroom during the film. What if you disturb everyone, miss a cruicial point or get locked out?

My mind is trying to figure out what to order. I might just follow the lead of the Brittish queen. Have a small drink and top that with a dry cookie.
And then hope it's not a 4 hour movie ...


Am I rusting?

Oh dear, I think I'm starting to show signs of aging. My left knee says "pox" every time I take a step. A cute little "pox" that doesn't hurt, but it's still a bit disturbing.

I hope it goes away soon. I don't want to "pox" my way to coffee and cinema with a friend this evening. We're seeing Alice in Wonderland in 3D. I don't really know what to expect. I saw The christmas carol in 3D in Sydney, but that was animation ... This is partly real people. Fun!

I'm also looking forward to seeing the style of the Finnish 3D-glasses. :)

Have a great weekend!


This bug is the biggest enemy to every woman´s (or man´s) closet! For years I've pulled out pieces of clothes, hoping to wear them, and found small symmetrical holes in the fabric. Gaaah.

First I couldn't figure out why. It doesn't matter how many times I clean out my closet, I never see any traces of the perpetrator (except for the holes). It wasn't until later I learnt that it is this bug, this small brownish bug with a lighter brown "belt" over its back, that enjoys eating my dear clothes.

As I said, I've never seen them IN my closet, but I HAVE seen them in my apartment. Bunches of them find their way to my living room window sill to die. It's like a clothes eating bug cemetery there. But I'm not morning their demise.

My biggest problem is, how do I get rid of them, when the only ones I can see are already dead? Is there a powder? A spray? Do I need to move out to save the few threads I have left (slight exaggeration)? Does anyone else have this problem?
I want to get rid of them, but I don't want to smell like RAID for the rest of my life.

Maybe I at least could ask them to pay rent? And for mini coffins.


Friday, 26 March 2010

Utterly Confused

I heard the weirdest piece of information on the radio this morning. I missed the beginning and the end, and I am now extremely puzzled.

The lady on the show said that there are these new electronic underwear that send text messages in case of urine leakage.
What's up with that? Why do they send text messages? To whom are the messages sent? And should we all rush out and invest in these next generation underwear?

Please help me, my brain is going over drive.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Fall To FAME

Fastest way to become famous? Fall off your chair on live tv! Better yet, be a serious news anchor delivering the latest news, while you fall of your chair on live tv. :)

Kirsi Alm-Siira has received media attention from around the world since she yesterday fell off her chair during the news. It was a classic blooper which led to uncontrolled laughter in the studio. Realising she couldn't continue talking herself, she gave the word to the sports anchor, but she, standing next to Alm-Siira, was laughing just as much, so they finally had to do the weather instead. Hilarious. :)

It all makes me sligtly proud of my own "radio blunder" which I told you about a while back. I didn't become famous in the US, but at least I have something in common with one of the most popular news anchors in Finland. ;) We should start a club.

You can find a clip of the incident here if you haven't seen it yet. :)


Madicken, academic scholar?

Sometimes, but usually not, you have a lecturer that makes it look fun to be an academic scholar. She seems passionate about her subject and can present it in a way that an ordinary dimwit (me) understands.

Today was one of those days. Although the theories and methodologies presented were rather foreign to me, (especially in english), I enjoyed listening to the lecture.

For a fleating moment I began concidering a career as a researcher, something I've never been keen on. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to quote Foucault, Habermas and Spinoza, and all the other old geezers that seem to have put their nose into everything, (AND some younger brilliant female researchers as well), like they were your best friends? ;)

On the other hand, that would require I first actually read and understood above mentioned theorists.
I have dabbled in their works during my uni studies, and my immediate reaction has often been slight nausea. I can't help it! It's often too abstract and sometimes seemingly redundant for me. And when it does seem interesting, it's still challenging for my patience and brain cells. (No, I'm not saying I'm stupid, I just don't have a lot of energy for fuzzy texts with fancy words.)

So my research career might not happen after all, but maybe today's lecturer and her comfortable relationship with theorists, theories and methods, will give me inspiration to tackle my current exam books. Otherwise, Foucault might soon be flying out the window ...


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Ups and Downs today

Up 1. SEWING MACHINE. When I was 13 and got a sewing machine for christmas, I started to cry. I had just seen my brother get a beautiful guitar, and I couldn't help hoping I would get the grand piano I had wished for (ignoring the huge price difference between the two instruments). Anyway, it was a big disappointment then, but now I´m so happy to have a sewing machine at home. Today, in honor of procrastination, I sewed a few more seams in my skirt and now it actually looks like one. Whohoo!

Up 2. BROCCOLI. It's not very glamorous, and it has a bad reputation, but I love it! It tastes great, both the flower part and the stem, and it's good for you as well, it cleanses for example your liver. What's not to love?

Down 1. SNEEZING. I have the most unfeminin sneeze in the world. My girlfriends sound like cute kittens when they sneeze. I give elephants a run for their money. And I can't just sneeze ones and be done with it, nooo, at least 10 times in every direction. Very much fun in the middle of a lecture.

Down 2. FACEBOOK STATUS. Some people's lives seem to be a never ending party according to their Facebook status. Either they're traveling to brilliant places abroad, loving their exercise routines or being madly in love with their perfect boyfriends.
You can't help being jealous, even though you know Facebook tends to get everyone exaggerating a bit. Who hasn't made everyday life seem just a tad more fabulous than it really is? And when that trip, fitness high or partner comes along, who isn't the first one to advertise it but you?

Sweet Flashback

I got a pack of Skipper's pipes today. Such a childhood flashback! And they hadn't changed a bit. I still felt like a pirate as I put the pipe in my mouth, fighting the urge to bite off a piece of the liquorice.

There's been a lot of discussions about candy that resembles for example tobacco products. Some people are worried they might encourage kids to start smoking real pipes or cigarettes.

I don't know if this is the case, but I used to "smoke" these pipes when I was little and it never gave me the idea that smoking is cool. (They might have resulted in a life long love for liquorice though ...) :)

I guess it all depends on the sum of influences in your life. Liquorice pipes by themselves won't make you a smoker, but if people around you, especially the people that are important to you, smoke, then it can be harder to resist.
Anyway, I'll keep smoking (chewing) my pipes, and while I'm not afraid of lung cancer, there is the risk of my first ever cavity. :)


Spring is here!

Good Morning!

I happened to be awake around 6am today and it was already light and birds were singing outside my bedroom window! I think they were Blue tits and Great tits. (What perve gave them their English names?!) Anyway, it's spring!

Okay, so there's still a meter of snow in the back yard, but that's details. Soon I will sit in a park, on a tattered picnic blanket, and read and write with the sun nice and warm against my skin. Mmm.

Until then I'll just continue reading my dear exam books. Oh joy.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Slight disappointment

They sound delicious. They look delicious. My dad really liked them. I just can't get over one thing. The goo inside them smells slightly of raw eggs. I can't stand it. Not since I was allergy to raw eggs as a kid, and it never ended well. It's the same with some meringues. Such a shame!

I want to love them, I really do! Maybe I can eat one if I hold my breath? Or maybe I shouldn't eat them period, just have an apple instead? Aaah, the choices one has to make. ;)


I'm the MASTER

Wohoo! I'm one step closer to becoming a brilliant fashion designer. Yesterday I sewed my first ever zipper. Success!

Okay so the teacher helped a bit, but most of the sewing was done by me. I had heard horror stories about attaching zippers, and psyched myself to the max before going to the sewing class.

My heart raced with the sewing machine engine. My hands trembled slightly as I pushed the pedal, first slowly, then with more confidence. There was some unstitching, and slight swearing involved, and it did take the entire class, but in the end it came out rather nicely. Gucci, call me when you need a hand!

Can you see the zipper? You're not supposed to! It's a hidden zipper which makes it even more hellish. ;)


Monday, 22 March 2010

Food shopping at the furniture giant


I just came back from a trip with my parents to the yellow and blue furniture store. My first shopping priority was a new carpet for the hall. I've been without one for weeks and the amount of dirt dragged into the flat has made even me a bit grim.

I also stocked up on blueberry and cloudberry jam and two bottles of eldeflower cordial. I eat the jams with everything, rye bread, cheese, ice cream, cereal ... So don't be afraid if I have a blue tongue. I'm not sick, it's just the blueberries. :)

See you later!


Sunday, 21 March 2010

My Zombie Double (Warning: unattractive picture)

It's been a calm, relaxing Sunday so far. A bit of school assignments, some paper work, creative projects including glue (my worst enemy!) etc.

As a treat I decided to do a fascial. One of those masks that go stale when you put them on your face and then you have to peel the "second skin" off after a few minutes. Gross, but delightfully so. I couldn't help but take a few pictures ... :P
It does look a bit like a scene from some Zombie/Mummy movie. (Except I probably wouldn't smile then ...)

Hope I didn't give you nightmares ... Now back to doing nothing.



Is it too late to say good morning? Well good afternoon then.

Had a good time last night. A bunch of us celebrated a friends 20th birthday at his place. (Gosh it made me feel old. I still have a problem with people born in the 1990s. How can they be grown up already? They should barely be old enough to attend school!)

Afterwards we went out dancing. I was ready to go home because the line to the club was so long, and it was rather chilly outside, but suddenly our birthday boy announced he had, on the spot, arranged a VIP list (sort of) for his guests so we got to pass over 100 people. Haha! I don't know how he did it ... But there was no longer an excuse to go home, so I stayed for a few hours and came home a bit after the newspaper dropped in.

To the right you can see what I wore. I'm not entirely sure it works, at least not for the event. But at least it's not a "jätesäkki" (big black trash bag).

My photo taking skills reached a new low at the club. This was the result when I took a picture of my friends dancing.

I'll be back later today. Have a relaxed Sunday!


Saturday, 20 March 2010

I want heels!

Oooh, I so long for the ground to be bare and dry again. I want to wear heels! As in normal heels, not winter boots with high heels.

I'm not an heels-every-day kind of girl, but for parties it would sometimes be nice to have the option. But this snow and slush is making everything other then wellingtons seem daft. (And I can't be bothered to take the heels with me in a bag and put them on when inside ...)

Oh well, a couple of months more and then I might be able to take my dear shoes for a walk again. For example these black ones I bought in Sydney. They have a fun 50s vibe, and they have not walked on Finnish ground yet!

Okay, now I have to change clothes. I'll show you my outfit tomorrow (unless it turns out horrible ...)

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Morning Torture Over

Yay, the exam is over! And I had a nice sushi-lunch with a friend. Afterwards we checked out some shops, but I managed not to buy anything.

Now I´m back home relaxing a bit. I should look for an outfit for a birthday party tonight, but I'm bored with everything in my wardrobe so I don't really know what choose. Maybe it will be more inspiring after a short nap? :)

One thing is certain; I won't think about communications theory or media any more today. Or tomorrow. On Monday it's time to begin studying for the next exam. Joy.


Friday, 19 March 2010


I had forgotten how stressed exams make me! I'm going slightly mad.

I've been reading all day, but it feels hopeless. The few things that stick, fly around in my brain like irritating mosquitos and I can't connect it to any specific heading. When I go through the list of contents in the books, it all seems foreign to me.

My biggest worry for tomorrow is that I won't connect the exam questions to the right knowledge. I will think that I don't know the answer even if I do!

It is days like these, when nothing seems to work, that I really long for days like this one:

Photo: Sebastian D.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Let me introduce ...

My brother came for a visit today and it was great, except he claimed he's too busy to read my blog! Hah! The nerve ...

Maybe he´ll be more eager to visit if I put up a picture of him?
So tadaa, my baby brother:

I decided to honor the photo session by styling him a bit. Who says macho men can't have bows in their hair?


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Licensed to shop

At christmas I received a gift certificate to a shop that sells all kinds of accessories. It's one of my favourite shops because you can find jewlery in almost any colour and material.

Gift sertificates are ambivalent things. Some people love them, what's better than walking into at shop and take stuff for free? Others feel it's an impersonal gift that shows lack of imagination and ambition.
I think it all depends on the situation, the thought behind the certificate, and a tiny bit on the amount ... What do you think?

I was really happy for my certificate because now I could buy accessories I really needed. I didn't use it until this week when I decided it was time to up my hair accessories a bit.

This is what I came home with:

A rather monocromatic set of pieces, although the thing with the bow is actually dark brown.

I also bought two jigzaw puzzles for my three year old nephew (not from the same shop). He is a master at putting the pieces togther. My puzzles claim they're for kids from the ages of three and up, but I'm slightly afraid they might already be too easy for him ...

It was after this I decided to buy lense fluids and destroyed a perfectly nice afternoon shopping by getting cought with pasty on my face. But at least I am a slob with nice hair accessories ...

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Ups and Downs today

1 Up. SMALLER CARTONS. I know I probably pay more now than if I bought a bigger milk carton, but who drinks a litre of milk in just a few days? I don't. I only have milk in my tea, and sometimes with cereal. And you don't really save money if you have to throw most of it away in the end. So I'll keep buying my half litre milk cartons, for whatever the price might be.

2 Up. PAID FAIR. I might be a wimp, but I couldn't use public transport without paying the fair. I'm a bad criminal. I look nervous and check for inspectors in a really obvious way. They came on my tram today and didn't even let people out at the tram stop before they had checked their tickets. I had payed my ticket and still felt anxious!
And then I couldn't help but feel slightly smug, and like the worst kind of teacher´s pet, when I presented it.

1 Down. LONG TOE NAILS. I have been wearing winter boots that are a bit narrow around the toes. It usually isn't a problem, but yesterday I realised a toe's nail had drilled itself into my left middle toe and there's was blood everywhere. (Okay, not everywhere, but on my toes and my sock.) I can't belive I didn't notice it straight away! Note to self: cut your toe nails more often. They could be used as a murder weapon.

2 Down. SUDDEN TECH LINGO. When I began studying social sciences I didn't think I would ever have to read an academic book written at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Don't get me wrong, I would love to be a tech wizz and know everything about technology and computers, a cool geek sort of, but I have no clue how I would get started and actually stick with it. I certainly don't know how I am suddenly going to understand this above mentioned book and give smart answers about virtual reality and human-computer-interface at the exam on Saturday. Gaah, why can't it be the good old days when communications only included face to face interaction an perhaps a tiny wooden newspaper press?

The Shame

Yesterday I popped in to a shop to buy fluids for my contact lenses. I hid the cheese pasty I had been munching on and chose the right brand.

The shop assistant guy was kind of cute so I tried to look friendly as I handed him the bottle. To my surprise he leaned forward and wispered something to me.

- I'm sorry, but you have something white on your upper lip.

Horror! I quickly flicked away the piece of pasty and, stupidly enough, apologised to him.
First he laughed and took my money, but then looked a bit repentant himself and again leaned over the counter.

- I'm sorry I said anything, but most women want to know if they have something on their face, he said.

- Oh, no worries, I said (in sligthly akward Finnish). It's good. You should continue to tell women if they have something on their face.

I took the bottle and left the shop, not knowing which one of us felt more stupid.

Now if this had been a Hollywood film, he would have asked me out on a date and then we would have lived happily ever after.
But this was real life Helsinki so I will probably never see him again, and he will forever remember me as the girl with cheese pasty on her face.


Monday, 15 March 2010

Ups and Downs today:

1 Up. DARK CHOCOLATE. It's good for you and it makes you energetic (as long as the coco % is 70 or over). In other words, no bad conscience for eating chocolate! Just stay away from it late at night or you might not get any sleep ...

2 Up. CHARITY. Today I finally got my large bags of discarded clothes delivered to the collection point. I'm glad someone else might use the clothes because some of it was rather nice, just a bit too small or big for me. Those washing machines are magicians when it comes to resizing stuff. And sugar when it comes to resizing me ...

1 Down. HAIR SPRAY. Scentless hair spray does NOT mean tasteless hair spray. I think I just inhaled half a can. Yuck. My lungs feel stiff, and satin smooth.

2 Down. DRAINS, AGAIN. Something in my appartment makes my hall smell dodgy. My brother claims it has always smelt like that, but I am certain it has at least become worse. The only origins of the smell I can come up with is either a serious MOLD infestation OR the drains in the kitchen. They have been making this gurgling sound for ages now and that can't be good. I might wake up one morning and find that the bathroom and kitchen drains have joined forces and turned my flat into an indoor swimming pool. I might sell tickets.


Sunday, 14 March 2010

Fashion Crisis

I might be imagining things, but it seems my new hair has declared war against my wardrobe. Clothes I've been wearing for ages suddenly don't look right.

Like yesterday when I chose a "safe" outfit for the evening. I had worn it before and liked it, but this time it looked all wrong. I mean, my head looked okay, and the outfit looked okay, but together it just didn't work. Can a hairdo really demand a new fashion style?

Or is it all in my head (excuse the pun)?

If not, this will become a very expensive cut.


Good Morning!

I had a great night yesterday. First I visited Hanna where a bunch of us watched the Swedish final qualifying for the Eurovision Song Contest.

We all had our favourites and in the safety of the living room we could criticize everything from song and wardrobe to cuteness and show. And watching it with Hanna was like having your own personal show expert. :)

I was hit by slight age depression when I realized how young some of the contestants were, what did I do as a 17 year old?
We were of course hoping our favourites would win, but at the same time I couldn't help hoping that they would send something really crap so Finland would have even the tiniest chance of winning them. Hehe.

Afterwards me, Hanna, and an Australian friend, went out so we could continue chatting and dance.

Oh dear, it looks like my cleavage goes on for ever ... It didn't!

Time flew by and for the first time in a while I landed at home well past 4am. Thank goodness the other ones knew what night busses to take because the line for the taxis was HUGE.

All in all a good night, but now I'm a tiny bit worried about my studying today. So far it's gone okay, but at some point I think this bunny might run out of batteries. So better get going while it lasts!


Saturday, 13 March 2010

Ups and Downs today:

1 Up: MELODIFESTIVALEN. I'm going to a friend's house tonight to watch the Swedish finals for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. The winner will represent Sweden at the contest. I haven't followed their different qualifying stages, but it will be fun to see what kind of music the Swedes send this year. It can't be worse than the Finnish contestant. Afterwards we might go out dancing.

2 Up. NO TRASH. The mountain of trash in my back yard is gone. Wohoo! I was already fearing it would never be cleaned up, it would just grow and grow, and I would be forced to keep my windows closed the entire summer because of the stench. But now I don't have to. Success!

1 Down. DRY SKIN. This winter weather has made my skin (as always) dry and itchy. It's no fun at all! It doesn't matter how much skin care lotion you put on, your skin still feels like a snake's.

2 Down. CLOGGED DRAIN. Wathever poison I put down my shower drain it doesn't help, not for long anyway. I don't know what to do! If it doesn't stop clogging now that I don't have masses of hair going down it, I might start thinking it's a dead rat again.

Old Head

Good Morning!

I just realised I should change my header. I mean, I don't look like that any more. Or I do, but my hair doesn't (yes, it has a personality of its own).

Problem is I kind of like the current photo, and I don't have an up to date one that would work. Hmm ...

Maybe the old one will have to do for now, unless there's some brilliant photographer out there who loves to take pics of semi camera shy people for a cup of coffee and a thank you. :)
If there is, drop me a line ...

Have a great weekend!

Friday, 12 March 2010

End of Radio

My uni broadcasted a radio show today, taking a trip down memory lane. The annual show shared high lights from previous years and although they didn't broadcast any of the segments I made for the show during my second year as a journalism student, it did remind me once again of a programme where I did the blooper of my life. LIVE.

The year was 2005, my year of journalism students were broadcasting radio for a few weeks on a frequency with 1 million potential listeners (although few actually listen).
I was one of two students hosting the show, in other words, talking live. I was nervous, but everything went fine until I had to present this one segment about old people at a senior home.

Suddenly my brain went haywire. All I had to say was something like: ... this and this journalist went to the senior home to find out. Cue, pre-recorded segment. In Swedish it would have been: ... Pelle Jönsson besökte seniorhuset för att ta reda på.

BUT! What I said instead was: Pelle Jönsson besökte semihorhuset för att ta reda på.

For all you people who don't speak Swedish: Seniorhus equals old people´s home. Semihorhus = Semi whore house.
This cute little segment about the life of senior citizens had suddenly become a segment about part time whores at a brothel!

We managed to get the segment rolling and then my hostbuddy and I started laughing like maniacs. What else could you do?

It wasn't as funny when the teacher replayed the blooper over and over again after the broadcast. And he has replayed it for new students ever since. The shame.

On the bright side, I've become famous at my uni as The girl who couldn't pronounce "seniorhus". All publicity is good publicity, right?
And now I can actually laugh about it again. But will I ever become a radio presenter? I don't know.


Thursday, 11 March 2010

Translated into nonsense

Haha, I love Google Translate, it's hilarious.

My grandmother happened to press the translate button when visiting my blog, and the entire thing was translated into "Finnish". She didn't realise what had happened though and thought I was now bloging in Finnish. In really really really bad Finnish. She was horrified that my language skills had deteriorated so radically in such a short time. (My first language is Swedish.)

When she figured out what had happened she was so amused she told us about it. And she's right. It is amusing. My mom and I laughed so much we cried reading Google´s translation of my blog from English to Finnish. Some of the sentences made no sense at all. Other ones altered the meaning of my entries completely. According to one translated entry, I've gone back to Australia!

I might not speak or write perfect Finnish, but even I dare say I'm not that hopeless. So please, if you decide to read my blog in Finnish, don't believe a thing.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Ups and Downs today:

Up 1: SHAMPOO. My new hair cut is going so save me plenty of money! No more "half-a-bottle-of shampoo-per-shower" scenarios. Yess! On the other hand, I'll have to cut my hair more often now so that will become expensive. Bummer.

Up 2: TUTORING. It's my last tutoring session tonight! YAY! It's been fun, but I want my evenings back, thank you very much. I will miss the picnic dinners though. Who wants me to come and eat and stare at you while you work at a computer?

Down 1: FOREVER SNOW. According to media, the snow at Helsinki snow depots won't melt away! There's so much snow collected at certain places that it won't completely disappear even during summer. What if it starts snowing early again next winter and then it will NEVER go away?

Down 2: DREAMS. Why is it always boring to hear about other peoples (nightly) dreams? I wish it wasn't because I'm currently having spectacular dreams I would like to share. But I won't. (Even though this one dream about a giant cockroach that turned out to be the offspring of a ginger cat and a dachshound really would make a good story ...)


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Short Cut

Literally. And I love it! :) Here are some pics. Too bad you can't take them in 3D, it would look so much better.

Left side.

Right side.



The floor was just covered with hair after the hairdresser was done. A quick way to loose some weight. Haha. When I got back, I had cut off hair even between my teeth.



Today I'm doing something I've never done before. I'm very excited and a bit nervous. It's nothing big in the great scale of things, but still something that affects your everyday life. :)

I'll update you later today. I hope it all goes well!

Have a great day, cheers!

Monday, 8 March 2010

At "work"

Hello, short dinner break and then I'm back to being the Boss. In other words, I'm at uni again tutoring the younger students while they make yet another newspaper. I'm starting to get used to the late nights and reading texts with some kind of authority. (What do you mean I should know how things are supposed to be written?)

Today's desk dinner: Feta cheese pie, yoghurt, banana, a coke.

Check out our website Nätvrålet for the latest updates and while you're there, read the PDFs of previous Morgonvrålet papers.

Have a nice evening!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Open minded

Tonight I'm going to watch a movie I have had no desire to see since it came to the movies some year(s) ago.

I mean, cars turning into killer robot-aliens, another city destroyed, a shallow love story, actors I don't care about ... (Okay, I saw Shia LaBeouf in Indiana Jones and he was kind of cute, but naah.)

But then I thought, don't be so rigid, give it a fair shot. And so I'm watching Transformers this evening.

I bought some candy to save the night in case it turns really bad.


The view from my kitchen window right now. Not very appealing.

Okay, back to studying,

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Going crazy

OMG, I hate Britney Spears right now. Her song "Crazy" has been in my head the entire day. How am I supposed to study?!

"I'm going crazy, I just can't sleep. I'm so excited, I'm in too deep."

That's all I can remember and even those lyrics might be wrong ... It doesn't stop it from looping though.

I don't know where it came from, but please make it go away!
Ups and Downs today

1 Up: OPEN windows. Encouraged by the sun today I opened the living room window for some fresh air, and it was lovely. Can't belive it was the first time since I got back to Finland, but it has been so darn cold the whole time. Must improve.

2 Up: FOOD when you're really, really hungry. Sometimes I suddenly get so hungry I start shaking and feel light headed. It's very upleasant. I almost start to panic unless I get food straight away. Not good.

1 Down: SHORTS. I've been washing a bunch of shorts and summer dresses that arrived with my Australia boxes, and they make me long for summer. Not ideal when I'm trying to live in the moment. Why can't the moment be a bit warmer?

2 Down: SPOILED milk. I just found a forgotten carton of milk in my fridge and I know it has been in there for ages. It's all swollen and heavy. Yuck. I don't know what to do, I can't make myself open the cap and check at what stage of souring it is, and if you can still pour it out or if it is already in the land of solid "food".

Relaxing Saturday evening to you all!

Not so funny MAGIC

Gaah. Ever since I came back from Australia the remote control for my tv´s digital box has been missing. I can't find it anywhere!

It disappeared some time between me leaving, my brother and his family staying at my place for a while, and me coming back. I've been cleaning out all the cupboards in the flat, because apparently my young nephew enjoyed hiding stuff in them, but no result. I now have clean, well organized storage but no remote.

I mean, it's not the end of the world, I can still watch tv, but it does get a tiny bit annoying having to run over to the other side of the living room to change channel. Sometimes you just want to relax on the sofa and flick through the channels without any specific goal.

I don't know what do now. Can I buy a new one without changing the entire box? Would that be any cheaper than actually buying an new box? I've been waiting for the remote to magically appear at some point, but it doesn't seem to be happening ... Maybe the dog ate it?

Hopefully this entry puts out some positive remote finding powers into the universe, and if not, does anyone have a spare remote for a basic Topfield digital box?


Friday, 5 March 2010

Up and Down today:

1 Up: Lip gloss! My brilliant brother is back from a work trip and he brought me a set of pretty, travel sized lip glosses in beautiful colours. Can't wait to try them all.

2 Up: Library books. I gave libraries and fellow, lazy borrowers a hard time yesterday, but today the library gods smiled at me and gave me one of the books I had reserved. Not the one I actually wanted, but at least it's something. And the sun was shining when I picked it up. Dubble yay!

Down 1: Fazer's Blueberry pie chocolate and lactose intolerance. Need I say more ...

Down 2: Headache from studying in weird positions. Is it humanly impossible to sit in an ergonomical position while studying, or is it just me? I'm starting to feel like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Friday! (Sneak Up.)


Thursday, 4 March 2010

Up and Down today:

Up 1: A nap. Being able to take a nap in the early afternoon is a real luxury. It's so nice to just lie down on the bed or the couch for a little while after lunch and relax. Unfortunately there usually isn't time for it.

Up 2: Online bookshops. They are dangerous, oh so dangerous. But also very, very lovely because you usually get a better prize and you can buy books at any time. I do still prefer real bookshops though, there's something about the smell and the atmosphere, and the fact that you can touch and sneak read books.

Down 1: My cooking skills. Today I destroyed the first batch of fish sticks. I managed to fry them so they were burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. Had to throw them out and start all over.

Down 2: Online bookshops that cancel my order! I really needed this one book and then I get an e-mail saying it is sold out. But it didn't say that on the website when I first ordered the book so I had gotten my hopes up and thought I had solved the problem. Hmpf. Now I have to start pestering libraries again.

Oh, and Down 3 : People who don't return books to the library on time even when other people are in line for that particular book! Hey, I know you need to study for the exam, but so do I!

Right now I'm reading ...

Hanna bloged today about what she's reading for her studies. I thought I'd copy her a bit and show you what I'm reading in general right now.

From the left: Monica McInerney's Upside Down, Inside Out, Linda Olsson's Nu vill jag sjunga dig milda sånger (Astrid and Veronika in Eng.) and John B Thompson's Media och Modernitet (Media and Modernity in Eng.).

McInerney, an Aussie writer, combines the worlds of Ireland and Australia in many of her books. Upside Down, Inside Out is the second novel of hers that I'm reading and so far they have been light reads that catches you with wonderful descriptions of scenery and food (and a bit of romance). They're a good way to forget troubles for a while.

Astrid and Veronika was first written by Swede Linda Olsson in English and the debut got great reviews around the world. I'm reading it in Swedish and so far I'm enjoying the novel. It's darker and more "realistic" than for example Upside Down, Inside out, but it's not too heavy (at least not yet). I would like to read the English version as well, because there are a few things in the Swedish translation which bugs me ... But that's minor.

Last but not least, the book that takes up most of my time right now. Media and Modernity, one of the books about media and communication I have to read for the exam on the 20th of March. Ugh. It's not too difficult though, so I might get through it with some hair left on my head. Hehe.

Hope you are reading something exciting!


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Up and Down today:

1 Up: Pågen's cup cakes with cream filling. Mmm. I once got a packet of their cup cakes without the filling, someone had forgotten to inject them, and what a disappointment. But generally they are great.

2 Up: Technology hand me downs. My grandmother (who brought the yummy cup cakes) needed a small portable cd-player and I had a spare! They don't make cd "walkmans" anymore so they are hard to find. Hopefully mine will work for many years to come.

1 Down: Car Alarms. At 5am in the morning. The alarm just kept going and going and probably woke up the entire neighbourhood. When it finally stoped I didn't care if the car had been stolen or not, as long as there was peace and quiet.

2 Down: Stomach Flu. Everyone around me seem to be getting it right now. Nooo. I HATE throwing up. That and having a really bad cough (that sometimes make you throw up). I really, really hope I don't get it this time. In other words: If you might be carying the virus, feel free not to kiss or hug me. Cheers!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

2 Up 2 Down

I'm starting a new daily series here on the blog called 2 Up 2 Down. It's basically a rip off of all those what is in and what is out lists you find in magazines. I might not be able to judge what is in and out for anyone else, but this is what makes me tick (good and bad).
Join in in the comments if you like! :)

Up 1. My blog! One year and 18 days old. I can't help but be a tiny bit proud.

Up 2. Cheap oranges. I've become an orange addict the past few months. I could eat at least five a day if I had that many at home. I hope the current strike won't force me to go orange cold turkey.

Down 1. SLUSH! I would much rather have -5 and proper snow than +2 and puddles larger than the Atlantic of cold, wet, slippery mush at every street crossing.

Down 2. FORMS. I hate forms. Any kind of form. Even the good kind. I'm working with two different forms right now and I'm not getting anywhere! Either I can't understand the questions or an appendix is missing. Argh.


Happy Birthday! (A tad bit late ...)

Oh dear, I missed my blog's first birthday! It was exactly 13 days ago, on the 18th of Februari. I'm sorry dear Blog!

I started blogging because I wanted to share my upcoming trip to Australia and practise my written English. And now I'm back in Finland with all of that behind me. So much has happened this past year, looking back makes me dizzy ...

But I can still celebrate! I've been bloging for over a year! Wohoo. I wanted balloons and marzipan cake and grand speeches, but I could only find a cup of lemon green tea, some store bought gingerbread cookies and a Fazer's Dacapo chocolate bar (one of my favourites!).

Yes, that's me on the mug, jumping in front of Uluru.

To honor the original reason for the blog, Lord Byron (yes, I picked that name, but thank you for all the other great tips!) also got to try on his Australia T-shirt. Isn't he cute?

A second year ahead then? Let's hope so!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Game on

I did an inventory of my game collection yesterday and found two board games I have mixed feelings about. I love the games, but they make me a bit nervous.

While studying for our bachelor's degrees, my friends and I used to sit in a bar and play Trivial Pursuit. It gave me butterflies because I was sure I would get something wrong and look like an idiot. Something easy like what is the the capital of Italy? Or who invented the telephone?

Luckily we never seemed able to finish a game. Someone had too many beers and started arguing about the rules, or someone got bored and began chatting about something else, forgetting we were still playing.

Scrabble is fun (if you ignore the fact that you have to count a lot). It just gets a bit competitive ... Most of the friends I play with are word people, journalists and writers, and we all have our personal and vocational dignity on the line. You can't just put out any old word on the board, it has to be creative. Now what could I do with the letters Y and Z? (In Swedish.)

I think I have to learn how to be a little bit competitive, but not too much. At the moment it's all or nothing. Either I'm (secretly) really, really keen on winning, making my heart race and my stomach churn, or then I tell myself I couldn't care less and actually get bored by it all.
Hmm ...

Anyways, I like board games so who's up for game night?