Friday, 30 April 2010

Monetary black hole?

I'm all about helping friends in need, but after reading this article in Helsingin Sanomat about the way Greece is spending its money, I'm starting to question if any monetary help will save them.

In Greece, civil servants can get salary increases for being at work ON TIME and for using COMPUTERS. Forest keepers can get an increase for being OUTSIDE.
Silly me thought it's a given to be on time, and going outside if you work with forests ...

A lot of funds also go to questionable comittees. For example to a committe that is supposed to supervise a lake, that, drumroll please, dried out 80 years ago. And the list goes on.

There really needs to be a change or Greece might go bankrupt before I get to go on my trip. Horror!

Have a fun and safe Walpurgis Night!

Thursday, 29 April 2010


Tap, tap, tap and SEND. The final uni work has been e-mailed off and now I'm FREE!

I've worked most of the day, but took a breather this afternoon and had an early sushi dinner with Anna. It was great, as always when we meet up. The positive thing about not seeing each other every day, is that there's always some fresh gossip to share when we do meet. :)

Tomorrow I'm going to a party (and celebrate "Valborgsmässoafton") and then on Saturday it's the first of May! I don't know who celebrates what around the world, but here in Finland, the next two days are big.


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sunday child no more?

Children born on Sundays are said to have a happy, easy life. I was born on a Sunday and I must say I have had spots of luck now and then. But sometimes things still don´t go your way ...

I didn´t get the job I was interviewed for last week. I'm not heartbroken because the pay was really bad, but it would still have been a job within my field of work and it would have looked good on the CV. Now I have to come up with a plan B.

I wouldn´t mind something relatively mundane so I still had a bit of energy and creativity left by the time I got home. I know that when I write for a living, writing fiction on my free time is quite exhausting. So, maybe I'll start doing something more casual for a while. At least until I figure out what I want to do with my life (other than write books that someone maybe, MAYBE wants to publish.)

I do not want to write an essay, but that is what I'm doing right now. Deadline tomorrow.


Monday, 26 April 2010

Mirror Magic

Look! No nostrils!

Haha! A mirror in the bathroom fell to the floor a while back and there was a crack right in the middle of the glass, from one end of the frame to the other. Today, I suddenly realised how much fun it is!
You can make all kinds of faces, it all depends on how the crack hits the reflection. I suddenly have my very own mini version of a fun house! (You know, the ones with the mirrors that make you tall or short, fat or skinny ... ) I can´t help thinking I look like a fish here.

Now to the only bad part. What did breaking mirrors imply again?



As a kid I often wondered if my parents were actually my real parents. You see, I don't have their nose. I don't have anyone's nose. It is as if it had jumped from an entirely different set of genes on to my face.

(At the time I completely disregarded the fact that I definitely have my dad´s eyes and my mom's hair and both of theirs somewhat warped humour and style of dancing.)

I have equally wondered about my brother. Can he really be my brother (although he in turn has my mother's nose)? The dilemma: He doesn´t like marzipan! I love marzipan, my parents love marzipan, my grandmother, uncle, great uncle, we all love marzipan.

Family parties are like silent war zones if marzipan cake is served. While trying to act civilized we all secretly guard the cake. It is like the loot of the century. And we all want the biggest piece. Hence a reluctant joy when my brother peals of the marzipan layer of his piece and leaves it on the platter. *Wohoo! More marzipan for us!* But then: What's is wrong with my baby brother?

I have now accepted that I probably am related to my parents, and to my brother. And it is a nice feeling to know I belong somewhere and didn't land on earth in a small space ship as a toddler. But it still interests me how some things within a family can be so "out of character".

Although now that I look closer at my nose in the picture, it is actually starting to look more and more like my mom's ...


Sunday, 25 April 2010

Coffee and Carpet (Part 2/2)

Sunny Sundays are made for coffee at waterside cafés. So out Hanna and I went again. We walked up an appetite and then had sandwiches at a newly opened place a lot of people have been talking about. It was pretty crowded but we managed to find a table. Gossip, gossip, gossip, and exit café.

On the way back we passed a dog park for small dogs only. OMG, our hearts melted. They were sooo cute! Dozens of chihuahuas and mini dachshunds running around, pretending to be big macho dogs. A few more and it would almost have been disgustingly cute, like with mice. One mouse is cute, a whole bunch of them running around together in a pack is slightly creepy.

Unfortunately I didn´t take any photos, but Hanna did. She also took the opportunity to post a completely awful picture of me. She says it´s cute. I say: I think cyber space is laughing its head off, and not in a good way. *Plotting revenge*

Anyways, back home and I thought I´d show you part two of the immensly exciting series: My carpets. Legen -WAIT FOR IT-dary.

Tadaa, my new living room carpet. Slightly lighter in color and a bit smaller in size than the last one. I´m counting the days until I get the first "Dinner in front of the TV" on it.


Saturday, 24 April 2010

Who am I kidding?

I used to play the piano and after years of lessons and hours of practice I wasn't half bad when I went to uni. And stoped taking lessons and practicing.

Today, with all this new free time on my hands, I thought I´d give it a go again. What´s the point of having a piano in your flat if you don´t play?

Now I'm a bit depressed. It didn't go as smoothly as eight years back. Then again, what idiot takes out some of the more challenging music she´s ever played, and thinks it will go okay? When the latest repertoire has been christmas carols and pop songs with three cords.
It´s a bit like trying to run a marathon when you´ve had no other exercise than leisurly walks in the garden and Big Macs for lunch every day.

I now have two options: 1. Accept that I will never be as good again, and embrace those three cords. Or 2. torment my neighbours hours on end with repetition, repetition, repetition. With a slightly out of tune piano.

I could start by cutting my nails ...


The adrenaline is sinking away, my heart has stoped beating at double pace, I am swimming in the light at the end of the tunnel.

The final exam of the semester is over. And yesterday´s job interview as well. I can feel summer calling my name. Not just a myriad of old geezers I've been reading about for what feels like a life time. I am now free to read what ever I want, without having to memorize it, which I of course will since I don't have to.

Anyway, there might be a job on the horizon, we'll soon see about that, but at least now my evenings are my own again. All mine, mine, mine! Muahahahahaaa.

Oh, darling book shelves, come to mama!


Thursday, 22 April 2010

New experience

Today I pretended to be a lesbian mother for a tv program. It was an interesting experience. Pretending to be a mother was interesting in itself. I'm not afraid of babies or a baby hater, but I realised how little I've actually had to do with them. I'll have to practise this summer when my brother has a baby boy. I just hope the "OMG, what am I doing with this baby" feeling won't be noticable on screen. On the other hand, you're not supposed to recognise me so I might get away with it ... ;)

Tomorrow it's time for a work interview. I'm a bit nervous. I really want the job and I think I'm qualified for it, but you never know. Especially since the interview is in Finnish. I'm hoping for a GOOD Finnish day. With that language you have days when you know it, and when you don't. Some days I almost feel fluent, other days I forget simple words like mushroom and the color brown. That doesn't give a very clever impression ...

So, keep you fingers crossed for me! Cheers! :)

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Top 5

Five things I'm going to do when the semester is over:

  1. Read the most picturesque, unrealistic, romatic, non-academic, non-scientific book I can find.
  2. Spend hours at a café researching and drafting my Rhodos-writing project.
  3. Sleep longer than 7.30am without feeling guilty about it.
  4. Cook something more advanced than "micro wave pizza I can eat while I study".
  5. Put away the last winter/christmas decorations. Yaiks.

    Now back to the books. Exam on Saturday.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Summer is close!

A definite sign of summer: Cheap water melon! And not just any water melon, water melon that tastes good.
If there's one thing I miss about Australia it's the fresh fruit. Especially the water melons. I'm a water melon fanatic. Give me a 5 kg melon and I can eat it in a day. Unfortunately in Finland during winter, it's usually too expensive and the pieces you can buy are pretty pale and bland. But now, water melon season is on it's way. Wohoo!

Another sign: Only one week left of uni. On Thursday next week I will hand in my last assignment and then I can finally start reading anything and everything I want to read. Bliss. Still a lot to do though so I'm a bit stressed. I'm not even sure I remember how to write an academic essay after a 2 year break. But I guess it will come back to me ...

Have a relaxing evening!


Monday, 19 April 2010

First Time Out

I'm a walker, I can walk for hours without getting tired. Running on the other hand has been a life long enemy, a couple of minutes of hitting the pavement and my lungs are ready to burst. But, what is life without a challenge?

At the moment it's mostly interval training; some walking, then some running, walking, running, walking running ... etc. It's a challenge because as with everything else I want to be good at it now. Pronto.

It's a tad depressing being outrunned by 80 year old men. But then again, they probably have over 60 years of training. Their skinny legs have been moulded by daily running. I can't compete with that! My body has been moulded by years of sitting at a desk. I've been straining my eyes, not my legs.

So, first time out and I'm still alive. My ears are aching slightly (!), and the back of my throat tastes a bit of metal, but other than that I think it was a success. According to my dad, my stamina will sky rocket in the beginning, so it should be easy peasy ...
Famous last words.


Sunday, 18 April 2010

Faces in my lunch!

I had some whole grain pasta and fried vegetables for lunch today. Guess what I found?

Bernie the carrot smiley face!

And his two less happy friends Marshall and Curt.

Some people have cereal shaped like Jesus. I have smilies. I was cruel and ate them in the end.

Good Morning!

Yaaawn. Late night last night, but fun. I attended a record launch with some friends. It was a university orchestra that released an album and had invited people to a "sits", a dinner party where you eat and sing special drinking songs.

It can be rather awful when a bunch of more or less drunk people sing together, but with so many musical people attending last night, it sounded good.

It's a powerful feeling when almost 150 people sing beautiful melodies in harmony. Since I go to another university I didn't know all the songs and harmonies, so I couldn't always sing along with the women's part, but it was still fun to listen.

Other than that, good music (I like brass bands), funny sketches, enjoyable dancing and aching feet. Here´s my outfit for the evening. (I went dress shopping yesterday and not only found one, but TWO dresses. I couldn't help it, I had to have both.) :)

Have a nice Sunday!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

What a spectacle!

My grandmother made me during my last visit try on some really old spectacles (maybe end of the 19th beginning of the 20th century?). It was funny to think this is what I would have looked like back then. Then I realised.

I have looked like this! My first pair of glasses, about 14 years ago, were completely round with black and green frames. Harry Potter glasses, but back then he didn't exist, so there wasn´t anything cool about them, they were just plain ugly.

Did you suffer the faith of round glasses as kids? Or any other type of unbecoming glasses? I'm happy to have worked through a myriad of spectacle misjudgements since then and now found a pair I'm almost happy about.

But who knows, maybe one day the 19th century look will be back, and I'll be the first to fall fashion victim?


Friday, 16 April 2010

5 more minutes?

I've learned a new English saying today: "He was taken out of the owen a bit too soon. He wasn't fully baked."

It basically means someone isn't really right in their mind. Sharon Osbourne used it on TV about a politician she didn't like. I certainly have days when I feel I should have been baked a bit longer. :)

But who needs a brain when the weekend is here? Wohoo!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Killer Tulip

I bought a mixed bunch of tulips today and a few of them were these weird looking multicolored ones. They are clearly killer tulips. They remind me of meat eating, prehistoric lizards. Or the Gremlins from the 80s movie. A bit of "bright light, bright light" and they might transform into even less cute, poker playing monsters. :)

They are so "ugly" amongst the pretty yellow and pink flowers that I'm almost beginning to have protective, maternal feelings towards them. Nobody mess with my babies! ;)

Celebrity sighting!

Guess who I met on the way home from my lecture today?! The president of Finland, Tarja Halonen.

We walked towards each other on one of the main streets down town. She looked nice and relaxed, in a dapper blue wool coat with a dubbel row of dark buttons, and the sun was gleeming in her shiny red hair.

She was walking arm in arm (if I remember correctly) with a man who I guess was a bodyguard, I saw some nude colored wires around his neck. He looked rather skinny and kind, but I didn't stop to check if he despite that knew some deadly martial arts.

I could have touched her though. There was less than a meter between us when we passed each other. But unfortunately, I'm not in the habit of touching people on the street (unless I know them well ...)
I didn't even say hi, which I, now in hindsight slightly regret, but it's nice that she can still walk around town, almost like a normal person, without having crazy people like me disturbing her every second.

So, now that I'm the new BFF of the president, I am definitely expecting an invitation to this year´s independence day ball. If it doesn't arrive, then I'm sure it´s only the postal service messing things up again. ;)



Looked in the bathroom mirror this morning and thought: "You're not half bad". :)

Have a great day, cheers!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Writers block

One of the first rules of writing is to never write about not having anything to write about. I'm breaking that rule right now. My head is empty. I can't think of a single thing worth writing about even though, as you might have noticed, the treshold on this blog is not very high ...

So, you are free to give me writing tips, or I will be back as soon as inspiration strikes again. Maybe the neighbours throw out a bathtub I can steal (I really want a bathtub!) or one of those bugs finally pick up the courage and apologizes for eating my clothes ... Either way, I'll get back to you.


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Hot-not-dog

No animals were harmed making this hot dog. :P

Toilets anyone?

A house nearby is having a plumbing renovation, the ongoing plague of this city.

At a distance though, it's kind of fun. There's always free breakfast entertainment as the builders busy about the place and fill up container after container with discarded stuff. My inner dumpster diver (who´s hidden very deep inside indeed) is longing to take an "innocent walk" past and salvage something ...

This morning, while having my tea, I spotted new gems amongst the trash. Toilets! A whole row of them. Now I don't really need a toilet, I'm lucky to already have one in my flat. :P But someone else might be delighted. I shouldn't be surprised if I come home from class today and meet someone carrying a toilet on their shoulder .... :D

Have a great day!

Monday, 12 April 2010

End of an Era

Just came back from the last sewing class this semester. That´s sad! I really liked it and I can already feel the domestic goddessness drain from me.

I still have a little bit left to do on my skirt, but then it's done! I'll show it to you as soon as I get the skirt, a mirror and a camera at the same place at the same.

I'm thinking of buying one of those pattern magazines and try to sew something on my own. Now that would be crazy, wouldn't it? ;)


Repulsive Developments

As a kid, the mere thought of eating celery would have made me cringe. I pitied the ballerinas who only got to eat celery, and maybe some cottage cheese.

Now, a few years later, I kind of like it. I don't mind gnawing on a stick, with or without some nice dip. It worries me. My food preferences are clearly changing with age. Does this mean I will one day actually like stuff like blue cheese? Nooo!

I just can't accept that it is okay to eat mouldy cheese, but not for example mouldy bread or mouldy pasta. Who wants to eat mould anyway?
(Okay, okay, plenty of people, I might even be a minority ...)

How far can it go? Will this end with me licking slightly water damaged bathroom walls? Yuck. I think I need to keep my tastes childlike and draw the line at celery.


Sunday, 11 April 2010

Cake and some gossip later ...

Not much reading being done, but Sunday is going delightfully well. :)

Hanna and I walked along the water front and watched people worship the fleeting moments of sun, along with their dogs, kids and huge ice cream cones.

Look, actual water! ( To you people from warm countries: No, it's not a given this time of year.)

We had hoped for a table outside, but by the time we got to the café the sun had already said hello and goodbye and we opted for an inside table instead. It's easier to eat when you don't have a 5 meter long scarf around your neck ....

Hanna chose something savory, while I had already had lunch and ate this berry cake thingy. It was nice and light and not too sweet.

Now I actually have to do something ... :)

Sunday coffee

Good morning!

I've been busying about for a couple of hours and could now go back to bed. :) But no, the sun is shining and I'm meeting up a friend for coffee by the water. Lovely!

I would love to initiate my purple spring shoes today, but I haven't sprayed them with anything water- and dirtresisting yet, so I don't know if it is advisable. We'll see! Maybe if I keep away from puddles and goo ... :)

See you later!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Jumping Mouse

Good Morning!

I'm barely up and already learning things. Today's word: fasciculation.

In layman´s terms a muscle twitch. "A small, local, involuntary muscle contraction and relaxation visible under the skin arising from the spontaneous discharge of a bundle of skeletal muscle fibers." (Wikipedia)

I'm experiencing it right now, in my right knee, not the poxing left, and it is a funny feeling. The knee is jumping around without my permission, the muscle has suddenly got a brain of its own.

So, say after me: fasciculation. Something I've called Elohiiri my entire life, the Finnish word for the same thing. I like that word more, directly translated to English it is "living mouse". How cute is that?
Hopefully the mouse will stop jumping around soon so I can go shopping. :P

Have a good day, cheers!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Sweet reward

I've spent yet another day with Mr. Marx, Weber, Lazarsfeld, Benjamin, Adorno, Katz etc. and they are rather high maintenance, so I thought I'd reward myself with some baking.

Guess what I made!

I did my first ever chocolate swiss roll with lemon and orange filling and although I say it myself, it turned out rather well.

My biggest worry was that the dough came out a bit thick so I was afraid it would break completely. There were a few cracks when I rolled it, but other than that, it worked out.
I tried it out on my parents and they didn't seem to fake their appetite. Hehe. With a bitter cup of tea I didn't myself either. :P

Shopping tomorrow, wohoo! Have a great weekend, cheers!

Thursday, 8 April 2010


Yesss! I just checked my student uni account and the credits I got in Sydney have been registered! All 30 of them! :)

When I saw all the paper work I had to put together to apply for the credits to be registered here in Finland, I was a bit disheartened. What if my uni didn't approve of the courses I had done, or what if I described them in an inadequate way ...

I'm relieved because if they hadn't been accepted, I would have had to pay back some of the study allowances I recieved last year, and last semester would, crassly put, have been a waste. (From a study point of view. Not a personal one.)

But now they're there on my transcript and I am 30 credits closer to my masters degree. Wohoo!



My VC lectures are becoming more and more exciting. Not only have I learnt that I don't want to have sex with a hippopotamus (Freud, I'll explain some other time), but now the lecturers have, two weeks in a row, reminded me of other people, which makes it interesting in a whole new way.

Today our lecturer made me think of my uncle. Not that he would be interested in psychoanalysis, I think, but there was something very similar. And last week our lecturer looked a bit like Ellen DeGeneres. :) I couldn't help waiting for that brilliant smile she has, but it never completely materialized.

It's also interesting how you start seeing people you miss everywhere, although you know it's not possible. It might be something small, maybe a hairdo or the way someone walks, that makes you react, and for a second, he/she's there in front of you.

When I was a kid, I used to fantasize about finding my doppelganger, or having an indentical twin. We would become the best of friends and have great adventures together.
Now I'm not so sure it will ever happen, at least not the twin thing (that would be rather disturbing), but it is still exciting to think how similar people from around the world with no direct contact with each other, can look. At least in some people's eyes. :)

Anyone want to be my doppelganger? :P


According to a blog, rumour has it Prince William has proposed to his girlfriend. That can't be! I haven't heard from him in days ... Hehe. ;)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Food blog á la Julie?

Hello! Sorry for not writing earlier, I've been studying most of the day. Now it's finally time for a bit of "lighter" reading.

On the plane home from Australia, I watched the movie Julie & Julia. A story about bored Julie who decides to try out all the recipes in Julia Child's famous cookbook and blog about it. It doesn't go all smooth for her, and I wasn't too sure about the movie, but it did inspire me to learn more about French food in post war France.

So, I got Julia Child's biography where she shares what it was like to be an American woman in the late 1940s wanting to learn how to cook in France. Again, it wasn't all smooth sailing, but by the time the biography came out, she was an American household name, thanks to her food.
I haven't read very much of the book yet, but I can say one thing, it makes you HUNGRY!! I can't read more than a few pages before I start glancing towards the kitchen, trying to figure out what I could do with some dried up cheese and yesterday's macaroni.

Wouldn't it be cool to do something like that? I'm not talking about writing a cookbook with French recipes, more like choosing a cookbook, trying everything out and sharing the experience with the world?
Coming from me, with my not so developed cooking skills, the blog would either become a hilarious comedy or a great tragedy (probably as funny). And I would have to choose a vegetarian cookbook because I would, much like Julie, have problems with deboning and stuffing a duck ...
Do you know any great vegetarian cookbooks?

Hmm, I suddenly feel very inspired. Why wouldn't I be able to do it? If nothing else, a family friend just told my mom that I remind her of the actress who played Julie in the movie (Amy Adams). That must be a sign, no?


Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Okay, who's with me?

I hate being addicted to anything, and right now sugar has me in its grip. I have to stop eating sweets all the time! It has become more of a habit than an actual craving. (Except when the sugar levels are low and I get mad withdrawal symptoms.)

I'm not talking about never eating anything sweet again. I believe you should enjoy food and spoil yourself at times, but at the moment it feels like I've lost control. So it's not so much being permanently cut off from, but more of a detox, cutting out some of the bad bits and concentrating on finding lovely, healthier good bits.

Rule number one, don't buy anything for "emergencies". If there is something in the house, you will eat it. Or at least I will ...


Raindrops keep falling ...

Rain has a bad reputation. But right now I find it soothing, soft and gentle. It is washing away the past and giving something new a chance to grow.
I enjoy standing outside, feeling the cool water against my skin. The air is fresh and oxygen fills my brain. There are a few clear moments when everything seems to make sense.

"Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red
Cryin's not for me
'Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'
Because I'm free
Nothin's worryin' me"

B.J Thomas

Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Digest

Hello, how are you doing?

I've had a nice, relaxing Easter with my parents. My brother and his family were coming too, but unfortunately they got the stomach flu and had to stay home.

Sunday and Monday have been filled with chocolate eggs, our traditional Easter tacos, walks outside, movies, me loosing in Trivial Pursuit against my mom, hair trimming and concocting (more or less) brilliant ideas.

The surprises in the chocolate eggs might not be as important any more, but Easter still wouldn't be the same without them. If nothing else, putting them together is a yearly battle of the egos. :)
Here are my new plastic friends (NO I didn't eat ALL the eggs myself):

The yellow frog is called Barney.

After the excess off food and candy, some healthy eating might be in order ... (I just hope I can beat the mad sugar cravings!)


Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter breakfast and the only kind of eggs I eat.

Now it looks normal ...

... Now it's nougat!

Hope you have a great day and get lots of good food to eat. See you later!

Saturday, 3 April 2010



I know rasisins are made out of grapes, but I was still slightly surprised this morning. I had forgotten some grapes in a bowl, and then I forgot about the bowl. A week later I find these little brown things, all wrinkly and still a bit soft. Raisins!

The question is, can I eat them? Or is something else done to the "grapes gone bad" before they are packaged and sold?

Maybe I'll stay away. Easter dinner isn't the same with food poisoning.

This witch is going to town

Good Morning!

This used to be the best day of Easter because on Saturday as kids we went candy collecting, dressed as Easter witches. We walked from house to house in our neighbourhood and knocked on doors. Sometimes we happened to wake people up and that didn't make them very giving, but usually they were happy to open the door and fill our buckets with candy. Yay!

I'm a bit old for that now, so instead I'm going down town to see if I can find an outfit for a dinner thingy in a couple of weeks. Something nice but not over the top. I'll also sit down somewhere with lunch or a cup of tea and do a bit of reading work. Oh! And most importantly, buy some Easter candy and chocolate eggs for tomorrow. If you can't beg for candy, buy it yourself. :P

Hope you have a great day! I'll be back when I've done my shopping.


Friday, 2 April 2010

Brown Carpet Welcome

Okay, so it's not the most exciting piece of interior design, but I'm rather happy with my new hall carpet. It's a nice contrast against the white shoe shelf. And it is dark enough not to show every speck of dirt. :)

Who wants to be the first to put their foot prints on it? :P

Attack of hens and witches

I'm not home much this Easter, but I wanted a small display to brighten up my flat a bit.

I think my grandmother gave me the figurines when I moved away from home and she thought I needed some Easter decorations. So now they come out once a year, together with the yellow Easter witch. :) And the yellow tulips lift your mood, Easter or not.

I'll be back later to show you my new hall carpet. It's finally in place to keep the dirt out! Wohoo!

Okay, time for some Good Friday suffering, exam studying and cleaning. ;)


Thursday, 1 April 2010

Russian Jesus

Good morning!

I kicked off Easter yesterday by joining Hanna at Finlandia Hall. Many of our friends were singing in the choirs that performed a Russian version of the St John Passion, composed by Sofia Gubaidulina.

I can't acutally say if I liked or disliked it. It was a very modern rendering, and in my unqualified ears modern classical music often sounds like noise. But there were some beautiful parts, and I believe the choirs did their very best to master the difficult rythms and the Russian language.

Speaking of the language. I don't speak Russian so most of the lyrics were guess work (although I know the story line behind the passion). It's fun, because when you don't understand a langugage, you start hearing words and sentences in langugages you do understand. I could for example swear I heard them sing "kitara soolo" (guitar solo) over and over again, but that can't be right. :)

Anyways, it was an interesting experience and now I can start with all of the other Eastery stuff. Bring out the chocolate eggs!