Sunday, 30 May 2010

Day 8: The End

Hello peeps,

I'm sitting by the pool, enjoying the last few hours of my trip here in Greece. It's been great. I got what I came for and then some. This is deffinitely something I could get used to. :)

So, hope you are having an as pleasant Sunday afternoon as I am, (nothing beats reading and scribbling in warm shade) and see you in Finland! If all goes well I should land late tonight.


Saturday, 29 May 2010

Day 7: Watch out for the donkeys!

My last full day in Rhodes is soon over, and a nice day it has been. I went on a boat cruise to Lindos and back, with 3 hours free time to see the "white city", Rhodes' pride and joy. It was very beautiful, the way you picture a greek community "should" look like.

Here are some pics and short comments from today:

The town seen from our boat as we arrived.

You could ride up to the town square and Acropolis with donkey taxi. I decided to walk. Lindos, the town that smells like horse manure! New slogan? (They are sooo cute.)

After walking up the steep hill, you could reward yourself with fresh orange juice ...

... And I did just that, together with simple but oh so good tomato and cheese crepes.

Then I walked around and fell in love with the town. If only it wasn't filled with so many tourists. On the other hand, that's how many of the locals make a living ...

Now who doesn't want a blue scooter?


I could live with that view ...

There's so much more I could show you, but let's not exhaust mr Internet. On the way back we stopped by a beach and swam from the boat. It was a brilliant way to end the trip after walking in the basking sun.
Now I'm going to relax and probably fall a sleep. Nothing makes you tired like hours of sea air!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Day 6: Drowning

I just came back from the beach. It was a dreadful experience. Within minutes one man drowned and another man was close to drowning.

A few of us noticed a man floating face down close to shore. We all watched him for a few seconds, wondering if he was just joking around or in real trouble and then one of the ladies decided to check on him. She began yelling for help when she realised he wasn't conscious.

A bunch of guys ran to help her and they started some kind of cpr. I stayed on my sunbed so I wouldn't be in their way, but there was still a big crowd watching around them. Finally, after what felt like a really long time, the ambulance came and took him away, but it didn't look good. There wasn't a pulse, he was all blue in the face and he could have floated around for a long time before being noticed.

I wish the story ended there, but only a few minutes later there was another incident. I was watching the sea and saw a man swim around, the next second the same woman who dragged out the first man, was yelling for people in the water to do something, to turn the man around.

It first seemed absurd, but apparently he had had some kind of sudden attack and ended up face down in the water as well. When noone close to him reacted fast enough, the woman ran in and got him to shore herself. This time the man was still breathing, although he had swallowed alot of water, and was conscious when the ambulance took him away.

I didn't feel like swimming after that so I left the beach. I can't help feeling angry with myself. Why wasn't I the first to react when we saw the man? Why didn't I trust my initial instinct that something wasn't right? Why did I wait, if only for a second, for someone else to take charge?

There wasn't much I or anyone else could have done for the first man. But the second man had a guardían angel with him today.

Have a nice friday.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Day 5: Sunsets and Lemon Fanta

Good evening!

Here's part two in the series "Holiday marketing".

The sun is setting here and I took these picture from my balcony just a few minutes ago. The first one with the normal automatic setting on my digital camera, the second with a special "sunset" setting that promises vivid colours. Voila!



I think they are both pretty, but I guess the second one would be more "in your face" in a commercial, no?

To the "special setting" setting's defence, a few minutes later I took a second look outside and the sky had turned much more pink, and this time the special sunset setting took the more realistic picture.

Rather breath taking ...

Other than that, not much "special" has happened today. I've been working and resting. I went out to get some food in the afternoon, but contrary to what you might think, Greece is not the ideal place for a vegetarian. Almost all their main dishes contain meat! And you can't really live on greek sallads for a whole week ...

Anywho, tired of pizza and pasta, I went to the hotel shop and bought a selection of "fruit" items. Ehemm. I haven't tried the apple fanta yet, but the lemon is a new favourite!

Have a nice evening! Cheers!

Day 5: Writing? Oh yeah, that's why I'm here. :)


Today I'm mainly focusing on writing at the hotel. Three reasons. 1. I'm trying to nurse my cold by not walking a marathon. 2. The weather isn't great. 3. Well, its fun!

Here's one of my writing spots so far. I'm so happy for my mini computer, I can take it anywhere!

I've written about 1000 words today. It doesn't sound like much, but sometimes 100 words can be a major pain. :) Now I'm concidering an afternoon nap.

See you later!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Day 4: In the templer's footsteps

A Finn, a Swede and a Dane sat in a restaurant. And that's pretty much the story. Except I had this nice piece of lasagne at that particular restaurant.

I spent most of the day in Rhodo's old town. It's a nice place, although they sell way to much junk there. I thought I made a good buy though with these hand made leather sandals. They are supposedly made by the shop owner himself.

I also visited the archaeological museum in the old town. Lots of old statues, pieces of statues, toomb stones and clay pots. This lion looked a bit: Oh no! Where did my leg and tail go?

This house in the old town just screams GREECE (or am I wrong?).

I think I'm coming down with a cold, my throat is all sore so I had some tea by the pool. This is nothing exciting, but the german cream made me think of a friend who had them all the time when we worked together. :)

Finally, my new favourite at the breakfast buffé. Some thick, rather sour joghurt. It's brilliant with honey and chocolate sauce. Yum.

Have a nice evening!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Day 3: My nose could light up the dark

Hello peeps! Today's debriefing as follows:

A brilliant day. Just as I imagined it to be here. Warm weather, very little wind (hurray!). Began with a sturdy breakfast, then sat on my balcony and wrote for an hour. After that the beach for a couple hours and then back to the hotel again for some more writing.

As mentioned, I left for lunch later than usual so I wouldn't be alone in the restaurant I had chosen. FAIL. I was still the only one in the restaurant. The owner blaimed the nice weather, everyone's at the beach according to him. Well I was starving!

Here's what I ate: (Hanna asked for more food pics, so here you are Hanna.)

First a small Greek sallad actually made in Greece! With feta cheese you are still allowed to call feta.

Then, stuffed tomato, pepper with chips, veggies and some very garlicy dip.

And finally, some pecan and banana/chocolate ice cream. Yum.

Afterwards I went back to the hotel for siesta, wrote a bit more, went to "town" to check out some shops and came home with a scarf. I didn't get lost this time!

And here's picture proof of my red nose. It's even worse in real life! All shiny and Rudolf.

So, that was pretty much it. I've now bunked myself in my room and will watch the first eurovision semfinals in about an hour. Too bad our song is really, really bad.


Fun (?) Facts

Three quick facts:

  1. On Rhodes you are not supposed to flush the toiletpaper. The sewers are so narrow that it migh clog them.
  2. If an international tour guide, for example a Finn or a Swede, gives a historic tour in Greece, there has to be a local guide present to make sure it goes right. Here's the kicker: The local guide doesn't have to know Finnish or Swedish, so he/she wouldn't actually know if something went wrong.
  3. I look like a fluish/drunk clown. That's how red my nose is right now.


Day 3 (so far): Swimming!

Hello! I just got back from the beach. Had a nice beach chair with straw "umbrella" and a crime novel as entertainment. I also swam twice, eventhough the water is far from warm. But that doesn't stop a Finn! :P

It's fun to swim in salt water, you can just float around without much strain. But it's painful to get in your eyes, I tried that one in Australia and it wasn't pleasant. It must be even saltier here though, because your arms and legs are all white from salt afterwards, it sticks to all the small hairs on your body.

Now that I've showered, I'm heading towards town to find lunch. I'm trying to eat later than I'm used to. Otherwise it's just me and the owner and I don't like being watched while I eat.

Have a nice day!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Day 2, Greek history

Okay, my long day in shortish paragraphs. :)

Began the day with a hotel breakfast. I love hotel breakfasts, eventhough I can only eat a fraction of what is served. One word: Croissants! Afterwards I sat in the lobby and wrote for a while before going for a "little" walk.

Me looking very, very creative. (More like very, very sleepy.)

The walk began with a death. Walking along the water front I saw something in the water. A boy stood on a pier watching the same thing. It was a big turtle, almost a meter long. I asked the boy if it was okay, because it didn't look okay, and he called his mom who came and then she got a beach guard who fetched some large plastic bags and told the boy to swim out to the turtle. At least I think so because he changed to trunks and stood in the water for a while, shouting with his mother. Maybe the water was too cold for a local, or the turtle was too far out. Either way the boy got out of the water again and the turtle slowly disappeared with the waves. Sad.

I write "little" walk because after seeing the Mandraki harbour I found some shops, bought a top and then got lost. One hour became three, and after talking to some Finnish tourists I realised I had wandered way off my designated path and decided to take a taxi back to the hotel. Hihi. Luckily they are pretty cheap here.

Fashion shoot at the harbour. She was covered in denim.

My top.

I ate the cheesiest pizza ever in the pool bar before writing a bit more and then leaving for the city tour. It turned out to be really nice. The guide was good and we saw the new town, old town and the island´s Acropolis with temple ruins, amphitheatre and stadium.

Me and Temple of Apollo

Here we talked about politics. Err.

The old town was built by the Johanniter order and is now a popular place to shop and eat. It's surrounded by high stone walls and has Europe's first street.

One of the main entrances.

We got coffee and lemon cake in a cosy restaurant and then roamed around. I didn't buy much, just a bit of soap and tea, but just you wait! :)
Lemon cake. Not bad, not at all.

So, that was today's report. Too bad I can't show and tell everything! But I began and ended the entry with food, and that should make you all happy. (Isn't food and fashion the most popular themes of blogs?) :)

See you tomorrow!


Sunday, 23 May 2010

Day 1: Chicago, you have nothing on Rhodes

Hello peeps. I thought I'd share my first hours here in Rhodes before going dinner hunting.
First of all, it's very, very windy today. So windy I wish my hair was even shorter. :)

I can't complain about the location though. My hotel is close to pretty much everything and just step outside the door and you have this view:

My hotelroom is also nice. Simple, but perfectly fine for a stay like this. And best of all, there's fast internet in my room! Not free of course, but I'm perfectly happy to pay a bit more to have the world at my fingertips.
And they seem to take the cleaning seriously ...

I also have a good sized balcony. Now, here's a lesson in marketing:
If I was a marketing person I would of course say, "Look, this is the view from your balcony." and show you this picture.

And true, that is the view from my balcony, IF I lean over the railing and look left. I also have to stick to standing pictures because otherwise the view becomes this:

I really don't mind, but it's fun to see how much and angle or zoom can change a picture.

The plans for this week are starting to come together. Tomorrow I'm going on a guided city tour. I figured, yes it's a bit tourist geeky, but it is also the fastest way to learn about the town's main features and then I can start exploring by myself.
I also signed up for a boat trip to Lindos, an all white, traditional greek town which is supposed to be really beautiful. (And we get to swim from the boat along the way!) That's on Saturday.

So, I've had a day full of walking, exploring, laying by the pool, hunting for restaurants, fighting against the wind, figuring out my week and trying to wind down from the hectic pace I'm in. Calm down, why won't you!

Now this is the picture where I should look alla summery and cool, but in reality my pale skin could make people snow blind.


Yes, I'm from Finland. Okay, I'll have the menue translated to Finnish instead ...

I'm here! And I have internet! Wohoo!

So far everything has gone well and I will upload some pictures from my first day this evening when I fall into bed. Got up at 2am this "morning". A quick recap though: Messy hair, tan lines (already), messy room (my fault, already), pasta, photos and huge writing insipration!

See you later!

Cheers! :)

Saturday, 22 May 2010

More fire! More fire!

Helsinki is hot air balloon central during summer. You can see balloons floating in the air at most times, often in twos or threes. This balloon floated over my house yesterday. It came really low and it didn't look like it would manage to clear the trees. You could see and hear them turn on the fire to get the balloon to rise higher. And luckily it did.

At the moment it looks like I'm also going up in the air soon. Everything is packed and I'm excited. I really hope the internet in my hotel room works so I can blog during the trip. And I promise, there will be no pics of me in a bikini. This is a family blog after all. :)


Friday, 21 May 2010

Weather freak!

Gaah, I'm becoming a wind and weather addict. I can't help asking everyone I meet:

"Is the cloud coming? It's still staying in northern Finland, right?"

The forcasters are saying that an ash cloud might be heading towards Finland this weekend as the winds change in a very unfavourable direction considering my travel plans. Søren suggested I'd ask our mutual Islandic friend to sit on the vulcano until I have safely travelled to Greece and back. And I'm sure he would do me the favour if he could, but unfortunately I think it's out of his powers.

So, all I can do is watch the news and pray to the weather and vulcano gods that the ashes stay away, cause I don't want to miss my trip, or crash with the airplane. Mabye I can ask you all a favour? Please turn towards west and blow!


Taste, don't smell

Today I had a pasta sauce that smelled like puke. It was the strong cheese, and I don't really like cheese. I thought twice before covering my pasta with it, but there wasn't anything else to eat so I gave it a go. And it was actually rather good. Not puky at least. It grew on me as I learnt how to eat without breathing at the same time. :)

So today's lesson: Things can smell good and still taste bad. And sometimes it's the other way around. So give it a go!

See you later!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

We came, we played ...

We lost to the Czech Republic.

It was the most nerve wracking match ever. And it wasn't resolved until the final, third penalty shot. For the second year in a row, Finland lost in the quarterfinals and is out of the World Championships.

It's sad, I would have loved to see them go far this year, but you can't always get what you want, as the famous song, and my paternal grandmother, says.

Lovely day otherwise.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I do like my lists

Things I need to do before going on my trip on (early!) Sunday:

  1. Buy sunscreen lotion. I don't want to spend my first hours on site hunting for a shop with lotions.
  2. Wash clothes. Nothing worse than finding your favourite pieces in the laundry basket the night before take off.
  3. Pack. A friend's advice "Fill only half your suit case, you WILL shop alot".
  4. Locate all the gadgets and their chargers and cords I need to take with me. So far I'm up to four chargers. Crazy!
  5. Print tickets. Big MUST DO. Otherwise above mentioned tasks are pretty pointless. I just hope I don't run out of printer ink.

Done so far:

  1. Bought a few previously shown essentials. (Hopefully the tops didn't shrink in the washer.)
  2. Bought a packet with 40 pieces of plaster.
  3. Bought more contact lense fluid. No point in bringing the new sunnies if I don't have my contacts.
  4. Read all the "welcome info" stuff the company sent me, but still can't remember if it's okay to drink tap water on the island.
  5. Booked my dad to drive me to the airport. Again, EARLY.

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I'm always overdressed. Now I'm not talking about high heels, jewels and short dresses. I'm talking about extra sweaters, coats, jeans and proper shoes when it's sunny and 25 degrees outside.

What's wrong with me? Why does it take me half the summer before I dare go outside without outerwear handy? Is it a fear of showing skin after months in cover up, or just a sensible thing to do considering the Finnish weather is anything but reliable?

Maybe I'm the smart one, not the girls in cute summer dresses, sandals and sleevless tops with nothing but sunscreen in their tote bags. No hidden compartment for cardigans and woolly socks. Or maybe my sense of style has taken such a beating during winter that I simply can't stand showing my scruffy "inside clothes" to everyone around me. What is more forgiving than a huge down jacket and a hat?

As you can see, I could analyse this until autumn, and then some. But I do know one thing; I need to stop being so "prepared". I want to be hot. Not HOT.


Monday, 17 May 2010

Strawberry Update

Why can't you stop eating strawberries before:

  1. You run out?
  2. You get a stomach ache?

I have a stomach ache ... :(


Fresh and Sweet

Is there anything more summer than strawberries? Okay, so they're not Finnish yet, but surprisingly tasty.
I love strawberries with milk and sugar. It's a good way to have them if they're not so sweet. But the perfect strawberry should be eaten just the way it is. :)


Sunday, 16 May 2010

World Cup, here I come!

I have found a solution to my summer clothes dilemma. I need to become an ice hockey goalie!

According to a commentator for the Sweden-Canada game, a goalie can loose up to 6 kg during one single match. Tadaa! Problem solved.

Okay, so it's mostly fluids, I can't do the splits and I haven't skated for perhaps 8 years. But hey, better than living on carrots and rye bread for the rest of your life, right? ;)

Now where's that cake ...


Colour is back

I took my new sandals for a longish walk today. They were brilliant. Not a single blemish on my blister prone feet.

Helsinki is showing its best side right now. 24 degrees and colours. Colours everywhere! In just a few weeks the grey and drab has transformed into an explosion of reds and blues, whites and yellows. And GREEN.

A few pics from my walk (nature haters, beware).


Saturday, 15 May 2010

Famous uni mate

Hihi, I just saw the movie Kate and Leopold. Funny to think I've studied journalism at the same university as Hugh Jackman. (He never graduated from UTS though ...)

I also lived close to Russell Crow in Sydney. Passed his "house" every time I walked to the Botanic Garden and Opera House. I never saw them though, Jackman or Crow. But still, it's fun to think about.

Good night!

Size does matter. (Unless you enjoy being naked)

I just went through my summer clothes and specifically the ones I bought in Australia. Slight bump in spirits. Half of them don't fit me right now!

I walked ALOT in Australia. I could walk for hours and hours on end because everything was so new and exciting and that, added to a stressful study schedule, made me loose a few kilos.

Now, five months later, filled with cold weather, long study sessions, comfort food and not much exercise to brag about, those kilos have returned. And they brought a couple of friends. What am I going to wear in Greece?!!

I'm so greatful that at least my Australian maxi dress still looks good on. I love it! I'll show it to you some day when I don't look like I've just tried on piles of clothes one size too small. You know what I mean.


Good morning sunshines!

I'm soon off to another supervising session at the business school. I should probably stand in front of a mirror and practise stern faces right now, but my muscles haven't really woken up yet. The weather people have promised nice weather for today so in the afternoon I might set myself down in the grass somewhere (pretending there are no spiders) and enjoy the sun.

Oh, and a good game last night. Didn't have to scream at the players this time. ;)

Have a lovely Saturday!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Summer shopping


Brilliant day. Sun, Shopping and grandparentS. I found a bunch of things I need for my trip. I can't believe I'm leaving next week! (IF there isn't another cloud or more strikes, which there might be ...)

Anywho, I bought two basic tops, a pair of sunnies and sandals.

I wanted some fun, fashionable sandals, but they all have really thin soles, and I'm going to walk like a maniac for a week. So, I decided to be sensible and bought these black, leather sandals instead. They're not very exciting but super comfortable and they have thick soles which will keep my feet and dodgy knees happy for hours.

I'm hoping the sunglasses look good the next time I put them on. I didn't wear contacts when I tried them, so I pretty much had to press my noes against the mirror to see if they suited me or not. Not a great way to get the whole picture. Fingers crossed.

I spent the afternoon with my grandparents. I ate too much as usual and helped my gran decorate their huge sunny balcony. We also took a walk and watched people put boats to sea and sport this years first bikini moments.

Now I'm looking forward to an exciting night of hockey. Finland! (Why isn't Vehanen our goaly this match?!)


Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Sat five hours in a large, crowded exam room today. Staring at people!

I'm doing a few gigs as an exam supervisor at a business school. Getting paid for being bored out of your skull is rather nice. In the beginning there was some action, sorting out exam papers, checking student IDs, giving stern looks so they would keep quiet. I also got a nice work out following dozens of people back and forth to the bathrooms a floor above us.

Then came the last couple of hours and the clock slowed down to one second an hour. As a supervisor you're not allowed to read or write yourself, and watching people take exams is like watching paint dry. In an insane moment I almost wished I was the one taking the exam. Crazy.

But, as you can see, I made it to the end and am now a few euros richer. I do appreciate the job, I could do much worse for the same amount of money, and the other supervisors seem like a nice bunch of people. It's just hard to get to know them when everyone has to be quiet. But we did have a few chats during bathroom duty. :)

Now I'm off to a spring concert. I'll show you my outfit later (if it turns out okay).


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Computer Design

I will never become a brilliant sketch artist, but I did what I could to draw up my latest idea. A home made computer case for my dear mini.

The cheap laptop cases are often boring, usually black and rubbery. I want something with bright colors or a bold print. Something fun. And I'm avoiding the whole zipper thing by making a flap instead. Model one or two.

Now I just have to draw up some patterns and then I can go fabric hunting! I will have the coolest computer case in town. ;)