Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bugs Part 2

There is one creature in Helsinki that isn't suffering from the heat right now. The BANANA FLY! (Or fruit fly I guess they´re called in English ...) When the temperature hit +30, the flies just appeared. I got Australia flash backs like you wouldn´t believe. If you leave half a tomato out for 10 minutes, it will be black by the time you get back.

Now, there´s different ways to get rid of them. The first rule is, don´t leave any fresh foods, especially fruits, out and about. After this, it gets a bit tricky. Some people enjoy building traps with juices or vineager. I, personally, vacume them. Yes, with a vacume cleaner. It really works!

Some people are just so bloody neat that they would never dream of having banana flies in their kitchens, or anywhere else for that matter. Unfortunately, I´m not one of them.

So, what´s your method? (Any tip that doesn´t include dragging out the vacume cleaner from it´s place in the cleaning cupboard every time? It´s SUCH a drag.)


Monday, 26 July 2010

Bug attack

My dad thinks he has killed a cockroach. Apparently some huge bug with long antennas flew in through their bedroom window and landed in the lamp shade (shaped like a cup) in the ceiling.

Dad tried to get it out but it wouldn't budge so finally he cut it up with a pair of scissors. Brrr.
I don't mind cockroaches much, but the cutting up bit sounds horrid.

Anywho, two questions:
1. Could it be a real cockroach? (I've heard they exist in Helsinki now a days.)
2. Is my brother rigth? He says the smell of a dead cockroach attracts more (hungry) cockroaches.


Thursday, 22 July 2010

First time for everything

I´m baffled. For the first time ever I´ve written something that feels too short.

It´s not me. I´m the girl who writes feature stories and realises by the end that she needs to shave off 2000 words. It´s agonising, it´s impossible!, but usually very much worth it in the end.

What did I do wrong this time? Or right? I can´t just add for the sake of adding, but maybe I missed something crucial and now the text is limping? Have I suddenly become a tight fingered minimalist?

Only one way to find, out; Read, and reread again.


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Self exposure

I was slightly bored yesterday evening, so what do you do? Play around with the camera of course!
Here I am in the light Finnish night. Oh how I wish it would never be dark again.


Monday, 19 July 2010

Oh Dear ...

I've just knitted the ugliest slipper in the world.
(The photo doesn't make the bad workmanship justice ... And as you can see, the pretty flower is just there to throw you off the "OMG, what is that?" reaction.)

Now the question is: How will I be able to cheat the human learning process, and make an equally ugly slipper for my other foot?


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Hot days

Puh, it's so hot outside you just want to lie down in a cool puddle.

We spent yesterday at the summer cottage. I hadn't been there for 2 years so it was great. We all did our thing to stay cool. I mostly kept myself in the shade.

My bonus nephew Mr. S dedicated himself to watering the forest, with all the forest fire warnings going around.

And the baby did what babies do best, slept, ate and took an occasional look at the world. (People keep saying he looks like me, which I take as a compliment. Hopefully though, things will change before he turns 20.)

Stay cool!


Sunday, 11 July 2010

New Favourite

I'm probably the last person to realise how fun it is!

We had an 8 hour picnic yesterday. We talked, ate and played games. I had never played Alias before, a game where you are paired up and have to explain words to your partner under time preassure. Me and my partner in crime E. worried we would be crap, but we won! Haha!

Our opponents

It's fascinating to notice how fast the brain connects things. Or completely shuts down. I will never again forget the word TERMITE.

"It rimes with the frog!" Öööh ...

Finland is having record warm days right now so picnics are THE THING. And swimming. Too bad about all the algae ...

Anywho, time for the football final!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Royal Mug

My parents did a Helsinki-Stockholm cruise last week and I asked them to bring me some kind of wedding souvenir. Just for fun.

This is what I got: A nice mug (the official series) and wedding chocolates! Yum!

The chocolates were really good, even though they had very Nordic flavours like Blueberry and Lingonberry.

Now that they are all eaten (tears) I'll save the box because it's rather pretty. And who knows, mabye it will be worth something someday. Haha.


Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I just met my nephew for the first time! So cute. And very fond of sleeping.

I dared t0 hold him and I don't think I caused any permanent damage.

At one point he even opened his eyes. A bit alien like, no? ;)


Next generation

I've become an Aunt!

Last night my brother and his wife got a son, ten toes and fingers and everything!

I haven't seen the little creature yet, but I'm certain he´s super cute. And now I can finally give the small gift I got him in Australia. I couldn't help buying something cute when I learnt they were having a baby. :)

Hmm, so what do aunties do? I don't have any of my own, only uncles. Is there possibly an "Auntiehood for Dummies?"


Monday, 5 July 2010

Everyone has a bad one, right?

I had my passport photo* taken today. God, it's such a nerve wracking thing.

They only take a couple of photos and then you have to choose which one is less catastrophic, the one where your hair is pointing in every direction, or the one where your eyes droop and you look like a druggie.

And these are photos you actually have to show people! People who have the right to arrest you. So excuse me if I want to look even semidecent and not half criminal or deranged.

Oh well, this time arround I "only" look horribly moon faced. A football has nothing on me. But at least I can get a new driver´s licence now. I've been procrastinating for ever.

* I thougth it best not to show the photo. Not because of vanity but what if someone got hold of it and started putting my face on all kinds of documents?! Yes, I'm paranoid.


Saturday, 3 July 2010


My childhood bike has arrived in town!
I rode this bike almost everyday in elementary school and luckily I haven´t grown (vertically) much since then.

It's actually purple so I don't know why it looks all blue in the picture.

The bike needs a bit of TLC. A new seat, new tires soon, etc ... But it's also fully functional as it is right now. So who wants to come for a bike ride? :)

Friday, 2 July 2010

Knock Down!

I did some boxing on the Wii yesterday. Today I woke up with burning muscle pain in my upper back. It's my body´s way of yelling: "You're in bloody awful shape!"

Luckily, muscle pain from exercise is kind of nice. And I enjoy boxing (I'm rather good at it, I always win those mugger looking guys) so I think I'll keep at it.

Super fit back muscles, here I come!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Urban Farming, Season 2

Last year we tried to grow potatoes on the balcony. It didn't turn out great. There was alot of action above the soil, but not much underneath.

This year, we are playing it safe with some home grown dill and chives, and so far so good!



I love chives, it goes with almost any summer food. And it's fun how the seed sits on top of the straw as it grows!