Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The wannabe food blog

Nothing exciting today, just endless hours of cleaning for the funeral on Saturday.

So! Here are a few of pics of a couple of previous vegetarina lunches. Easy and tasty!
Couscous with mixed vegetables (warm and cold) and a bit of Turkish youghurt.

Potatoes with fried, fresh beans (yum!) and a cold salad containing for example tomato, water melon and feta cheese.


Monday, 30 August 2010

Finland vs Sweden

The high point of this weekend was the Finland-Sweden international, in track and field at the Olympic stadium. Me, my dad, my brother and my nephew went to see it live!

Here´s a few pics from the fun evening:

My brother and nephew, looking equally sleepy. I guess it´s somehow connected ... :P (I almost dare say that Mato was the youngest viewer in the stadium, not even 2 months old.)

The mascots were frollicing about, dancing and hugging all the athletes. I want to be the mascot! (No, seriously, I think it could be a fun job.)

Many of the athletes aren´t very well known, but two big stars competed: Swede Carolina Klüft (long jump) and Finn Tero Pitkämäki (javelin). (I had to zoom like crazy to get Pitkämäki so the quality is what it is ...)

Finland won most cateogries, men, boys, and girls. The Swedes won the women´s competition (as usual). It´s mostly for fun, but at the same time rather serious. The atmosphere at the stadium was really good and of course, most of the audience was rooting for Finland. (Next year it´s held in Swede and then it will be the opposite.)

At the end both nations celebrated by throwing their team captains in the water steeple. Hehe.

Hope your week has started well!


Friday, 27 August 2010

Life lessons

A few things I´ve learnt this past year:

  • Patience - When someone is sick, waiting becomes a constant. You wait for tests, you wait for results, you wait for treatments, you wait for rides. It is nailbiting, stomach wrenching, never ending waiting. Until the end, which you also have waited for.
  • The moment - Live in the moment! The mother of all clishés. But in the circle of waiting, and with limited time, it is a must. Every second, every minute, every hour of every day. You will go mad if you don´t. (We all have limited time!)
  • Crying without destroying my mascara - It should be an olympic sport.
  • Making the bed - With someone in it.
  • The importance of humour - My family has always had a terrific (slightly weird) sense of humour. It is fun to laugh when things are easy. It is necessary to laugh when things are tough.
  • Crocheting chemo hats - When you don´t have hair, it can get a bit chilly.
  • Endurance - I am tougher than I thought, and I am braver than I thought. The human being is remarkable, it hits a wall, gets knocked out, breathes for a second and then starts climbing.
  • To say I love you.


Thursday, 26 August 2010


At times I wonder if I let people down.

For instance; Someone googles anarchy and stumbles upon my blog. Are they disappointed with my "breakfast for dinner" scenario or simply titillated? (Sorry, I just love that word.)

Or when a poor sod googles tit torture for some "entertainment" and gets the thrilling story about the Blue tits and Great tits outside my window (birds!)?

I am still fascinated that one visitor actually googled killer tulip. What was s/he really looking for?


Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I´ve had the most luxurious day today! I began my morning with a massage at a really nice spa and then met a few girlfriends, (for example Lotta and Hanna) for sushi. Yum.


Lotta lives in London and was only on a quick visit to Helsinki. Well, thought Hanna and I, if she can´t stay here any longer, then we will go to her. And now we have plane tickets to London for October!

To end on a high note a few of us went to a little restaurant and had tapas before Lotta had to fly home. Lotta, Hanna and I have studied journalism together so a popular topic during dinner was writing in different forms. It can be such a joy and pain at the same time! :)

Only bummer of the day; I forgot my umbrella somewhere. Again. I will never learn ...


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Walk in the rain (A way to inner peace?)

Good morning!

I just came back from a 2 hour forest walk with Hanna. It was grey and rainy but nice at the same time. She also brought me this book:

Yasuragi means inner peace and harmony in Japanese. In the book different people, somehow connected to Japan or the Japanese way of thinking and living, tell stories and inspire the reader to find wellbeing in life. It covers everything from mindfulness to bathing and zen and sushi and much more. One contributer is Åsa Nilsonne, a famous Swedish crime writer, and another one a samurai descendant living in Stockholm. It´s going to be an interesting read!

Now lunch. Cheers!

Monday, 23 August 2010

In my backyard?!

I´m not naive, I know there are druggies in Helsinki, just as in any city. But I wasn´t thrilled about finding a large, bloody syringe in the garbage bin this morning when I took out the trash.
It´s creepy.

Any suggestions on what else it could have been?


Saturday, 21 August 2010

Peas and Löööv

I bought a big batch of peas today! I love peas. Fresh, frozen, soup, mash. It all goes. There´s only one problem with peas. Gas. (Yes, I said it.)


Friday, 20 August 2010

Moving back home ...

Today I moved back to my own flat. I haven´t lived here for over a year. First I took care of my mom for two months, then went to Australia for five, and after that I again stayed with mom, keeping her company and taking care of her for eight months.

I´m a bit nervous. I don´t know if it feels like home any more. And having been used to, and pretty good at living on my own, I now have to get used to being alone again.

But, I´m also excited and have great plans for the place. A bit of planning and work and it should be in good shape. And then I can start having friends over! (Be aware, I´m going to experiment my baking/cooking on you ...) :)


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Subtle Anarchy

Breakfast for dinner! The world has gone mad.

(Coffee with Anna, always a treat.)


I get so mad ...

I was flicking through a magazine when I found a "calender" telling people what to do in July/August. On Thursday, 29.7 it said: "You still have time to read summerbooks like crime novels and romance with a good conscience."

What? Like I´m going to feel bad about reading these genres any other time of the year? Hell no! Stop judging people and let them read what they want.


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Some say Pie, I say Paj!

Tadaa! Yesterday evening I baked this pie with blueberries picked by MOI. (Due to more sun bathing than berry picking the pie turned out rather small ... But good!)

I wanted the berries to be the main focus so I only put a thin layer of dough in the bottom and on the sides, then a thick layer of berries before sprinkling a little bit of dough on top. This way the dough tasted almost like caramel and the center was a warm heart of berries. A bit of vanilla ice cream and ... Mmm.

Today I got myself a second helping and almost killed the microwave. I put the bowl into the machine to heat it up a bit, and only one second before closing the door went:

"Hm, that doesn´t look right ... Is that spoon supposed to be in there?"

So, no fire works today, but a nice piece of pie. I´m sure I can destroy something tomorrow instead.


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

One week


Seven days have passed. It´s been crazy. Weddings are planned months and months, even years, ahead of the actual event. A funeral is done in mere weeks. There´s everything from transportation of the deceased (which has to happen almost immediately) to choosing a menue and sending out invitations. (Finding decent funeral invitations in Swedish in Helsinki turned out to be tricky, so my dad and I rolled up our sleeves and made our own. They turned out rather nicely, I´ll show you some day ...)

Anywho, I´ve had some pleasant time off as well. Yesterday Hanna and I drove out to Porkkala point to pick berries, have a picnic and relax on the rocks by the water. We even had a swim! (And not realising that the sun can be hot in August I burned myself ...)

Here are a few pics (click if you want it bigger):

In the woods. And my rather meager berry catch ...

Lunch by the water. Sandwich and (cold) chocolate. Yum.

Oh no! I have a camera in my face!

Hanna made pretty fire and we grilled sausages for dinner.

Vegetarian sausages! Our dinner looked kind of sad ... Notice the 2 and a half chantarelles hanna found. :)

Fun day anyway, and tonight I´m going to make a blueberry pie! (A small one, due to lack of berries ... Hrm.)


Tuesday, 10 August 2010


My mom died today.

She fought bravely. She faced challenge after challenge and still kept her magnificent sense of humour. Now she gets to rest.

I might take a small break from the blog. To get my head straight. But fear not, I´ll be back. Who knows, maybe she can read it, wherever she is.

We love her dearly.

Monday, 9 August 2010


There is someone out there who still believes in human honesty and kindness.
Today I passed a small bookshop. The store was empty, the door wide open and next to it there was the small handwritten sign; "I´ll be right back."


Thursday, 5 August 2010

Bug Farm

This is what they look like. The fruit fly babies. Name suggestions, anyone?

We got inspired and built two kinds of fly traps. One with vinegar (which works fine) and one with fresh fruit. Basically we took a cup, filled it with a prune, covered the top with plastic and made some holes.

Now, the fruit option wasn´t all bad, it did do the job of catching the flies. BUT! It also worked as a paradisical breeding ground for the buggers. Before they had their last spasms of life, they produced small yellowish bugbabies. The family name could live on!

In theory. These babies were flushed down the toilet and never got to spread their undeveloped wings. Tragic.


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Yellow Brick Phone Case

My "Work in progress" is on a test read with a friend. To occupy my nervous hands I made this phone case. It still needs some kind of string or rubberband, but other than that it functions as intended.

Both sides work as the front. Option 2 became unintentionally a bit I-poddy. :)



Now the only blow to this "project" is the fact that my black and red phone screams bloody colour murder next to the phone case. They. Do. Not. Match. Reason to buy a new phone? ;)


Ps. Worry not, the bugs are coming.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Name Game

Good Morning!

A few tidbits from previous days. My nephew got his name and blessing during the weekend. I will from now on refer to him as LA.

He was very cool about the whole thing. Slept through the entire event. He probably didn't hear his own name and still thinks we should call him Mato. (Worm in Finnish. Long story.) :)

The happy family.

The photo taking aunt had some problems with sun and wind. And a camera shy 3 year old. Yes, I blame the weather and the kids, that´s always a great solution.

"Okay, so I have four stolen cars in my front yard, but it isn´t my fault. The 3 year old did it!"

Anywho, I can promise you a follow up on the BUG series later on. Pictures and all. Oh joy, oh rapture.