Thursday, 30 September 2010

Space food

Listen up people!

My gas owen is as unreliable as a clock on speed. Unfortunately I like to bake. Now, would you please give me some great recipes on stuff you can "bake" in the microwave? So far, mudcake is all I know ...

Please! Don´t be shy!

(I would have liked to add a photo of my microvawe or something, but you see I´m at uni pretending to work on my thesis ...)


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Theory Shmeory

Gaah, I can feel it. It has been looming in the shadows, surpressed by other worries, but now it´s here. Thesis stress!

I´m planning to get my master´s degree next spring (or fall if something take more time than expected). In other words I have to get my thesis and all remaining courses done in less than a year.

Currently I´m supposed to find litterature that fits my research subject, something that helps me write a research plan. Now could there be more books about communication and journalism? Is there anyone out there who hasn´t written one and chosen a nondescriptive title? Where am I supposed to begin???!!!

Why the heck did I choose to become an academic?


Monday, 27 September 2010


Accomplished today:

3 lectures

5 unpacked boxes of porcelain

So far no mental or material breakage. (But if you looked in my cupboard you´d think I organize alot of tea parties ... Scone, anyone?)


Saturday, 25 September 2010

New Rule

My weekend mission is to get the book shelves organized. At the moment it´s looking worse than when I began ...

Anyway, I realised that I now have read less than 1/3 of all the books in my flat. A bit depressing. So, here´s my new rule: Every second, or more, book I read has to be taken from my own book shelf. I´m turning into a library. Maybe by year 2o46 I might have read half ...


Thursday, 23 September 2010

There are almost too many ...

Many of my friends are at a large book fair in Sweden right now. I had my own book fair right here:

Half a ton of books (I´m not exaggerating) moved from mom´s flat to mine. Some wanted, some unwanted. It took about a day. And now it will take about a month to sort through and organise everything.

Thanks to Hanna who came by and gave an extra push towards the end of the ordeal. And she brought pie! I´m going to try some of it now, and then lie completely knackered on the sofa until bedtime.


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Magical music

I just saw The Magic Flute at the opera. I really liked it, especially the snake and the moose, hehe. (Sorry, inside joke.)

As always I was nervous for the Queen of the Night and all her high notes. But she managed to reach them. And the other singers did a good job too. I also found the scenery fun and inovative, and the costumes were lovely.

So, all in all a good evening. (Although I was horribly hungry after three hours.)


Monday, 20 September 2010


Hey guys, sorry for not writing. We are in full moving/renovation mode and it´s a bit crazy here. But! I have now got a great new floor in the living room as well, and Mr MacGyver* turned my favourite five storeys high book shelf into a three storeys high book shelf so that it fits in my bedroom. Brilliant!

You also find buried treasure when you go through old stuff ...

* My dad.


Friday, 17 September 2010

See you in 5 minutes?

It´s time to empty out mom´s flat so I went down town to buy some moving boxes. In the shop I realised how large they were unassembled and thought I´d call my brother for some help.

Me: Hey, is this a bad time?

My brother: Noo, it´s fine.

People are talking in the background so I´m thinking, great, maybe he´s down town already.

Me: Okay, where abouts are you?

Him: Eeh, Mallorca.

Me: Mallorca?

Him: Yeah.

Okay, not so great then. Slight logistical problem.

I stare at the boxes for a while, knowing I can´t get mad because he´s away on work and not leisure, and then I grab six, drag them through town, in pouring rain, and into a crowded tram. Cardboard doesn´t like rain ...

Now I´ve wrapped china into 20 meters of bubble wrap and every pillow case, hand/kitchen towel and roll of toilet paper I could find. Still you wouldn´t really see a difference unless there weren´t 5 filled boxes on the floor ...


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Pick me up

I´ve been feeling rather low for a few days now. I don´t know where to get the strength. Still, you have to force yourself out of bed, put on some clothes, and get out there to find something that inspires you. It usually works ...

I got a pleasant interview request yesterday. A high shcool student had read my book and wants to interview me for a special project. I´m glad someone still reads it, and enjoys it. It´s great to get good reviews from the critics, but it´s even better when the book gives something to the people I actually wrote it for.

So, one day at a time. I don´t want to say it´s a roller coaster, because that´s so clichĂ©, but it´s something else that goes up and down. Like, eeh, a constipated snake?


Cute but no cigar

Hmm ... The pie didn´t turn out great. I should probably have put more sugar on the damsons because they became rather bitter in the owen. In a desperate attempt to save it I poured some syrup on it. Then I had to go to bed and didn´t try it again ... Now it sits in the fridge, waiting for me to taste the very off-recipe "treat".

If you don´t hear from me in a few days, it mutated into a flesh eating pie.


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Tiny plum pie

Hanna gave me a bunch of damson plums today so I made a pie. I tiny pie, for one. It´s smaller than the regular sized potholder.
I haven´t tasted the pie yet, it needs to cool down a bit. But I think it looks sympathetic. Not to flashy, but endearing.


Sunday, 12 September 2010

High waisted is definitely IN

I babysat Mato solo for the first time today, and I believe we did well. Feeding, diaper change, nap and a bit of exercise, all without big drama from either one of us.
Afterwards we were equally exhausted. But it didn´t turn me off having kids of my own so I think that means success!


Saturday, 11 September 2010

And I love them all ...

In my home, moving furniture usually equals moving books. Right now, we´re moving alot of books.

Currently I have books on stand by in my clothes closet, on the shoe shelf, in various bureaus and random boxes. The old shelves are leaving this weekend, but the new ones won´t be here in over a week. And more books will be arriving with them. Laugh or cry, that is the question?


Friday, 10 September 2010

Before and After nr 1

Wohoo! Floor number one is down. The original floor would have needed a lot of work so we opted for a good quality laminat instead. I´m really happy with the new colour!



Maybe I should keep the room this minimalistic? No furniture, just a duvet, a pillow and some bed sheets. Voilá, no clutter, perfect sleep!
Tomorrow we´re doing it all again, in the living room. Double the size. Give me strength ...


Feng Shui, Anyone?

My flat needs a surface renovation and since dad is going back up north soon to work, we have to do it now. Floors are a two person job ...

Yesterday, Me: My flat is in utter chaos.
Dad: No, you can still see a bit of floor!

And the worst part hasn´t even started yet. But hidelidoo, it´s going to be great! (And I´m sure the neighbours below just love me right now ...)


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Oh joy

An interior design lover´s worst nightmare:

I´m allergic to paint!


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The final good bye

Today we took mom´s urn to the cemetery. It was like a scene from Snow White. A sea of flowers, small birds chirping in the trees and on the stone, squirls hopping about, looking at us with their big black eyes.

Almost a month has passed. I don´t know if the worst is behind me, or still ahead of me. I have stoped guessing how I will react in different situations. I don´t know if I´m numb, or just calm. Will the sorrow suddenly burst through like an overflooded dam, or did a year of illness really prepare me for this? I´m scared of suddenly crashing. And at the same time, I believe I could handle it. I´m just so sick of crying.


Monday, 6 September 2010

Recipe for nightmares

I just began reading a selection of mystery stories by Edgar Allen Poe. I think I have to stop. They are really creepy!

I read the first one, "The pit and the pendulum" as a "bed time story" and was a bit spooked. Then I read the title for the second one: "The premature burial". No thanks!

I don´t know when I became such a wimp. I used to love scary stories. In elementary school I wrote ghost story after ghost story and they were actually quite good (if I may say so myself). I even wrote two horror film scripts. Unfortunately we didn´t have a camera ...

Anyways, might have to find some less scary bed time reading.


Sunday, 5 September 2010

My Weekend

Yesterday's funeral went well. Everything worked out as planned and the ceremony was beautiful. I had been feeling rather anxious the weeks before, but on the day I felt surprisingly calm.

My funeral outfit: Black dress with collar, black cardigan, flat shoes and pearls (for once it felt appropriate).

My family's flowers by the coffin. I think she would have liked them.

Today has been eventful as well. Me and my dad spent 3 hours in the playground with my two nephews. The energy a 3-year old has!

Construction is a necessary evil before DESTRUCTION!


Friday, 3 September 2010


I´m a bit nervous about tomorrow. I´m not a big fan of funerals, but then again who is? (Except the people who organise them and get money.)

I guess it´s the thought of all those people watching me. I´m not great at grieving in public. I know there´s no ill will, my mom had great friends and they will all be sad, but still ...

And then there´s the reading of the flower card and the condolences. It´s a nice gesture to those who sent them, but to me it also seems like extra torture for those who are already tortured. I´ve surprised myself with quite a good poker face, but I´m not Arnold Schwartzenegger!

The "party" afterwards might be a little nicer. I´m hoping people will cheer up a bit and enjoy themselves. Mom didn´t want us to be sad.


Thursday, 2 September 2010

Not another one!

I´m a card-carrying arachnophobe (spider phobic) so guess how happy I was this morning when I read in Vasabladet that there´s a new spider species in Finland?! Nooooo.

It´s called a wasp spider (getingspindel) because of it´s wasp like appearance and it´s quite big! (For a Finnish spider ...)

Here´s some info about the spider in English from the BBC.

Cheers! (If you can say so in these dark times ... Soon we will all be spider food and I will be forced to move to the North Pole!)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


My hair is almost long enough for hair elastics again. Yesterday I made two tiny pigs tails at the back of my head and showed them off to my dad.

My dad: Haha. You would fit in in Star Wars. From a galaxy far far away.

Gee, thanks.