Sunday, 24 October 2010

I just need to sleep

Holy socks and lemon cheese cake, I´m so tired I might just not function any more.

The weekend was dedicated to the final clean out of mom´s flat. Just a few light fixtures are still hanging in the otherwise empty rooms. It´s so sad. I remember how I sat on the living room floor with her three years ago, surrounded by tens and tens of glass crystals. We were trying to figure out how they should go in a new lamp she had bought. Today that lamp came down and is now hanging in my own bedroom.

In less than 24 I should be in London, if the strike doesn´t ruin it. It just can´t. I need this trip, even though I haven´t had time to think about it at all. I haven´t packed and some of the clothes are still wet in the washing mashine. I just can´t get up from the sofa.

Please send me a speck of energy so I can think straight.


Friday, 22 October 2010

Face of the rising sun

Why does my face get so red when I work out? It´s like tiny cell nurses are screaming "Medics, medics! We need more blood. The face needs more blood!"

My pigment doesn´t allow me to blush very often, so I thought it whould help against work out redness as well, but no. My face is like eternal frost bite, red and white blotches, every childhood disease in one go. My legs however, don´t seem to get any blood at all. Instead they wobble dangerously as I try do an elegant jump on the step board ...

In honor of the redness I made pasta with tomato-vegetable sauce for Friday night dinner.


Thursday, 21 October 2010

Pimp my desk

I´m only a research assistant for two and a half months but I still feel I need to do something about the desk in my cubicle. It´s anything but inspiring. What can I do to make it a bit more cosy and welcoming? Pink paint might not be a great solution this time ...


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Living with strangers

Today was good proof of how little we actually know about the people we share a house with.

My brother and I were taking some summer tires down to the basement locker. An energetic guy from the building saw the tires and began, without saying anything, help us carry them down. So nice of him!

Anyway, when we were done he just said "Tervetuloa!" and left. Okay ... Tervetuloa (Finnish) means welcome, but not welcome as in "You´re welcome" but more like "Welcome to the building" welcome.

I said to my brother: He thinks we´ve just moved in.
My brother: He seemed like a nice guy ...
Me: Yeah, but I´ve never seen him before.

I´ve lived in the building for 7 years, he´s one of my closest neighbours and we´ve never met! Crazy.

Speaking of houses. My mom´s flat went on the market today. Please keep your fingers crossed that it sells quickly and for a decent price. (For us decent, that is ...) I have such mixed feelings about the whole thing, but I know we have to sell so I´m trying to look on the bright side of things.

Have a nice evening!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Long day

Oh dear, I´m so tired I might have to eat some dark chocolate just to get enough energy to get myself in bed.

Today was the introduction day to my new part time job. It´s all about research, databases, more or less willing researchers and deadlines. We´ll see how it goes ...

Afterwards I had the usual master´s seminar where we discuss our thesis progress and present different papers. I´m supposed to present my research plan in 3 weeks. Iiik. I wouldn´t otherwise worry but one of these weeks I´m in London! (Not writing on the research plan ...)

London! Yay, I´m so excited. Even though I haven´t had time to plan much. But we´re at least going to Oxford for a day. The home of Morse and Lewis and famous writers in masses. And it looks beautiful.

Okay, time to eat something and then see if I can find my bed under a load of washed clothes.


Friday, 15 October 2010

Human stories

I´m reading something I usually never read, a biography.

I thought I´d give it a chance. Since the LBM*, I have two shelves of biographies, to shelves of interesting people. Right now I´m reading about Hillary Clinton. Maybe I´ll then move on to her hubby Bill, or Saddam Hussein ...

Do you read biographies?

*Large Book Move, another stupid abbreviation you should forget as soon as possible ...


Thursday, 14 October 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ...

The first snow is falling outside my window as we speak!

I can´t help it, I always get excited about the first snow. And the second snow, and maybe the third ... Maybe it´s because I use public transport and don´t have to stress about winter tires and slippery roads.

Anyway, tricky to take pictures of rapidly falling snow ...


Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Question: Why is uni´s vegetarian option Bean stew with Bean salad the day I´m going to the cinema?


Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I´m so relieved. Mom´s flat is finally ready for sale. It´s over to the professionals to do their magic.

I celebrated with some sushi and picked up the clothes I had put on hold. I just love my new black, wool coat! It´s super wide, I could expect quadruplets and nobody would know, and really comfy. But then if you put a belt around the waist it transforms into a completely different coat. A bit sexy I must say ... From 50´s housewife to Marilyn Monroe. ;)

I´ll show you some day when my own flat isn´t a complete mess. Inherited mess, I must add ...


Monday, 11 October 2010

Buying without money

I did the brave thing today and bought new jeans. Only the jeans stayed in the shop ...

When I was about to pay for the clothes I realised my bank card was at home in a jacket pocket. It was a bit embarrassing but the shop lady was really nice and promised to keep the purchases for me until tomorrow.

Now why stop there? On the way to the jeans store, I had seen a lovely, 50s style winter coat. Since I need one, I went into the shop and asked them to keep one for me for tomorrow as well. I wouldn´t have otherwise, but it was the last one in my size.

So! I have been shopping all evening without actually paying for anything. Tomorrow will be another story ... :)


Saturday, 9 October 2010

On the road

Good morning!

Greetings from the road! I am currently in a car, circa 100 km from Helsinki.

I know mobile internet has been around for a while but I still feel like a proper techno wiz pulling out my computer in the middle of nowhere for a bit of SWTW*. It even works at our summer cottage!

Anywho, that´s all I have to say right now. I got up at 4am so my brain is as mushy as the sandwich on the bottom of my bag. Program for today: more organizing and cleaning. jiihuu...


* Share With The World. My own ebarrassingly bad abreviation ... Please forget it. NOW!

Thursday, 7 October 2010


Okay people, give me five minutes of self pity and then we´ll be up and running again.


I feel awful. I still have a fever and I "slept" all night sitting upright in an armchair. I started coughing like a maniac if I tried to lie down. I also over dozed on nasal spray.

But the law doesn´t wait for sicklings. We had a meeting with our lawyer this morning to sign the probate. Not much fun in itself. Although it´s great that all the crazy paperwork is finally done.

Now I´m back at my dad´s place and should try to rest. Lovely how a bit of flu makes you feel sorry for yourself. Here I am filled with snot while other people get to dress up in 1920s party clothes on a fancy film set ...

Times up?

Darn, I could probably have come up with something more. But a promise is a promise.

See you later (when my head feels less like a worn out football)!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I have a confession to make. I am actually a three month old genius. I will have my phd at the age of two.

Okay, okay, you got me. That´s my nephew. Who, as a matter of fact, gave me an evil laugh when I told him he´d stolen my favourite study spot in the sofa.

Oh, well. Can´t study much anyway, I have a fever. Brilliant ...

Should vs Want

I SHOULD read litterature concerning my thesis topic. I would LIKE to cosy up in front of an open fire, under one of my mom´s beautiful quilts and just read a "nonsense" magazine.

It´s very grey outside which makes it even more appealing to turn down the mental power and hibernate. AND I have been good and studied for the past 3 hours so now I´m going to give myself a break. It is after all important to know who can pull off over-the-knee boots this season, and who can not ... (I have a feeling I belong to the latter.)


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Now where are the polar bears?

Greetings from Ostrobothnia! Or Easterbottom as I usually translate it from Swedish "Österbotten". (Ca 400km north of Helsinki ...)

I can´t believe how fast the train was today! As a kid when we used to travel to Helsinki to visit my grandparents it sometimes took 6 (!) hours by train. Today it took 3 hours, 45minutes. Pendolino, always in my heart.

Only minus: It felt like I barely had time to take out my thesis books. My hours and hours of undisturbed study time just flew by. Only the diminishing amount of sweets in my bag proved that some hours had actually past ...


Monday, 4 October 2010


Doom. I have been taken hostage by the flu. And tomorrow I´m supposed to travel ... Jippidoo.

Only "good" thing about the flu is that I usually get a low, husky voice. It makes me feel kind of sexy, but then again the coughing, sneezing and head aching makes me feel less sexy. So I think I end up at circa -3 on the sex appeal. Just so you know.

Now where did I put the tissues?


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Into the forest

On Friday I kidnapped two friends, Hanna and Heidi, and took them to our summer cottage. Hanna was brave enough to drive while I did an impressive "Ööh, I think we should turn over there ... Oh, no! NO! The next one!"

Heidi, the back seat driver

Being Finnish, we did all the typical Finnish stuff; Ate sausage and sat in the sauna. Thank god for the sauna. It was only 5 degrees outside, and the cottage wasn´t much warmer.

Sausage in the fire

Two people who ate too much ...

And of course, being a girls night, we had to do face masks. This is how you get brown eyes;


In the morning a thick fog had set over us. It was a bit spooky. And beautiful.

"Eeh, Madicken, are you sure there´s a lake out there? And an opposite shore? I think the aliens are coming ..."

I´d like to go back there soon. It was so peaceful. Too bad I don´t have a car ... Luckily I have friends who do. :P