Friday, 26 November 2010

Ice Legs

It has been winter in Helsinki for a few days now and I´m starting to get my ice legs back.

I think it´s something people who experience snow and ice on a regular basis develop. A conscious and subconscious knowledge of how to walk on slippery ground. It´s everything from choosing the right footwear to not tensing up and just going with the "glide" when you realise there is nothing but black ice under your feet.

Of course, sometimes even the most seasoned winter walker might take a fall. I´m crossing my fingers it´s not me this year either. I do know my legs are adapting to the cold conditions. I have muscle ache in the lower parts of my calves!


Thursday, 25 November 2010

Birthday part 2

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday dear ...

Well, you get the point. :) Today I have officially turned 26, going on 30. I began the morning with a sturdy breakfast. Or at least it was yummy ...

It´s amazing how different birthdays a year a part can be. Last year I walked on Australian beaches and this year I´m trying to keep the snow out. :)
In the afternoon I had my grandmother on a visit and we planned a small christmas party here at my place. And after that Heidi and I painted 3 doors all white and bright. And ate a bunch of chocolates. (Did I mention it´s my birthday ...) ;)

The rest of the evening I´m just going to relax and plan what to serve my guest on Saturday. If nothing else, Heidi gave me some good cheese tips. :)


Monday, 22 November 2010

My unrealistic wish list

This is what I want for my birthday on Thursday:

  1. A call from my publisher saying they want my next book
  2. A (for me) perfect boyfriend
  3. A 15-pages, well written method essay (due in a week)
  4. Sense to do nothing, energy to manage everything
  5. All my friends from around the world together in one place (preferably a place where I am too ...)

Now I know most of these thing are highly unlikely. Not maybe sometime in the future, but all on the same day. But hey, it´s my birthday. I can wish for anything I want.


Sunday, 21 November 2010

Birthday part 1/3

My dad came down for the weekend to celebrate my 26th birthday (which is on Thursday). One of the main events: Sushi. A first time experience for him.

Conclusion: He didn´t think it was horrible, but rather unusual. Sushi offers a lot of new tastes which might need some getting used to. I remember my first time. I wasn´t quite sure myself, but now I´m almost addicted!

For dessert we decided to give my unreliable gas owen a last chance to prove itself. And it did! It turned out almost perfectly.

No birthday is complete without a few gifts. I got a sweet necklace and a external memory I really needed. Now I have 1 TB space to store all my photos on. Brilliant!

So that was my first celebration. On Thursday I will have my grandmother and a friend over and on Saturday it´s time for the actual party.
Now where´s that duster ...


Saturday, 20 November 2010

Fine, I´ll do it myself

Yesterday I plucked up the courage and energy to finally choose and contact a new hairdresser. For weeks I´ve been thinking I need to cut my hair. Did the hairdresser answer my desperate phone calls?

I have peculiar bad luck when it comes to good hairdressers. I´ll give you a few examples: The first lady who cut my long childhood hair short(er) was absolutely brilliant. Next time I needed my hair cut, she was gone. Died of a brain tumour.
Last time I cut my hair (also short) I was rather pleased with the result. A few weeks later, the salon had changed owners. I never saw my hairdresser again. (Hopefully she´s still alive and in good health.)

The bad hairdressers in between? Oh, they never go anywhere. They are still there, ready to destroy any head coming their way. Brilliant.

Is this a sign? Should I just leave my hair alone and slowly turn into Cousin IT? Do I have the right to destroy people´s lives by asking them to make me pretty?


Thursday, 18 November 2010

White morning

A lot of people are cursing the snow right now, but I couldn´t help feeling a bit excited when I got up this morning and saw the world all white for the first time this winter.

There´s something comforting about snow. It´s soft and bright and a reminder of how lucky you are to have a warm and comfy home. It also reminds me of christmas, although this year I´m a bit worried about the holidays ... It was my mom´s, and my, favourite time of year. We always went a bit nuts with the food and the decorations. She was the one who knew what everyone wanted, without having to ask. It will never be the same again. Even though we´ll try to enjoy it, it is still going to be bitter sweet.

Of course, my mom actually hated the snow (except at christmas time) so she probably doesn´t mind missing out on it right now ...


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

My favourite food

I know the picture is anything but apetizing, but jolly tastebuds this swedish turnip dish is so good I long for it every year. Come to think of it, I probably wrote a similar entry last winter singing its praises.

Of course, not everyone likes it. Some people look at me like I forgot to put clothes on when I say it is the one thing I want for christmas. Because it is only made around christmas time. And so I eat this like a maniac during November and December when you can find it in the shops.

I could make it myself of course, but I would never do it as well as this one brand I won´t mention here ... :)

Anywho, this was the 2010 love song to the Swedish turnip.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

And suddenly it is mine ...

I am now officially a home owner. What a weird thought.

I guess it´s actually quite a big thing. My first own, that´s my signature on the paper, home. On the other hand, I´ve lived in this flat for 7 years already and nothing is really going change ... Except that the interior has gotten a lift in the last few months.

Well, while I´m waiting for it to sink in, I´m going to raise a toast with myself and wish for happy times to come in this little home of mine.


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Hidden Gem

Now you see it ... Now you don´t!

The solution to put the dishwasher in an old cupboard in the kitchen turned out great, so why stop there?

My microwave felt out of place until last weekend when dad helped me install it in a smaller cupboard above the dishwasher. And this time we kept the door so you can even hide the not so attractive appliance. Brilliant!

"Microwave dinners, moi?"


Saturday, 6 November 2010

A day of remembrance

Today we celebrate All Saints´Day in Finland, a day when we remember our loved ones who are not with us anymore.

I guess this was the first time it really hit home. The first time I celebrated the day with someone very special in mind. I´ve been lucky, I guess ...

We visited the cemetery after dark and decorated the grave with candles. We were not alone. People around us were also quitely visiting their dead. It was rather beautiful. Hundreds of lit candles against a deep black back ground. It was the first time I saw her name on the stone.

Take care of the people you love,


Thursday, 4 November 2010


I was very excited to visit Oxford, the home of great writers like Tolkien and fictional characters like Morse and Harry Potter (okay so he was in Hogwarts but a lot was filmed in Oxford!). We took the train from London and stayed at a cheap B&B in the centre of town. It wasn't Buckingham Palace but nice enough for us with our own bathroom.

The buildings in central Oxford are just amazing! They are older and grander, or cuter and more colourful than anything you can find in Finland and it just oozes of culture and knowledge (at least for first time tourists like us). I was happy to just walk around and look at everything.

It was fun to recognize all the places I had seen on TV. The Bodleian Library, the different colleges and the river Thames. It was almost a disappointment when there wasn't a murder victim floating in it. 

The library has 11 000 000 books in its collections, and receives 4000 more every week!

This is the oldest "room" of the library. The roof was incredible! It also doubled as the infirmary in Harry Potter. Recognise it?

A place by the river I think I've seen before ...

No bodies, only lovely sunshine. :)

We ate great things as usual. Afternoon tea was a must. Scones with jam and clotted cream. Yum!

And dinner at the Eagle and Child, where the "Inklings" used to drink and talk about their writing. We, of course, made up our own grand plans to conquer the literary world.

Oxford was pretty easy to navigate, but the map came in handy a few times ... And on day two we stumbled upon the Botanic Garden and filled up the camera with fun shots.

When in a garden in Oxford, you have to sit down with a book. (If only for a photo op ...)

Hanna decided to sniff some Cannabis in the medicinal gardens.

And then we left Oxford ...

So, that was my trip to London/Oxford! Hope you enjoyed it. :)


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The trip, Part 1

My research plan is done! Now I can pester you with pics from my and Hanna´s week in London and Oxford.

I´ve decided to do them in two parts, geographically. Part 1: London, pre and post Oxford. :) It mostly contained of food and shopping! This time we actually got as far as Harrods!

Anywho, a few highlights from our first day (click on the pic if you want it bigger):

Breakfast at the breakfast club with Lotta and Hanna. I had the most delicious pancakes with maple syrupe, berries and clotted cream, and some lemon and ginger tea. Mmmm.

For lunch we met up with another friend from Finland, Mona (middle).

And dinner, back at Lotta and her boyfriend Gerry´s place: Take away sushi for as far as your eyes can see!

Gerry and Lotta, two tumbs up!

There were five of us ...

Hanna showed off her new tap dance shoes she bought at a vintage store in Brick Lane. Definitely the most random shopping find in London. ;)

Back from Oxford we contiuned with food and shopping, and managed to squeeze in a bit of castle seeing as well.

Too bad they kept all the guards behind bars so we couldn´t tease them ...

Tomorrow I´ll show you Oxford! I definitely filled up my camera there.


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

New Header

By the way, I thought I´d try out a new header (the pic on the top of the page). I still like the old one, but somehow it doesn´t feel like me rigth now.

This one was taken by Hanna at the Botanical garden in Oxford. Lovely city!

Please tell me if you hate it and I´ll change back. :)


Back to reality


Sorry for abandoning you a whole week, but there wasn´t alot of time for blogging in England. It was a great trip and I´ll show you pictures in a day or two, as soon as I get my research plan done.

I just wanted to let you know that I´m alive and everything went well last week.