Thursday, 30 December 2010


Last New Year´s Eve I asked for a better year than the previous one. I can honestly say 2010 has been the worst year of my life.

This time I´m not asking, I´m demanding. I´m staring down Faith, Superstition, Karma and the Laws of Science and I demand that 2011 will be a good year. Just give me something to work with, and I´ll make it happen.

Take care of yourselves tonight, and I´ll see you next year!


Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Plenty of snow and mountains of gift wrapping

Back from christmas blogg vacation!

Christmas came and went, as always. I´m now looking forward to the new year. I always get a rush of extra energy these few days between christmas and new year´s eve, like anything is possible. And I know there will be things to look forward to in 2011.

But first a few pics from our christmas at the "summer" cottage. It was the first time we spent the holidays there, and actually the first time I saw the cottage in winter time. It was beautiful!

My brother and I went christmas tree hunting. What about this one? (The bigger the better right?)

Okay, fine. We´ll choose something that actually fits in the living room. (This is how high the sun came up that day ...)

Tree hunting in -25 degrees makes your hair go prematurely grey.

There was of course sledding, yummy foods (we actually almost managed to make it taste just like mom´s!) and great presents. Dad made his debut as Santa.

He wasn´t the only one who got to dress up. When you live in the forest, you need to have your power tools. ;)

After a few days in winter wonderland, it was rather nice to get back to Helsinki. And an indoor toilet! (I do miss the sauna though ...)

Now it´s all eyes on Friday and 2011. An year can contain so much. Let´s hope for good things!


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Baa Baa here, and a Baa Baa there

Old McDonald had a farm. EE-I-EE-I-OO.

First ever ginger bread cookies made in my own oven. The dress rehearsal batch came out a bit over done, but the rest look rather nice. I don´t know where mom kept her special recipe for dough, so I bought some ready made. It feels a bit wrong, but next year I will have found it.

I got these super cute "kids" cookie cutters from a friend for my birthday. Now I have a whole family!

And their farm animals. (Every Finn has a moomin on their farm.)


Monday, 20 December 2010

Excavation, please

Helsinki is giving the North Pole a run for its money. The snow is just pouring down, day after day.

The Snowmen are back on the roofs. Guards on street level blow their whistles every time it´s safe to showel down another load.

That´s fine. BUT. I was not amused finding my bike suddenly burried under a mountain of snow. Yes, there was a last minute note asking us to move our bikes, but I didn´t see it on time. I guess I wasn´t the only one ...

Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas Vacation!

Today I´m officially beginning my christmas vacation. No work och studies until next year. Wohoo!

First thing on today's agenda: A (very crowded) christmas market downtown. Then a completely chill-out evening.

My mantra for today: "Calm down, you´re not in a hurry anywhere. You have time."

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Welcome to my home

Good morning!

I new day has begun, but it´s still early so I´ll tell you about yesterday instead. :)

I got another 15 minutes of fame when a journalist and a camera women came to do a small tv-piece about christmas decorating. A journalist friend had tiped them off about me starting quite early ...

Anywho, it was fun. I'm still pretty insecure about my own voice and always feel like I´m rambling in super high speed. But hopefully I said something clever. The actual interview didn´t take more than maybe 10 minutes. The rest of the 4 hours we filmed different scenes with me prepairing for christmas and also looking at decorations in shops.

Only negative was that I got super hungry towards the end. My stomach started cramping and I felt a bit weak. But we still made it and now I´m waiting for it to air on Sunday evening. Although I don´t know if I dare watch ...


Sunday, 12 December 2010

Lunch with the Minister for Foreign Affairs

Even the Finnish Minister for foreign Affairs has to take his son for a burger now and then. Walking into an almost empty fast food restaurant during my shopping today, the first thing I saw was the minister at a table, texting on a phone while his kid ate.

Now I´m not good with famous people. I might have said it before. I want to look at them, because, come on, it´s a bit exciting, but I just don´t have the nerve. It´s the same thing with guys. If I suddenly realise I like a guy, I can´t look at him anymore for the stupid fear of him noticing me noticing him. (It´s not a working concept ...)

Well, I sat dow two tables behind them and dug out a book. I got a bit paranoid because the kid was looking at me quite alot. But then again the alternative view would have been an empty, ketchup stained wall ...

Anywho, I guess the point I want to make with this entry is that it´s nice that the Minister for Foreign Affairs in Finland can take his son for a burger like any other dad (without FBI-esk protection). And that the leaders of the world (or at least their kids) eat hamburgers.


Friday, 10 December 2010

Morning compliment. Not.

My first conversation today:

(Begin scene)

I´m opening the front door at uni. A former teacher, going out for a smoke, takes a long look at me and gives me a crooked smile.

Me: Hi.

My teacher: Oh my, your cheeks are red.

Me (perplexed and rather stupidly): It´s windy outside.

(End scene)

Entering the elevator I take a look in the mirror. No, he´s wrong, it´s not my cheeks, it´s my entire face! I look like a tomato, or someone who actually does an exercise class first thing in the morning.

Damn you winter wind.


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Something Beautiful

I´ve always liked "Something beautiful" by Robbie Williams, but right now the song speaks to me in a new way. The lyrics are the same, but the meaning somewhat different. It captures a feeling. And still gives a bit of hope ...

You can listen to it here if you feel like it.

Have a nice day!

Monday, 6 December 2010

Happy Independence Day

I´m watching the presidential ball as we speak. There´s nobody to critique the dresses with this year, but my conclusions so far: Some nice ones. And some completely horrendous ones. What were they thinking?!

Maybe I´ll be there myself one day. Who knows? I bet I would be fretting over making a fashion faux pas. And what would I say to the president shaking her hand? The traditional, boring "Happy Independence Day" or something more creative? Or would I nervously stumble on my high heals and go "shit"?

Oh well, I´ll have years to figure it out. Maybe even a life time. Now I´m going to make some food and watch the rest in my pyjamas.

Happy (Finnish) Independence Day! (Is it just me, or has a certain US alien movie destroyed that sentence completely?)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Glue Poisoning

Today´s mission was to get the funeral/condolence thank you notes in order. First we did the whole detective thing trying to figure out people´s addresses. Then we signed and enveloped the notes conveyor belt style, careful not to mix the Swedish and Finnish notes. The flap glue could be tastier ...

Yesterday´s pre-christmas lunch went well. We all achieved classic christmas fullness, but still couldn´t stop eating. :) (What will happen on christmas eve when we serve the entire christmas menu? Gasp.)

We even recieved a few presents. I thorougly enjoy this pink (almost) batteryless flash light pig.

After such a christmassy weekend (ignoring the note business) it´s hard to believe christmas is still ahead of us. But hey, the more the merrier! :)

Friday, 3 December 2010

Call me bonkers, but I love it

People, meet my christmas tree. According to tradition, a bit larger than planned.

It smells divine and still has most of its needles left. (I´m always a bit sceptic of trees you buy. Growing up we got our tree straight from the woods and that way knew what kind of conditions it had been in.) But so far my store bought tree is everything I hoped for. :)

So christmas, here we are again. Good thing too since we tomorrow are having a family get together at my place. A sort of pre-christmas lunch with some of the classic christmas foods. This way we all have time to meet up and nobody has to stress out just before the actual holidays.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Jesus came out a little early this year

Christmas is my favourite holiday, and this year I´m going to do christmas all of December.

The lights are out, the angels and little red men have found their places and I even located the nativity scene I grew up with. First my grandmother had it (she made all the figurines!), then my mom, and now I put up the display on my piano.

It´s perhaps a bit early´, but I think Mary and Joseph and little Jesus have the right to get out of the box for more than a few days a year anyway. (And thank goodness they didn´t disappear in the general moving chaos.)

Best of all: Tomorrow I´m getting a christmas tree! Not a huge one. Not the "seeling high, tomorrow it´s christmas eve" tree. But a moderately sized tree that I can put in the corner of my living room and decorate with light and baubles. I´m a conservative when it comes to christmas trees. No fakes allowed! (Unless you´re really allergic, then you´re forgiven.)

So, welcome to my winter wonder land! If you´re good, I might get you a present. ;)


Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It just goes crazy

I´m an advocate for sub zero degrees and snow this year (to many peoples dismay). There are only two every day issues that make me give the outside world the occasional evil eye.

1. Dry skin
It´s like my skin is trying to copy the snow. The minute it gets cold, my skin goes white and flaky. It doesn´t matter if I´m inside in comfy +22 degrees. It just KNOWS the quicksilver has hit -1 outside and it´s time get tight and itchy. And unattractive.

2. Static hair
When I was in high school my waist long hair was like an octopus. My head was the body and the stresses its curious arms. As soon the temperature fell the octopus began examening its innoncent neighbours, climbing up their deliciously syntetic cardigans towards the comforting shoulder and winter flaky face. It didn´t matter if the person next to me was a friend, a math teacher or my crush of the month, my hair always found someone to molest. And if there wasn´t anything to cling on to, it just went into Marge Simpson mode. Sans the blue colour. Sometimes I was afraid it would turn och me and suffocate me in my sleep ...