Monday, 31 January 2011

Testing, testing

First pic from my new phone. A beautiful pink sky at 8.30 am on my way to the tram.
Hope you have a great week!

Friday, 28 January 2011

I´m still young!

Today I got carded while buying some beverages.

Shop assistant: ID, please.

Me: It´s a non-alcoholic cider.

Shop assistant: Oh. I never see the difference.

But! It could have been an alcoholic cider, and I could have been under 18. That is the point! Suddenly I feel very youthful. So much so that I´m soon off to a party.


Thursday, 27 January 2011

A few add-ons

I love my home. I think it´s me in most ways. But, there´s always a few things I wouldn´t mind adding if there was a leftover square meter somewhere.

Here´s my wishlist:
  1. Fireplace. There´s nothing like an open fire during a cold winter evening.
  2. Sauna. Good against the cold. Or, in combination with a summer skinny dip, but then I would need a lake/sea as well.
  3. Bathtub. Warmth (there´s clearly a theme here ...), relaxation, luxury. Good place to read?
  4. Walk in closet. Does anyone actually have enough space for their clothes? Really?
  5. Hmm, I´m having a hard time finding a fifth item ... A new stove, yes, but that I actually need. A gym? Why not. More walls for bookcases? Yes! But no, I can´t come up with one special thing. I´ll get back to you about that.

What would you want in your dream home?


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Picture Roulette

Hanna is playing a little game on her blog. You open your photo files on the computer and then randomly (without looking) choose 3 photos. You then post these pics with a short explanation.

So, here are my three. Not very exciting but hey, life.


Hanna (the same) having a fit of laughter at a uni event last year. Did I have ketchup on my face?


Me! Reading (or pretending to be reading) at the Oxford botanical garden in October. Good day.


Me having a nervous breakdown during last years exams. But never again! Now there´s just loads and loads of reading and writing. Oh dear, I feel a dose of thesis anguish coming on ...

Now it´s your turn!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Shoe polish for toothpaste?

Two everyday things that tell me my head is off wandering:

1. I tried to wash my hair with face cleanser.

2. I used dishwashing liquid to grease up the frying pan.

Should I be worried?


Saturday, 22 January 2011

Scone, anyone?

After a visit at my grandparent´s house, I usually come home with some fun "hand-me-downs". Today a cupboard clean out resulted in this pretty three-tier serving tray.

Now I "just" have to bake cupcakes with cute frosting and make tiny cucumber sandwiches and we can have a tea party!


Friday, 21 January 2011

And suddenly getting up at 3am looks fun

Yesterday I saw the comedy Morning Glory. A story about a (bad) American morning show, it´s new, young producer and Harrison Ford as a top (ex) news journalist. It wasn´t great, but it had some funny moments. It also reacquainted me with Natasha Bedingfields song Strip me". A good "I can do it!"-song when things feel a bit overwhelming.


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Read, Set, GO!

Today I´m officially going to start reading litterature for my master´s thesis. There´s no escape. My first deadline is the 28.3. By then I should have done a bit of research as well.

First off: "Public and Its Problems" by John Dewey. (Gaah, I only have it in Finnish: "Julkinen Toiminta ja sen Ongelmat". I forsee problems of my own ...)

I could of course forget all about the books and just fiddle with my new phone, a Nokia N8. (Yes, I know. It is sort of taboo to like or buy a Nokia smart phone. It´s all about Iphones and HTC and Samsung, but hey, shoot me. So far I really like it.)


Friday, 14 January 2011


The annual book sale has begun! And I´ve promised myself not to buy any new books. A-GO-NY.

This might be one promise I can not keep ... (Only one solution: Stay away from the book stores. FAR AWAY!)


Thursday, 13 January 2011

What would you do?

I saw the movie Love and Other Drugs at the cinema today and I really liked it. It handles some pretty serious subjects but is still warm and funny. And don´t be fooled, the trailer leaves a lot untold.

(It might not be the best movie if you´re sensitive to sex and naked bodies, although I think they did it in a rather natural, non-hollywood way.)

I don´t envy the decisions the characters had to make. A part of me wanted to yell "Run, Jamie! Run!". But of course, I would´ve hated him if he had. When you really love someone, you don´t.

Love and Other Drugs - A movie that makes you appreciate life just a little bit more.


Tuesday, 11 January 2011


My day could have gone better. It´s been everything from missing thesis papers and broken candle holders to never ending, uncertain waiting.

No better time to think about fun things instead. I´m drooling over my USA guide books. This year I´m doing a 1 month long trip to the States, spending time in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. I´ve already booked the plane tickets so everything is pretty much set!
I´m trying not to detail plan the trip, but at the same time I want to know everything there is to know about anything. There is so much to see! :P

My only two worries right now: Luggage and buses. Packing for a month (on the road) is a new experience (and there might be some shopping involved). And I have a sligtht bus phobia. Or more precisely, a fear of not knowing when to get of the bus. And how do you know when you´re driving somewhere for the first time?! Buses seldom have signs or voices telling you what´s the next stop.

But, I´m sure it´ll be fine. And if you have any tips, please tell me! :) (Hopefully I´ll be able to blog during the trip as well.)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Okay. Still not working. Hmpf.

I tricked them

Hahaa! It worked! As soon as I had posted my complaint about the blog looking different, it turned out right again!

That is the law of the world, you´re always supposed to be wrong. ;)


Who´s messing with my blog?

What has happened to my blog? Why is the "About me" section and Archive suddenly at the bottom of the page? According to the design tool nothing is wrong, but this is all upside down!

Or is it ju in my computer?

Sniff. I want my blog to look pretty again.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saturday Waffles

It sucks to be grown up. As a kid I could eat at least 10 waffles without problems. Now I can barely eat 3. The same applies to most fun things in life, for example rollercoasters. As a kid I could go on rides all day. Now a normal swing makes me nauseous.

When you can do something, you´re not allowed. And when your finally allowed to do whatever you want, you cant. Now who came up with that?


Thursday, 6 January 2011


Two great thing that don´t really mix: Lunch and afternoon tea with the grandparents and then yoga evening class. Think elephant getting into a size zero Herve Leger dress.

Still, I enjoy yoga. Afterwards you feel strong and graceful. (During the class you feel anything but ...) Right now I need to learn how to stand on my head. Brilliant.

One more thing about yoga: You suddenly realise how extremely ugly your feet are this time of year. A pedicurist would run out screaming. Any miracle cure for winter feet?


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

First Prize

And the award for "Most cheating during exercise class" goes to: ME!!

Wohoo! Thank you. Thank you. I´m honored. Can´t say surprised. I expected a landslide win, but hey, it´s always nice to be best at something.

Eh ...

I must be a walking, talking miracle. No muscles! I don´t know how I even manage to pick my own nose ... (Don´t take that too literally, please.) Can I go back next week or will they laugh their heads off?

Maybe I can become a new superhero: Madicken - the muscleless woman!


Monday, 3 January 2011

Out of Christmas Coma

First workday of the year over!

I wasn´t too keen on getting back to "reality", but the day went actually rather well. (After the initial "I just can´t get out of bed" moment.) The office was almost empty so I had time and peace to find my brain and get some work done.

Afterwards I rewarded myself with some pieces of china that belong to a series I collect. They were 20% off, which is quite rare. Just a few more and I´ll have a full set!

Hope Monday is treating you well!

Saturday, 1 January 2011


Happy new year, people!

The first day of 2011 is ending. I´ve been nursing a cold and made some serious plans for an upcoming travel project. Excited!

Last night I celebrated with a few good friends and good food. It was potluck style so everyone brought something they fancied eating. We melted tinn to predict our futures, watched fireworks and had a nice time all around.

The year hasn´t made me any smarter. Once again I got the smart idea to curl my hair. "Hey, I have less hair this year, it shouldn´t be too hard."


It might be shorter, but it is just as thick. I gave up half way and ended up tying it all back. New Years resolution: Don´t try any complicated hair dos yourself. It only makes you crazy!

Tomorrow is my last day of "freedom". Then it´s back to work. Here´s a pic of yesterday´s foods. Sorry if it gives you an appetite ... ;)