Wednesday, 30 March 2011

And the paranoia sets in ...

Less than 24 hours to departure. I have come to that stage in the process where I get panic attacks over tickets, the right credit card and passport, taxi bookings and luggage proportions. Have I got it right? Do I know where I´m staying? What if I don´t make my flight connection in London and have to come straight back to Helsinki again? (Oh the humiliation.)

So far I have never left home without all the essentials, but one day will be the first. Please, please, please just don´t let it be tomorrow. I really need this trip.

Thank you.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I´m back, and soon I´m off


Sorry for the appalling lack of entries these past few weeks, I´ve been so busy trying to get everything done before my trip. Less than 48 hours to departure!

I´m going to blog as much as possible during my time away, so keep coming back if you´re interested in LA, San Francisco and New York. It is my first time in every city so I will be seeing them with a tourist´s bewildered eyes. :) Some activities are already planned and booked, but others will hopefully come my way as I explore all the exciting surroundings.

But before that, there´s a lot of packing to do. Currently I´m ironing a mountain of clothes. I know they won´t stay wrinkle free in the suitcase but at least I´ve tried. Also a good way to reacquaint my body with warmth, LA temperatures can be in their 20s in April.

See you soon!

Friday, 18 March 2011

My New SC

Tadaa! Picked it up today so now I´m ready to go. :)

It´s very streamlined and light, which is good because then I can fill it with plenty of stuff. The biggest challenge is going to be the initial packing. I always pack too much, just in case. But this time I need free space in case I´m forced to do some shopping on the trip ... hehe.

I also need to buy something that makes the suitcase stand out in the masses, otherwise I might grab a bag belonging to a 60 year old guy with size 47 shoes.

Have a great weekend!


Excited and Exhausted

Oh dear, my head is completely empty. I can´t concentrate long enough to read a single sentence. I think I could fall a sleep here at the desk, in front of all my collegues. Joy.

The only thing keeping me awake and upright is the fact that my new suitcase has arrived in the shop I ordered it from and I can pick it up today! This trip is really happening. In less than two weeks I´ll be standing on US soil. (Knock on wood, fingers crossed and all of that.) I still have troubles believing it! I´ll show you a pic of the suitcase when I get home tonight.

Now I should put together one more piece of thesis text before getting on with my weekend. Eyelids ... slowly ... Zzzzz.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I´m in their nightmares

Yesterday one of my former uni teachers told me when she saw me:

Now I know what it must feel like for students to bump into their teachers.

For the last few months I´ve been a research assistant at my faculty, working with a new information database. My job has basically been to repeatedly "encourage" the researchers and teachers to make sure their personal information in the database is correct and up to date.

In other words, I have been bothering them with mundane chores when they could be doing real work. (The end result: I did most of the updating myself).

Now I´m doing my last week on the job and the uni personnel can finally start to breath easy again. We´ll see how long it takes before they stop looking stressed or guilty everytime they see me ...


Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Tonight I went to see the King´s Speech with my dad. Loved the film! The script was great, the actors did a fantastic job and everything felt so natural. You didn´t need to feel nervous for anyone, if you know what I mean. You just embraced it all and trusted them to take you on a funny, sad, sympathetic journey.

I am now very glad that the film got an Oscars and that Colin Firth won the award for best actor. Hard to imagine anyone else in that role.

See it if you can! No need to agree with me afterwards. :)


Monday, 7 March 2011

Boot Camp, day 1 (morning)

Greetings from Ostrobothnia!

The trip went quite well. The train company kept its usual winter form and was 70 minutes late on arrival, but that just gave me more time to read stuff for an essay. Getting myself to the railway station also robbed me of any romantic illusions about heavy luggage and lots of people, (you tend to forget how annoying it can be ...) so now I can mentally prepare for even larger pieces of luggage and crowded international airports. Joy.

Anywho, my morning so far has consisted of 1 hour at the gym (why isn´t my flat equipped with a personal gym?) and some general thesis ramble about Habermas and his public sphere, but hey, at least I´m producing text.

Now back to the books!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Where did I put my muscles?

I´m trying to pack for a visit to my dad´s. The problem is, I have the usual amount of luggage, but this time I need to bring with me not only clothes but a large bulk of my thesis literature. Gaah.

This trip will be thesis boot camp. I will be scholar extraordinaire by day, and sociable daughter and granddaughter by evening. And when I get back to Helsinki there is only a few more weeks before I pack my bags for the US trip!!
So I guess I can use this as a dress rehearsal. (But no thesis books allowed next time!)

Hope you´re having a nice weekend!


Friday, 4 March 2011

Class dismissed

It is a tiny bit hard to believe. Today I attended my perhaps last lecture ever. After spending almost 20 years of my 26 year old life in different classrooms, I have come to the end of the line.

Okay, so I still have a few Master´s seminars left, but they´re not proper lectures. It is all connected to the thesis process and we mostly discuss our work and try to support each other.

When I hand in the final assignments for the two last courses (deadline: 14th of March), there will be no more essays (well, appart from the BIG one), no more exames, no lecture diaries or presentations. Weird.

Of course, I try to never say never, I might still find something I just have to study, the "perfect" education, but until then I´m going to enjoy the fact that those first years of learning to read and write weren´t in vain. :)


Thursday, 3 March 2011

Another brandy with your laser?

Today I accompanied a friend home from a routine eye operation. You know you have stepped into a private clinic when the patients in the post-op lounge are sipping complementary cognac.

There have been times when I´ve contemplated "doing" my eyes so I wouldn´t have to wear glasses. And apparently it´s not as gross as it looks on tv. But what if something goes terribly wrong? Or my eyesight became better but not perfect so I would still have to wear some sort of glasses. Then the whole thing would be rather pointless. And expensive.

Oh well, maybe in a year or two when you just look into a bright light for five seconds and then have perfect eyes, including the colour of your choice.



Gaah. While going through some thesis material I came across an article about bedbugs in New York. Apparently it´s a huge problem (or was at least in October when the article was written). The bugs are everywhere, in cinmeas, shops, hotels, homes ...

Suddenly I´m not thrilled about visiting in April, what if I bring the bloodsucking bugs home?!

According to the article, the bugs haven´t scared away tourists, but I know one visitor that will be extra itchy her week in the big Apple, bugs or no bugs.