Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Mobile Office

One of the best things with summer is that I can take my work outside, to the park or the beach. In winter if I want some variation, I have to go to a library or a café and become fat and poor.

But today I sat here. In an otherwise empty computer lab at uni. I don´t think they would appreciate if I took their computers outside and unfortunately I don´t have SPSS on my own. So there I sat and longed for the nice, sunny weather. And for my dad´s large porch.

To compensate, I bought these on my way home. Finnish strawberries, finally.


Sunday, 26 June 2011

A fun trip to the west coast

Hello Peeps!

I´m back from a long weekend at my dad´s up north. I spent Midsummer´s eve with him and we did all kinds of fun things. There was also time for a dinner with a few close relatives.

We spent the sunny hours outside, playing for example a home made version of frisbee golf. I wasn´t terrible, I did try to focus:

(I couldn´t be bothered with proper clothes and spent most of the day in my pajama bottoms. I did put on a dress for the evening festivities.)

But my frisbee did end up in this:


and this:

We continued with a bit of air rifle shooting which I hadn´t done for years. I managed not to shoot myself in the finger this time. Once I missed the target and hit a pine tree instead. The bullet then ricocheted back and hit my index finger while I was still in shooting position.

It looks like I´ve fallen a sleep holding the rifle.

When it rain we dug out a few boardgames. Dad won the chess game, I won the stacking game (what´s that called?).

Food! The grill worked well as an outdoor heater as well as we defied the cloudy skies and had our dinner outside. We didn´t give too much thought to esthetics this year, but boy it was good!

To burn off a bit of the food, and enjoy the rare moments of nice weather, we took walks in neighbourhood. It´s quite beautiful in summer time.

Hope you had a nice weekend whatever you did!


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Old men and canoe basket

It´s been a pretty day, despite the wind, so I took a walk in the morning. I was soon passed by a jogging man. He was probably in his 70s, wore a blue striped dress shirt and brown trousers, clothes you´d choose for a normal day at the office, and then good running shoes. It was somehow beautiful. Here is a man who, based on his style and speed, has been running all his life, but he is also from a generation that was taught to dress properly when going out. I´d like to imagine that he has a special dress shirt and trousers and maybe a pair of black socks in extra thick cotton he puts on before a run. And I hope he runs for many years to come.

Due to the nice weather I took another walk in the evening and brought the camera this time. A day like this, you find all kinds of interesting and pretty things.

A mixed bunch.

Midsummer roses?

Canoe Basket.

A family swim.

Tomorrow I´m taking the train up to dad´s to spend Midsummer. I´m expecting great food, good company and nice weather (the first two are easier to guarantee than the later.)


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Anybody out there?

I´m sitting in my school, coding newspaper articles for my thesis, and it feels like there´s nobody else in the building. I can´t hear anything or see anyone. Luckily it´s light outside, otherwise it would feel a bit creepy. Everybody can´t be on summer holiday alreday, can they?

What if the entire planet has been wiped out and I´m the only person left?
(Okay, maybe I shouldn´t have watched Melancholia ...)


Saturday, 18 June 2011

It´s summer, no matter what.

I´m going to a birthday garden party this evening. It´s not so much a choice between dresses, but jackets, scarves and if a wool hat is too much or just enough towards the later hours?

I´ve painted my nails a pretty shade of dark pink so at least something "festive" will show amongst the layers of outerwear.

Have great weekend!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Norway 3

Final installment from Norway, then we´re back to the present. On Saturday we took a tour of the coast north of Bergen, first by bus up to the small town of Mo and then back by boat. The views were amazing and very different to what you see in the Finnish country side.

There were waterfalls everywhere and people enjoyed a bit rafting.

The harbour, and most of the public builidings in Mo. We had dinner there, some nice soup, before we took the boat back towards Bergen.

The boat drove right up to a waterfall and got some fresh water in a bucket. We all got a taste and it was a bit like drinking snow.


Some idyllic countryside.

Me trying to look poetic against the rugged land and sky.

And then we were back in Bergen, greeted by some lovely sunshine.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Norway part 2


A few more pics from last week´s trip. (That goodness I have them cause my week so far has been far from interesting.)

On day two of the trip we decided to climb Ulriken, one of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen. It´s 643 meters over sea level which doesn´t sound very much, but depending on which route you take up it can be a rather challenging climb. We took the semi-advanced route which meant rocky, rather steep paths, and towards the end enough inclination for a railing to be helpful.

Before picture. We tried to include the sign above with the name Ulriken and a sporty hiker on it, but alas, our arms were too short.

A lot of the paths looked like this (only in real life they were steeper). Small streams of water came down the hill and you had to look out for loose rocks.

About halfway up we had a food break. (Only you can´t really see any food in this pic so it´s pretty pointless.)

Then we continued our climb. "That´s where we´re going!" she said with a determined look and flared nostrils.

Again, it doesn´t look like much on the photo but it was pretty intense.

We had reached the railing part and it was rather nice to be able to use your arms as well as your legs.

Before the final push we took a last photo of ourselves, in case we didn´t make it ... Or were just too tired to lift a camera at the top.

But guess what?! We made it! Wohoo! I´m the king of the world!

And just so you really realise how high up we had climbed; People were jumping of the edge with parachutes. :)

Next installment coming soon to a blog near you.


Monday, 13 June 2011

Norway part 1


First batch of Bergen pics coming up. These are of the city itself. Despite over 300 000 inhabitants, there are a lot of very cute, colourful houses in the city center, and you can wander along narrow streets and imagine a very cosy, comfortable life for yourself there.

The famous "Bryggen" in the center of Bergen. Here you find some of the oldest buildings, and most of the tourists. (I bought a white, handknitted hat in one of the shops.)

The city seen from the top of "Flöjen", one of the mountains surrounding the city.

A few of many houses and streets in Bergen.

The first evening we took a walk to a look out point and watched the sun go down over the water.

More Norwegian adventures tomorrow.


Another year, another place, same facial expression

I decided to change my header on the blog. After choosing one of my favourite pics from our trip to Norway I realised I have almost the exact same facial expression as on the old photo, but hey, what can you do? :)

So, from Oxford in England, to the Fjords of Norway. What next?

I´ll put up more pics from our trip as soon as I´ve found my head. Did I possibly declare it in customs?

(Photo creds to Hanna, my partner in crime.)


Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Hello again!

I decided to leave you with a couple of summer pics before I go into radio silence for a few days. As I said, we´re having some splendid weather right now so I took my work outside and combined it with some sunshine.

My outfit for the park:
(I really need to get that mirror cleaned ...)

A snack (this is as Finnish as Finnish food gets, and really good actually).

My pale looking legs.

Love the contrasting colours!

Okay, back to the packing.

A long weekend in Norway

Hi peeps,

Sorry for the poor updating lately, I´ve been busy working and enjoying the fabulous weather. It won´t improve much during the next few days because tomorrow I´m going to Bergen, Norway!

I´m traveling with a friend who used to study in Bergen and what I´ve seen so far, it´s a supercute city. I´m not taking my computer but I´ll show you everything when we come back on Sunday.

Have a great week and weekend!


Saturday, 4 June 2011

I got in, and then out.

I have now officially thrown off my winter fur. (I don´t think you say that in English, but in Swedish throwing off your "vinterpäls" means taking summer´s first swim in a (Finnish) lake or sea.)

I went to the local beach and looked a bit like a loon getting into the water. Nobody else was swimming. At first it didn´t feel so bad, the sun had warmed up the shallow water, but after walking halfway to Sweden the water turned deep and I´m amazed that my heart didn´t stop out of pure shock. But having come that far I was not going to turn around undipped and swam for a few minutes.

After that a few more people got in and I´m telling myself it was because of my brave example. Hehe. :P

The warm weather gave me a chance to use my new purple beach dress I bought in New York.


Friday, 3 June 2011

Another day at the office


Another eventful day. I began it by watching my nephews for an hour. It´s amazing how fast they grow up.

Bananas can be messy, but oh so good.

I then went into town and bought a bit of yarn for future projects. The multicoloured one is becoming a scarf and then I might try my luck with a pair of Mary Jane slippers. I could also just look at the yarn, the colours make me calm and happy. :)

Have a great weekend!