Friday, 23 September 2011

Twittering in the rain

After a few unsuccessful attempts, I have finally found a fabric for my home made raincoat. It's not the fabric I really really wanted, that was way too expensive for an experiment like this, but I think it might look decent in raincoat format.

I also wanted to report that I´m now on Twitter. (I know, I know, late bloomer.) You should be able to find me HERE. Give me a tweet if you feel like it.


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The bright side of ... Something.

Cheerio from the dungeon called my university study hall! (Actually it's on the top floor and very bright, but that doesn't sound very dramatic.)

I'm back at it again, trying to forget yesterday's apocalyptic mood. It's not totally hopeless. I'm not bogged down by hundreds of newspapers any longer. A few weeks ago my everyday life looked like this:

At least now I can leave the flat without a massive backpack. Progress!


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Who touched the off button?

Oh Dear. A completely useless day. All right, lets not blame the day, I feel completely useless. Can't get anything done, ambition levels are at rock bottom and I'd like to just lie on the floor and stare up at the ceiling.

Fall depression? Thesis blues? General laziness disguised as something potentially paralyzing? I need some kind of shot so energy filled I just can't wait to get out those research method books again and read my own mind numbing texts one more time, cringing at the horridness of it all. Aaargh! (I genuinely believe I have lost every atom of writing talent I might ever have possessed. It doesn't matter what genre I'm trying to put together, it all turns into rambling, third-rate mush. As you might have noticed by now ...)

I need my mojo back!


Monday, 19 September 2011

I need it, and I need it now!

Is it sort of ironic that I got completely drenched by the rain, looking for suitable raincoat material?

Just a thought.


Friday, 16 September 2011

Flashy bathroom door


spent a couple of hours at a large interior design fair today, looking at everything from knick knacks to gorgeous furniture to bathtubs and kitchen cabinets. The only problem is, I have everything I need, and as it happens, like almost everything I have.

Most pieces of furniture in my flat are "second hand" passed down to me by my mom and my grandparents (who are still alive but moved to a smaller space). It's become a mix of old and new, comfort and memories, present and past that I really enjoy. So the thought of chucking something out just to be able to buy something new, isn't too appealing.

My only tiny purchase of the day was this "mirrored" sign to put on the bathroom door. (Guests sometimes have trouble finding it, too many doors apparently ...) It´s a bit blingy perhaps, but I couldn't help it, it caught my eye. :)


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

It´s done!

My new shawl! Here worn as a scarf. It´s made out of a soft wool mix and was perfect for keeping the throat warm during choir practice.

Now that this project is done, I´m on the hunt for the next one's fabric. This week the sewing class began again and this time I´m making a rain coat. It won´t be one of those superduper water resistant ones you can use anytime, anyhow and anywhere, but more of a city model
that keeps the worst out when it´s too windy for an umbrella. Looking forward to it!

Hopefully your week has gone well so far!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Filled with food and inspiration

Gosh, I´m so stuffed with food, I can barely move. I just got home from dinner with friends and it was really good but oh so filling.

A good weekend over all. It kicked off with a party, bringing many of my former study buddies together and we ate and gossiped the night away. I didn't stay horribly late since I had a bit of work Saturday morning but still long enough to feel the lack of sleep the next day.

Today I also went to a large Design Market where lots of Finnish designers sold their products to a reduced prize. There were plenty of really nice things, clothes, furniture, jewelry etc, but I didn't buy anything, partly because I thought I can make most of the things myself. It´s a blessing and a curse.

Thanks to all the great ideas I got at the market though, I am now bursting with inspiration! If you haven´t seen me in a week, I've glued myself to a table.

Hope your week starts off well!


Friday, 9 September 2011

Crochet rescue!

Yesterday I wanted to rip my hair out because I didn't seem to understand the simplest of crochet patterns. I moaned about it on FB and voilá, my dear friend and almost neighbour came to the rescue! I popped over and she helped me figure out how to get the shawl started. It was very easy once you understood the designer´s way of thinking. We then spent the afternoon together, chatting while working on our own projects (there were momentary pauses while we counted), and then had a lovely dinner.

Maybe I´m getting old, but that is a very nice way to spend an afternoon!


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Back to the Future ... No! The other way!

I´m doing a live case study: Life in the 1980´s. In other words: I forgot my mobile phone at home this morning. Aaargh!

Why do I feel so helpless without my phone? It´s not like I make or get hundreds of megaimportant calls everyday. And if somebody did try to call, surely they could wait a few hours until I called them back? There could of course be an emergency, I might need to reach someone or someone might need to reach me, but what are the odds?
We can´t always be a call button away, can we? How did people manage hundreds and hundreds of years before it was possible to reach people even in the privacy of the loo?

Besides, I´ve alreday told the all mighty FB that I´m without a phone today and people should contact me via FB or e-mail messages instead (since I´m sitting at uni in front of a computer all day).

So ... Not so 80's after all.


Monday, 5 September 2011

Stressed Jaw

Okay, so no cavities or other major problems with my actual teeth. Relief!

Instead: Stress related muscle tension in the jaw. Apparently the muscles on the right side of the jaw are tense, most likely because of biting and teeth clenching during night, which happens more often when you´re stressed and can cause unspecified pain and even headaches. I received a brochure with stretching exercises, and if it doesn´t get better with time, I might get one of those plastic braces you can wear while sleeping.

I´ve now told my jaw to relax so we´ll see what happens.

On another note: After the visit to the dentist I popped in at my friend´s house and helped her organise baby clothes according to size, use and cuteness. As a thank you she cut my hair for me. Now, having your hair cut by a pregnant, slightly emotional nonprofessional might seem risky to you, but it turned out rather well! I just wanted to get rid of all the split ends, nothing complicated.

I hadn´t actually cut my hair even once since it looked like this! So it was about time ...

Hope your Monday hasn´t been as exciting as mine.


Please try again later

Good morning!

I'm trying to get through to the student health care service for a dentist appointment. I have some annoying aches in my lower jaw. Only all I get is a woman telling me that I should call back later because there are too many callers right now. Great.

I've never had a cavity so I'm not sure what that feels like, if it feels like anything, or if this might be the result of tight jaw muscles or something, but I would really like to have it checked before it gets too serious.

Oh well, who needs teeth anyway?


Sunday, 4 September 2011

Global celebrations

Fun party yesterday evening! We were people from all over the world; Finland Peru, Nepal, Italy, Germany etc. We sang the happy birthday song in seven different languages!

I finally went for colour and comfort. The dress code for "home parties" usually feels more casual than for example a night out with dinner and clubs. Although I´m rarely the one with a lot of bling, where ever we go.

Today I visited my grandparents and had lunch and coffee with them. My grandmother and I did our traditional Frasier marathon (one of the TV channels show multiple episodes on Sunday afternoons) and I tried to fix her e-mail. Now I´m ready to spend the rest of the afternoon/evening at home, trying to stay awake until it´s time for bed.

Great weekend!


Saturday, 3 September 2011



Off to a birthday party this evening. I'm trying to figure out how to get there ... Tram and then metro I believe, and finally ca 700 meters on foot. In other words, sensible shoes.

I made a hair decoration as part of her gift. I'm hoping she won't visit the blog between now and 7pm.

Obviously I didn't make the plastic part. But I saw a similar decoration in a shop and it was horribly expensive, and even if I say so myself, not in anyway superior to my home made one. (That does of course not state that mine is pretty, only that it's not worse than the original ...)

Anywho, back to the wardrobe conundrum.


Friday, 2 September 2011

Please sign this liability form before entering ...

My flat is currently a mine field. I´m in a frenzy of sewing, crocheting, cutting and designing which has resulted in pieces of fabric ready to be slipped on, lost needles in sofas and cushions and a hot flatiron waiting to be knocked over.

Maybe it´s the oncoming fall that makes me eager to produce "homely" things. I can´t show you everything just yet, because some of it is gifts for friends. (Poor friends? Maybe.) But at some point I´ll post some pics of my creations. They´re not all brilliant. I might be lacking the all important patience when it comes to arts and crafts. I want it to be ready NOW! I want to see the end result.

Most of the stuff I´m making are also prototypes so I can´t expect them to be perfect just yet, but maybe if I keep at it ...

... and don´t slip, stab or burn myself on the materials.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Adorable parrot in "action"

I stumbled upon this clip a while back and thought I´d share it. It´s the cutest parrot I have ever seen, especially when it´s trying to breed with the photographer. It´s a Kakapo, an endangered bird in New Zealand that can´t fly and is very affectionate. It doesn´t understand to be afraid of predators. The series stars Stephen Fry.

Hope you enjoy it!

Shagged by a rare parrot - Last Chance To See - BBC Two