Thursday, 29 December 2011

Maybe dullest entry all year. Going out with a bang!

So, the year is coming to an end and so is my time to write the thesis. Then you'll never have to read about it again. Congratulations!

A quick and extremely dull pic of my progress. Promise to be more exciting as soon as I've handed the bugger in on the 16th of January. After that it's party all day long!


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Decking the halls

It's the 4th Advent and I brought home my Christmas tree. Or if we're being honest, my local tree salesman helped me carry the tree home because it was as usual a bit bigger than planned. That's real service and kindness, leaving your trees and an unlocked van unattended to help a stranger. It left me with real Christmas spirit. Thank you!

I've put all my decorations in the tree, but it feels like it still needs something. Lucky there's still almost a week to Christmas so I can keep adding if I find anything nice. I'm celebrating at home with my grandmother this year, so I'm glad there's a proper Christmas feel in the flat.

Check out last years tree and you'll notice it's a bit bigger this year. :)

My homemade snowman got a prime spot in the tree.

Hope the season is treating you well and you're not feeling too stressed!