Friday, 27 April 2012

Spring is in the air

The sun is setting over Helsinki and I feel hopeful there will be a summer after all. Maybe because I've just spent the evening at a concert, listening to an all-male choir welcome spring to our midst, or because I went a little mad and bought three summer dresses, one of which I'm wearing on Walpurgis night on Monday. I just have to choose ...

A sure sign of summer coming to Helsinki is the steps of Helsinki Cathedral filling up with people, enjoying the sun. There's still plenty of room, but soon enough there'll be a sea of locals and tourists alike.

Have a great weekend!


Friday, 20 April 2012

I got cut up and sewed back together

I should have gone to the gym today, but opted to stay still. Yesterday I removed a small birthmark from my lower back and I'm paranoid the stitches will rip open if I make any sudden movements or bend in the opposite direction. I know it's improbable, but just the thought makes me squeamish. I'm just waiting for that jab of pain  ...

The "operation" itself wasn't too bad. I've never surgically removed anything before, or had a local anesthesia, but a part from the sting of the injection, it was fairly painless. I just felt a tiny bit of the cutting process. The "oddest" sensation was the sewing, because you could still feel the doctor tugging at your skin, when tightening the thread, even though the area was otherwise numb.

I'll get to remove the stitches in a week. Hopefully I'll stop fretting about them before that. The doctor said I shouldn't worry about the birthmark, it's probably harmless, but if anything, this experience has strengthened my belief that I wouldn't be a good candidate for plastic surgery. I enjoy my skin in one piece!

Hope you have a nice weekend ahead of you!


Monday, 16 April 2012

Back to work


First day at my new job! I'm doing a month-long stint helping an organisation get their new website up and running. The people seemed very nice and the work suitably challenging, so it should be fun. After lovely time off, it feels good to get some structure into my life again, if only for a while.

After work I went to a Body Balance class. I really enjoy it, but today I had a yoga mat that was is no way compatible with my foot perspiration (sorry). I kept slithering around, not feeling like a strong warrior at all. Next time I'm bringing my own mat to class!

Also received a dear friend's wedding invitation in the post so now I have a brilliant excuse to buy a new dress. Muahahahahahaaaa.

Anywho, nice enough Monday. Let the week continue!


Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Goodies


Good Friday going on. I've already brought out some of the Easter goodies, and having dealt with mind numbing administration, my grandmother and I started on the cheesecake which in honor of the weekend was decorated with a couple of chicks.

I love the colours in my "egg bowl" (not an euphemism). If only I could stop eating the contents and just look at it. Maybe I should cover the sweets in hairspray and that way they would last for ever and ever? (Or I would still try to eat them and get sick ...)

Tomorrow I'm tucking into the chocolate eggs my grandmother brought me today. They came in the pretty green basket seen above behind the cake. Being a vegetarian, I don't get very excited over real boiled eggs or traditional Easter foods like lamb, but a bit of chocolate is almost never wrong.

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Lit.

I'm planning to spend this Easter reading (accompanied by some chocolate) and here's what I've chosen so far. Clearly I'm drawn to non-fiction right now, to wisdoms of life, and the lives of others. Perhaps it's because my own life is about to change again and I'm trying to prepare myself and find my bearings.

I've already started on Moran's How To Be a Woman and so far I'm really enjoying it. Despite being very different women, we seem to agree on a lot of things. I'm hoping our mutual understanding will last throughout, and if not, that I at least will learn something new.

Now I'm off to make the cheescake!


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Lucky Rocket?

I had home made pizza for dinner today, and with it some rocket. Now I'm fairly sure this particular piece of greenery didn't belong in the packet, it looks decisively more like clover. I decided to play it safe and not eat it. Who knows what kind of luck Italian clover brings you?

The pizza was brilliant though, I think I've finally found a good dough and seasoning. Veggie pizza can otherwise be fairly tasteless.

Leftovers for lunch tomorrow! I also have to get the ingredients for my Easter dessert, it's another go for the yummy lemon cheesecake.


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

10-minute project

I'm a master at loosing my knitting needles so I quickly put together this small pouch for safe keeping. This one is for my 20cm, 3,5mm's, but I might make a few more for needles with different length and thickness.

Most needles do come in plastic pockets, but I think this is cuter, and it could also work as a small gift. (And again, it's a great way to use those small left over bits of fabric.)

Have a great day!

Monday, 2 April 2012

A touch of Easter

I spent the morning with my grandmother visiting a few shops and having lunch. My only purchase was this flower for Easter which I surrounded by wooden eggs, beautifully hand painted by above mentioned Nan. I wish I had her knack for painting ...

Helsinki went from lovely spring back to winter last night, covering the ground with snow. It's typical Easter weather but I want sun and warmth already! The only sign of an ending winter: It's the last sewing class of the semester tonight. I'm hopefully going to finish my black wrap dress and wish everyone in the group a fabulous summer. I'm really going to miss it next year!

Hope you're week has started well!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Even the great artists ...

Picasso had a pink period, and so have I. I finished these socks last night and have enjoyed gliding around my living room floor in them. Now however, I should probably branch out and se what other colours tickle my fancy.

Today doesn't leave room for much sewing or knitting though. I'm attending two screenings at the Artisokka film festival, first the latest version of Jane Eyre and then fellow British film Weekend. I'm not sure either will otherwise be shown in Finland so I'm taking the chance to see them on the big screen now. In between I'll try to find energy for an hour at the gym.

Have a nice Sunday! Easter week coming up!