Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Drum roll please! Today I officially received my Master of Social Science (media and communication). No festivities at this point, I just went to the study office and requested my certificate. I might attend a graduation ceremony in June, and perhaps arrange some kind of family get together, but nothing's set in stone yet. I'm just happy to be done!!

I did invite myself to a friend's house so we could have a celebratory drink and a chat. Back home I can't help marvel how much has happened since I began my Master's studies. Actually, this blog was the result of them. I created the blog to report on my first courses, which I did at UTS in Australia, and from there it continued. Many happy and sad moments have passed during these 2,5 years.

My time at the University of Helsinki is over, but my education and the blog goes on. Hopefully I'll have interesting and entertaining things to share with you in the future!


Saturday, 19 May 2012

And so it begins

A copy of The King's Speech I picked 
up in LA last year.
This week I received a preliminary reading list for my MA studies in the autumn. I now know what I'll be doing all summer; reading.

I'm studying both play- and screenwriting so there's plenty of scripts to get through. The list contains contemporary and classic plays, many of which are British (but no Shakespeare!).  I wish I was in London right now because some of the modern pieces are playing in theaters. As it is, I'll have to make do just reading them. Thank goodness for the Internet, it's not easy finding some of the less known published texts in Finnish shops or libraries.

Screenplays can be easier and cheaper to find, again thanks to the Internet. Many of them end up on different script forums where you can read or download them for free. Reading screenplays is both depressing and uplifting. Some days you go "God, I'll never be able to write like that". And other days it all seems very straight forward. "Hey, I can do that. Hand me a piece of paper!"

To help us students with our work, the list also contains several books on how to write plays and screenplays, and what we should know about different aspects of the industry. It's not an easy business to get into, I can tell you that already, but looking at the reading list, I can't help feeling more excited than scared.

Bring it on!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hen Party 2.0


Last weekend delegates from Finland and Italy invaded London to celebrate a mutual friend's upcoming wedding. We had a lovely time, spending much of it in parks and caf├ęs, at markets and at home, playing games and reminiscing. 

Impromptu ballet at a beautiful old cemetery (missing one person and myself).

 We had great luck with the weather and got two sunny days perfect for picnics. It didn't get lonely, the parks were filled with people, including a few wedding parties, white dresses and all.

The bride to be wasn't forced to wear anything too silly or vulgar, we just put some massive flowers in her hair and also got a few for ourselves. A midsummer night's dream goes 21st century London. 

Back in Helsinki I'm enjoying the rain while looking forward to better weather in the upcoming days. Picnics for everyone!


Saturday, 5 May 2012

Feeding the piggy bank

Good morning! Man it's grey outside. Just looking at it makes my head feel heavy.

I'm soon off to do some exam invigilating. It's a good extra income, and I'll be needing all the money I can get when I move in a few months.

Living expenses in London are high, especially rent, and my university has a very central location so I'll be looking at places in rather expensive areas. If I chose a flat further away, I'd spend hours on public transport which also costs a  lot. But I've done plenty of calculations,  and I think I 'll manage!

Have a great weekend and see you later!


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wedding Fever

No, I'm not getting married, but I'm attending at least three weddings this summer! It seems almost everyone around me is choosing dresses, flowers, locations and cakes. I guess I've reached that "marrying age", and it's quite lovely to see how excited the happy couples are.

The front cover of a very pretty wedding invitation I received today. 

Next week some friends and I are flying over to London to attend a bachelorette party, British style (?). I can't reveal any details in case the bride to be pops by the blog, but I'm certain we'll have a great time. With the right bunch of people, almost anything can be fun.

While I haven't found the "right" man yet for a wedding of my own, at least now I have three good excuses to find the right outfits for my friends' weddings!


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Happy May 1!


It's the first day of May and therefore a day off work! Yesterday evening I went to the traditional Havis Amanda "hat-gathering" in Helsinki and then to a party with some very nice people. We all brought something different to eat and spent much of the time singing, dancing and playing silly games. 

To go with my cap, I chose this knee-length dotted dress with a massive yellow flower (there was a slight flower theme to the party).

And baked these chocolate biscuits for dessert. They tasted a bit like sweet mini-mudcakes and went well with the fresh strawberries. 

Tomorrow it's back to work as usual but I've still got the evening to enjoy. I'll start by filling in the final documents I need to hand in at uni tomorrow. After that, I will finally get my degree!