Monday, 14 January 2013

A first is a first ...

... Even when it's just a little bit different.

It was rather pitiful, but I still got all excited when I woke up this morning and saw the snow on our terrace. First snows has that effect on me. Usually it happens around October, but here in London it's a fairly rare site. English snow!
It continued snowing/raining for most of the day so I stayed in apart from a dash to the gym. Most of it just melted away and I felt a tad disappointed at the lack of traffic chaos. That's all people ever talk about, when it snow's in Britain everything shuts down. Well, clearly not. It was business as usual. Still, a nice surprise.

Hope you're week has started out well!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Oh Dickens

This Saturday I visited the home of Charles Dickens on Doughty Street, London. Dickens lived in several areas around town, but this is the only place that hasn't been torn down.
The house is now a small museum decorated as it would have been in Dickens' time and some of the items were his real personal belongings.  I guess I wanted to see the exhibition because to me, Charles Dickens doesn't seem all that real, in my mind he's more like one of his own characters.
The desk at which he wrote books like Oliver Twist. I tried to extract a bit of Dickens' mojo from it, but I'm not sure it worked. At least I have better penmanship ...
It's a nice little museum with it's own café (which for some unexplained reason was closed during my visit) so if you are a Dickens fan, do pop by some time.
Oh I'm doomed ...


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hollywood fashion and Total heroes


In between reading screenplays and watching films for the upcoming term of screenwriting, I've also had time for some show biz fun.

First up, I attended the preview of Total Hero Team. A, quote: "brand new two-man musical featuring superheroes, robots, sing-a-longs, a way to justify enormous wealth, ukuleles, Boris Johnson, the importance of pubs, and Fufu The Future Kitten." created by MJ Hibbett (and Steve). That's the way they credit it, not me. Disclaimer; MJ Hibbett happens to be on my uni course, but even if he wasn't, I would still recommend the show. It has great tunes and is all around fun (seasoned with some social commentary). I love previews because anything can happen. Words are lost, script pages fly, hats don't fit and the audience gets a few extra good hearted laughs. 
A previous project from the same creators.
Next up was the "Hollywood Costume" exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum, three large rooms packed with costumes from Hollywoods greatest films, old and new. You had Darth Vader, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, The Adams Family, My Fair Lady and all the Queen Elizabeths, only to mention a few.  There were also plenty of information and video interviews with costume designers, actors and directors, explaining how costumes become such an important part of the whole production. 
You couldn't take photos at the exhibition so instead I bought the book that has loads of photos and text about the history and handicraft of costume design for film.  
 The exhibition is on until the 27th of January so you should definitely go if you're around. You do have to book your tickets in advance and prepare to share the space with lots of people, but I found it very much worth it. I guess you just have to love movies!

That's that. Tomorrow is another reading day!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Here we go again!

Happy New Year! First entry of 2013.

It's been a relaxed first day, apart for a couple of hours when I polished my first-term porfolio and submitted it to uni. Now I have two whole weeks to work on any project I want! (And have a bit of frivolous fun in London.)
First things first, I put my new tea pot to use, feeling very civilized. The pot was one of several sweet Christmas presents from my flatmates. Thank you! And then a few pics from my time in Helsinki;
The electric lines are under some extra weight.
Winter seems to have come rather suddenly.
My gran and I went head to head in our favourite game Halma.
Now back to Mary Poppins, one of my most loved childhood films! How I wished I could clean my room by snapping my fingers.