Friday, 29 March 2013

Retro Food

My cooking has a tendency to look very 70s, and I think I outdid myself today.
 The reason I'm actually showing you this, is the fake ham on my sandwich. I bought it for the first time yesterday, hoping it would be decent, and you know what, it's not too bad. It has a good, smokey taste without being overbearing. The texture isn't quite there yet, which might actually be a good thing. I've had meat impersonating foods before that felt so real my body just went; stop it. Stop it! The product does contain eggs and dairy, so it's not for the Vegans, but for us sloppy vegetarians, it's just fine.
It being officially Easter now, I also thought I'd show you how my beloved memma is served. Well, like this. Just drown it in sugar and cream and you have Finnish culture in one brown pile. Yum. 

I hope you have some relaxing time off!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

The wrong way around

All day, I've been working on a 10-page outline for a romantic comedy. It's not horrible work, but it goes against my instincts. Usually when I write a story, I roughly know my beginning, middle and end, but most of it develops while I'm writing the actual script. It helps me get the flow right, and I need to write dialogue to get to know the characters and what they would do in different situations.
Now however, I'm supposed to outline the entire plot in a few pages, before I've actually written the whole story. And it's supposed to be an enjoyable read, enticing potential producers to pick it up. And since I'm developing a comedy, it's supposed to sound funny as well! (Again, without any of the oh so witty dialogue .. krhm.)
I'm sure it's a good exercise for the future, and I need to get it done for this terms portfolio, but right now, my basic instincts are fighting my education.

On another note; It's now been a week since my eyes were fixed. From tomorrow on I can start living a normal life again (apart from going in the sauna, swimming and doing martial arts, which I of course otherwise do daily ...) And, forgive me if I sound hopelessly vain, but I get to wear mascara again! I don't usually wear a lot of make up, but I do feel a bit naked without some colour on my lashes, especially now that my glasses aren't hiding away my eyes. From tomorrow on, I'll be looking like this;

Hope you're having a great Easter week!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

I actually won something!

I rarely win anything, but a few weeks ago I won 2 tickets from the BFI (The British Film institute) to a tour of RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) followed by a matinee of one of their "final year" productions. I chose to see All's Well that Ends Well by William Shakespeare and brought my buddy Tamara along.

Some of the UK's best known actors have studied at RADA.

I really enjoyed the prize! We got to see all the different theaters on Malet Street and the wardrobe, sound and set design departments. Unlike Tamara and I, some of the participants seemed to be budding actors hoping to be part of RADA one day. But with over 3000 applicants every year, and only 30 places to fill, you really need to have IT, whatever that is, to become one of their drama students.

The play was very well executed. The talented actors were supported by a creative and practical set and some captivating lighting work. I'm not always a fan when old plays are "modernized" in different ways, but here the contemporary world jelled well with the old Shakespearean language (with a few modern words thrown in). They managed to make this comedy fun in new ways, and it never felt forced.

My only negative was the story itself. (I blame you Shakespeare.) During the entire play, the lead male character acted like a complete idiot, treating all women around him like they were pieces of meat easily discarded of. He never seemed to change, but by the end of it we were still supposed to be glad that he finally agreed to be with his wife. If I were his wife, I would have locked the door and thrown away the key.

Despite this, I'll definitely go and see other RADA productions in the future. Unfortunately, today was the last day of their spring graduates' work, but there will be other project along the year.

Hope you're having a prize winning weekend!

Friday, 22 March 2013

It's just so weird

I know this isn't a big deal for most people, so apologies if I bore you, but OMG I can see!
Yesterday's laser eye surgery went really well. Everybody at the clinic were chatty and kind, and the actual surgery took no longer than 5 minutes. I swear, it was like I'd been kidnapped by aliens. Everything around me was dark. The machine above my head had a circle of white lights, and a red blob pulsated in the middle. A bit of pressure and suddenly I was staring into a night sky, all black with hundred of white dots. I could hear people count down from thirty and the alien abductor/surgeon told me I could sing if I wanted to, did I have a good voice? Only in the shower, thank you.

At home I kept my eyes shut for  3 - 4 hours and didn't feel any discomfort during the rest of the evening. And this morning at the "next day" check up I got the news that my vision is now 20/20. Hurrah! It might still change as the healing process continues, it might get slightly better or worse, but I'm just amazed how a laser can do something like this. How did someone come up with this technology?

The actual surgery was quick and painless. The after care actually feels like more of an effort. For the next week I have to wear the above modeled goggles whenever I sleep, I can't wear eye makeup, I can't get water in my face, I have three different eye drops I have to use 4 times a day, and I have to wear sunglasses when I go outside so that wind and junk can't get into my eyes. (This makes me feel like an idiot since it's definitely not sunny outside ...) No touching the eyes, period!

Apart from a couple of red spots and lines on the white bits of my eyes, you can't see anything different. But something has definitely changed. And knock, knock, knock on wood, that change will be as permanent as possible.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

No more four-eyes

I'm going to get Superman vision!
Well ... something in that direction. Hopefully.

I had a consultation with an eye clinic today and decided to go ahead with laser eye surgery to fix my dodgy vision. I've been wearing glasses since I was 11, so for 17 years. I'm grateful glasses and contacts exist, but would prefer a few years without them before old age comes along and makes it difficult to read.

I'd been thinking about surgery for a long time, but kept putting it off. I'm a bit squeamish, and wanted to wait for the technology to develop. You don't want the surgeon to have an "Oops!" moment and suddenly you're blind. The optometrist today claimed that's not possible ...

I'm doing it on Thursday! I've waited for years so why wait any longer? By this time next week I should manage fine without glasses. Hopefully that's true, considering I not only have bad eye sight and astigmatism, but apparently my corneas are pointy too! (Which added pounds to the bill ...)
Me in my first pair of glasses. Take that, Harry Potter!!
Tonight, I'm meeting Lotta for a show at Soho theatre, and I'm going to enjoy my last evening wearing mascara. After that, all eye make-up is a no-no until next Thursday. Apologies if I look a bit pale ...

Have a great day!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Loot

Today I was joined by Lotta and Elin on my visit to the Finnish Church's Easter market. My mission was to obtain the Finnish Easter delicacy Mämmi (or Memma). It looks like excrement in an box, but is closer to non-alcoholic beer in solid form (eaten with sugar and cream). I'm going to feed it to my flatmates, wether they like it or not.
I also picked up a few other Finnish products even though I'm going to Finland in just a few weeks. I just couldn't leave them behind!
The market was buzzing with Finns now living in London. And in accordance to Finnish law, there was a human sized Moomin at the event. The children were scared and amused in equal measure.
I know, the people in the background look a bit freaky, but I wasn't sure if they want their faces on the blog. 
Afterwards we felt energetic and walked in the rain from Rotherine on the south side of the river, across Tower Bridge and up to Shoreditch where we had food and a few drinks. A good Saturday all in all! 

Hope you've enjoyed your day as well!


Friday, 15 March 2013

A day in food


I realised yesterday I haven't done any food or outfit entries (those cornerstones of blogging) in a long time. I guess Instagram is the mecca for food photos these day but since I'm a loyal Nokia user (got keep the Finnish economy alive) I haven't been able to join that craze. (Might be a good thing. I was told last night that not only is Instagram filled with hipsters taking pictures of their food, there's now a whole thing about hipsters taking pictures of hipsters taking pictures of their food. Yes, I would probably be one of them if I could ...)

Anywho, here's what I ate yesterday:

I've run out of Finish rye bread (!), so I tried the Scandinavian rye bread from the bakery instead. It's not what I'm used to, but it was still very good.  

In the evening, we went to Strongroom in Shoreditch and met up with our new flatmate who moves in next week. We were actually able to sit outdoors! Although by the end of it, we could hardly feel our toes. It was worth it though. 

Nothing fancy on the menu today since it's all work at home, but hopefully something exciting will come up during the weekend. 

Have good day!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

It's my name


I just wanted to let you know that the new domain name for this blog is now All the contents will remain the same and the old name should re-direct you to the new one, in case you forget. So, no biggie.

I hope your week has started out well. I'm trying to come up with a male character name for a film pitch (exercise) tomorrow. How can it be so hard? I'll just call them all Bob.

Have a great day!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Death defying stunts!


Another day of shooting in the can! Luckily it was done indoors, the London weather isn't great at the moment. It wasn't all dry sailing though, as the camera needed a bit more space to get the right angle. Hey, who cares about health and safety? (Gulp.)
The actors stayed safely in bed, and they were happy to take a little nap while the batteries were charging.
 Our set designer also got comfortable and took on one of the props.
With any luck, there's only one shooting day left and then it's up to the editor to make sense of all the different bits and pieces. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Have a brilliant weekend!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Most evil is based of fear

On the MA at City, we get several visiting lecturers in the different modules. Yesterday we had a guest
I especially enjoyed, story and character consultant and play- and screenwriter Laurie Hutzler.
Hutzler talked about character, story and emotion. "Unless there's a feeling attached, it is not memorable," she said and went on to saying that the definition of being entertained, is to feel something.   Hutzler introduced us to her Character Map, a tool that can help develop the inner traits and conflicts in a character. Above is my rather messy attempt to copy the map which kept growing and growing until there just wasn't enough space. (Apologies for any weird spelling mistakes in my notes, I didn't really have time to switch on my internal spell check.)

The talk was engaging, and it left me with some important things to think about. And even if you don't agree with everything a lecturer says, I believe it's alway good to learn about different ways to approach a creative project. By listening to others, you learn more about yourself.

Okay, now back to my translation work.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Aaaand Action!


Second day of shooting all wrapped up! It was an outdoor (in car) shoot and we lucked out with the weather. We were less lucky with the surrounding noises, (damn you chainsaw!) but got it all done in the end.  I was responsible for set design and got to use the props I'd found in Camden.
Me and today's actor Eleanor. (She was fab!) (Photo: Tom Roderick)
Talking through the action and angles. (Photo: Tom Roderick)
When you work hard, you need a juice box break. And who can resist a sunny park bench. 
(Photo: Chafik Yahiaoui) 
We've now done two full shooting days, and are hopefully half way. I'll see if I can get a few pics from yesterday's shoot as well, but if not, stay tuned for more behind scenes footage on Friday!


Sunday, 3 March 2013

We appreciate it!

First of all, I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign.  You were all more than generous and we made our goal of 500 pounds! Please accept these ridiculously pink tulips as a sign of gratitude.
I met up with one of our backers today and we had tea and carrot cake on the balcony! It was actually warm enough in the sun to sit outdoors without freezing too much. Then the sun hid behind a building and we moved indoors.
 I hope you're having a great Sunday and you're not too stressed out about the upcoming week. If you need a bit of extra energy, buy a bunch of pink tulips.


Friday, 1 March 2013

My Writer's corner


I'm writing this entry from my very new desk. A few days ago I moved rooms within the flat, and got a bit of extra space for a writing area. Bliss.
Sitting here I feel like I'm in a romantic movie, penning a great novel, while looking out over the rooftops.
I wasn't quite as serene yesterday when I was putting everything together, but all in all it went really well. Big thanks to my flatmate who gave me a ride to the blue and yellow furniture shop!
Yesterday evening. Yes, I used power tools.

I also bought a new TV bench with storage and the desk chair. The chair turned out to be a bit tricky so I had to go out and buy a hammer and a wrench. Apparently I looked extra dangerous this morning because the guy at the till gave me a cautious look.
"How old are you?"
Do you have to be a certain age to buy tools in this country? Or did he have something else in mind?
Anywho, very happy to have it all assembled. Time to write that novel/screenplay/play!

Have a great weekend!