Monday, 29 April 2013

Woodland security

Today I went back to the Finnish Embassy to pick up my passport, and hurrah, I now have the walking moose design. The passport has several pretty features, like the snow flakes on the back cover, but it was the moose security that made the new passport international news some month ago. Have a look!

Trips abroad will never be boring again. I might even name my moose. Any suggestions on an appropriate name?


Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Break

Hi guys,

Sorry for being a no show for a while. Someone asked me if I'm still alive. I am, don't worry. I've just been floating around during our break, unable to do anything too constructive.

Here are some things I've been up to though:
I saw a rainbow from our kitchen window.

I dared visit Notting Hill on a Saturday (early before the masses showed up).
 I decided not to try this at the market.
 I had lunch with friends.
 I took a tour of the National Theatre.
 Visited the Finnish Embassy to get my passport renewed.
 And just hung out because we've had some nice weather in the past few days.

And now our summer term has started, I should be back in structured, productive mode again. So if you're interested, keep an eye on this space. 


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

In a nutshell

I got a bit camera happy during my stay in Helsinki, so here's a final photo montage of my stay.  Let's start off with some food!
In Finnish pubs you get tomato and mozzarella toast on rye bread. Bliss. Good food and a great evening with H1 & H2.
Struva! A sweet weird looking thing Finns eat to celebrate the 1st of May. Luckily H2 invited me over so we could make a head start  ...
All done! It's a fun but messy thing to eat. 
Better take a walk afterwards. But maybe not a dip just yet. These jetties are used for rug cleaning in the summer. Or at least they used to be, in most places it's now illegal to wash your rugs straight in the sea. 
It might be time for spring and summer, but there sure is something magical about the blue light a winter evening. 
On my way back to the hostel.
Final stop of the trip, my brother's house. I do have cute nephews ...
A visit to the near by playground. Wheeee!
And then the parents had to have a go of course ... I felt nauseous just looking at them go round and round and up and down. Brrr.

My flight was delayed by a dent in the aircraft (alway nice to know you're sitting in a slightly faulty plane) but I did eventually get back home to London. I've heard rumors about warmer weather here soon, so bring it on!
Have a great day!

Sunday, 7 April 2013


In Finland we have this thing called "takatalvi". (You might call it something else.) It's basically a "screw you" from Mother Nature. First she brings out the sun, the snow starts to melt and the streets dry up, and a naive hope of spring and summer creeps into the frozen hearts of every Finn. And then BAM! It gets cold again, it begins to snow and it's as much winter as before.

Now this time around, it might have been my fault. I tempted the weather gods by buying not one, but two pairs of sunglasses.

For the first time in my adult life I could get some without having to think about prescriptions or contact lenses and I became a bit giddy. So, sorry dear Finland if I caused you an extra few days of winter, but I really couldn't help it. Okay?
 (If it's any consolation, my feet got wet when I walked back from the cinema.)


Thursday, 4 April 2013

It sure can be charming

Back in the motherland! (Well, my motherland anyway ...) I left a cold, snowy London and landed in a sunny, several degrees warmer Helsinki. Oh yeah.
I decided to take an evening walk and play the tourists, because I do see the city in a slightly different way now that I don't live here. It might be small, but it sure can be pretty.
Helsinki Cathedral trough the tram's electric network.
Alexanterinkatu, the main shopping street in Helsinki, slightly abandoned. Named after Alexander I of Russia. 
I wouldn't mind one of these houses set on an island. 
But until I can afford that, I might just have a drink at this pavilion instead. 
Clash of architecture. The Uspenski cathedral.
Okay, so spring hasn't reached all of the city yet ...
But soon this ferry will take sun worshipers and tourists alike to Suomenlinna.
Tomorrow begins with a visit to the dentist, but after that it should all be fun. 

Have a great weekend!