Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The magical season

A month and a half ago, I visited Finland and it looked like this. Last week, tadaa! all the snow had gone and Finland was once again a sea of green. It really does get very, very green, especially when the leaves are new and fresh and just oozing of spring. 

I spent Saturday at my brother's new house and enjoyed a bit of relative country side. 

A turn in the hammock, what can be better?

 The only bother (okay there are many bothers) with drastically different seasons, is the never ending change of tires. Uh oh, where did this one go again?

Gnnnngh. A final tightening of the bolts and the tire should stay on. Just put in a bit of leg work and it's all done.  

I'm going to miss the Finnish summer this year. Hopefully I'll get back there before it's all gone. So far, the English weather hasn't looked promising ...

Have a good day!


Friday, 24 May 2013

I'm going weird!


So I've been neither murdered or kidnapped during my first day in Helsinki. Semi-paranoid as I am, I thought that might be a possibility when you rent a flat through Airbnb. I mean, despite all the security measures, you could be greeted by any kind of madman. But instead, my host was a lovely lady and the flat is just as cute as in the pictures. I feel very much at home.

That didn't help me fall asleep though. Damn you two hours! I took the time to reflect on some habits I've picked up since I moved away:

  1. I sleep with my socks on. Or at least I did all through winter because it was so bloody freezing. Feeling sexy in bed was the last thing on my mind. 
  2. Shoes. I'm beginning to keep them on more and more indoors. Not that I'm fully comfortable with it yet. I never wear them in my own room. Come on, you walk on London streets with those soles! But when everyone else keep their  shoes on, you suddenly feel naked. 
  3. I talk to the shower. Yes, I do. It's what keeps me sane when the water's not heating up, or heats up too much, or the pressure won't give you more than a drizzle. Our shower is fairly good, a bit of patience and you usually get what you want, but we've had a stern chat or two. 
  4. Lights. If there are no cars coming, I cross the street even though the light is red, because apparently, that 's okay. 
  5. Tea. I'm suddenly perfectly happy to drink tea with my lunch. Not AFTER lunch, but during. (Maybe that's because of the freezing thing ...) Anyway, the soup of the day and a tea, please!
I'm sure there's plenty of other freaky things I've picked up in the land of the English, but I'll get back to you on that. Now I'm off to see my grandmother!


Saturday, 11 May 2013

A smelly wrap!

That's it! The short film is now officially in post production. Yesterday was a fun shooting day. We'd had a fairly long break in filming so it was exciting to get back and do some work. My job was basically to create a gritty bachelor pad in our normally tidy sitting room. I started out collecting props:

On the day of filming, we threw around some pieces of furniture and dressed it with all kinds. Voilá! The home of a bunch of slobs (later on I also added some dirty socks and a crusty work out towel on the floor):
 The actors braved the smell of random sauces and decaying pizza slices and got comfortable in the mess. I believe they did a good job ...
So that was it. Now it's up to the editor to put the different bits and pieces together, and then we'll see how it all turned out! Big thank you to everyone who helped out, wether it was on set or through a donation. Our writer/director and cameraman were so happy, they took flight!

Here you can read about some of our previous shooting days: The Car and The bedroom.


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I'm a sea creature

Yesterday Lotta and I met up with some friends in Brighton. My first time in the seaside city! I was really looking forward to a day off, spent by the sea. If you've lived by the sea all your life, you can't help but miss it. In Helsinki, I would always go down to the water when I suffered writer's block, or just got overwhelmed by life in general. In London, the Thames is the closest you get, and it's just not the same.

But back to Brighton! We walked down to a pleasantly warm, but very foggy beach. It wasn't until later I actually saw the new and the old pier properly, or even the water. But just the feeling of being on the beach was bliss.
Apart from the beach, the Royal Pavilion is a popular attraction in Brighton. It's a rather surreal palace built by George the IV in the 18th century. Its exterior takes me to India, while the interior decor was mainly Chinese and Egyptian. Unfortunately you weren't allowed to take photos inside, but just imagine massive dragons and men with thin mustaches everywhere.
Tea and lunch on the balcony of the palace's tea room. 
 After our cultural escapade, we headed back to the beach which had cleared up considerably. There we basically spent the rest of the day chatting, watching people and just enjoying a day away from London. (Although since it was a bank holiday Monday, half of London had followed us to the coast. Oh well ...)

I can't wait to see more of what the UK has to offer outside of London!


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Time Lord

Being your own boss, as a writer or something else, can be scary. There's not always the same structure and security, it all begins and ends with you. Then again, it can be quite lovely as well. Yesterday,  Lotta and I decided to have a work date and spent most of the morning in a cafe. We then had lunch on my sunny balcony and were joined in some more work by my writer flatmate.
Happy with our progress, we decided to meet up with Gerry and visit Street Feast London in Dalston. It's basically a small Friday evening food market where you can buy all kinds of foods from different street vendors. Apparently it's very "IN" at the moment. We got there early, but it was already packed with hip people. We still managed to find some seats and enjoyed burgers and wraps. And we also had some lovely Eton Mess, my first!
By the time we left, they weren't letting more people in because the "merchant yard" was full, and there was a queue going all the way around the block. Don't get me wrong, the food was nice and it was fun to hang out with friends, but I wouldn't queue for hours on end to get in. In other words, if you want to try it out, get there early!

We ended the evening at Lotta and Gerry's place and received the good news that Finland had (barely) won Germany in their opening Ice hockey world championship game, hurrah! 

Now, have a brilliant weekend!