Sunday, 30 June 2013


First day of proper summer in London, even my shorts found their way out of the closet. My room's like a sauna and I've overdosed on ice cream. Life is good.

A few more days until the final deadline and then it's summer holidays for real!

Saturday, 29 June 2013

All good

Few things are as relaxing as reading in a park with a three-piece band playing old fashioned jazz in the background. Just saying. 

Even the pigeon was chilling.


Friday, 28 June 2013

Testing, testing

Today I took a walk in the drizzle to test my new camera. Just the very basics. I'm a point a shoot kind of girl, preferably on automatic. What I hadn't realised, was that I currently live in flower central so apologies if you don't like florals ...

(It's been a very cloudy day, I haven't tampered with the photos in any way and I used the basic automatic setting.)

 Iron Man vs Pensioner Bob?
J, I think we need a pair of these ...
Well isn't that idyllic ...
Oh and I did a cafĂ© writing session and decided I could have a blackcurrant treat. Yum. 

So ... That's what stuff looks like right now. Maybe I'll show you something more adventures later on, but I'll have to read a few "how to" manuals befor that (my camera does allow for manual photography). 

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 27 June 2013


I bought my current camera for my Australian adventures in 2009. That makes it almost as old as this blog. Today, its replacement arrived. I do feel a bit bad. Like a traitor. We've shared so much in the past four years, and maybe it hadn't completely run out of steam yet, but it was struggling with light, focus, speed ... Basically, it was getting old. I will however take good care of it, and it will always be my hero.

Here's its younger brother, the one that is going to follow me on my trips this summer, a Canon Powershot SX 280 HS. It's basically an upgraded version of my current one, with 20 x optical zoom and all kinds of gadgets. Wifi and GPS on a camera? Maybe I'm the one who's getting old?

Either way, I'm sure my trips will look stunning through the lens of this one and hopefully I'll be able to upload some of the photos on here.


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Nordic Noir

I need to learn Danish ...
Apparently everything that is made for TV in Denmark right now becomes a massive hit in the UK, especially when there's some murder and politics thrown in. Borgen, The Killing, The Bridge ... It became apparent at the first ever Nordicana film festival in London this weekend.
 The two largest panels were completely sold out, and it wasn't just Nordic expats. The room was filled with eager Brits who wanted to discuss some of their favourite shows, shown on for example the BBC. I attended the panel for Borgen which discussed how it's possible to dramatise politics. Most of the panelists agreed that politics can be very boring, and it's hard to sell an idea for a TV show about these issues. The lesson of the day was basically; if you want to write about politics and actually get the series sold, you have to camouflage the politics with drama and emotion. Make people think it's about one thing, when it's actually about something else.
 Okay, so the Swedes aren't doing so badly either. They've had a steady flow of crime fiction for years now; Beck, Wallander, Swedish and British version, the films based on Stieg Larsson's books of course, and currently Arne Dahl. The cast of the show had popped over to promote their series and talk about naked bottoms. Very Nordic.
I do enjoy some Nordic crime myself,  but there wasn't much of a Finnish presence at the festival. Our shows and films just haven't had the same impact internationally as the Danish and Swedish. Is it a budget thing? Are they just that bad in comparison, or is there something else?
It had to be enough that YLE at least co-funded Arne Dahl, and one of the show's main characters is actually a Swedish speaking Finn.
To top things off, I got a sticky cinnamon bun and it doesn't get much more Nordic than that.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Is it the apocalypse?

I was taking a walk along Regent's canal when the sky was filled with military aircraft. A jogging woman stopped next to me and asked; 
What's going on?
I think they're on their way to the parade.
For the queen?
Thank god, I thought we were all gonna die.

They did look a bit scary, and having seen Man of Steel yesterday, everything in the sky seems a bit more threatening. 

 But not everyone got frightened. A man and his daughter saw the first planes and shouted;
It's Obama! It's Obama! I've seen Obama!
Then another plane turned up with more security and they got even more excited.
Maybe that's Obama. That must be Obama. We've seen Obama!
I doubt Obama was on any of the planes but at least they had a good time.

So yeah, today the Queen's birthday was officially celebrated by the ceremony of Trooping the Colour which includes a parade and fly-past. I'm pretending the planes were in honor of my brother who loves planes and unlike the queen, actually was born on this day.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

From Scratch

Today I visited the The Geffrye Museum in Hoxton. I'd heard good things about it and my playwriting teacher also suggested I'd go there to do some research. After three terms learning the craft of play- and screenwriting, we're now on the brink of starting our own final projects. It will take me most of next year to write my full length play.
The Geffrye Museum showcases what middle class homes in England have looked like through the centuries. It's a small but pretty museum, inside and out, and the entry is free. Going there, I already had a strong sense of what I want the interior in my play to look like, but thanks to the museum, I now also have a name for the style and can develop my vision further.

I'm excited to delve into the project fully once the final assignment for our TV term is over and done with at the beginning of July.

 In the garden reading room there was a mural with some fun characters ...

The little man on the skinny long horse.
 The surprised caterpillar.
 And the "I look stupid in this hat, don't I?" - duck.
Behind the museum you can wander in its pretty herb garden and watch the overground go by ...
 And sorry if I offend, but when I read this "old English" sign, I just had to do it in a Norwegian accent. Only way it sounded right.

Hope you've had a good start to your week and see you in a bit!