Sunday, 27 October 2013

It's a Christmas Wrap!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Apologies for my absence, it's busy busy busy in this part of the world. This week we filmed the first episode of The Christmas Party: "Harold and Phoebe"! My role on this particular shoot was mainly mic gremlin. I also shot some behind the scenes footage while the real camera was being set up, including two cast interviews which you can watch here! Do have a look and get to know a couple of the actors and one of our talented writers. (You will also learn a new Christmas cracker joke!)
The actors getting ready for the shoot. You've got to love that Christmas jumper!
This upcoming week it's my turn to direct the episode I wrote for the series. It's exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. But I have a great team so I'm sure it's going to be lots of fun. And of course there will be more videos and stills for you to enjoy while we put together the actual series. December isn't far away now!


Thursday, 17 October 2013

A web series under the Xmas tree

It's mid October and Christmas is sneaking up on us. No! some of you scream, it's too soon! Not for us! Since August my screenwriting colleagues and I have been writing a web series called The Christmas Party. The upcoming month is scheduled for production. Then in December you should be able to watch 7 shiny and festive episodes, each 3 to 4 minutes long. Let the party begin!
Now, we would love your support. No, we don't want money, or a lung or a kidney. We'd only ask  that you maybe like our Facebook page, and/or follow us on Twitter. And watch the series when it's up online, of course. As we get closer to our shooting dates and the big launch, there will be more and more interesting content on the sites. You'll get to follow our adventure behind the scenes. We'll share our successes, and our less epic moments. And you'll get to know the cast and crew.
My episode is the 7th and last of the series. 
We're doing this because we love TV and film. It's all a bit of fun, with some serious effort put into it. Anything to learn more about the whole process. So, here we go!


Saturday, 5 October 2013

In the Globe

For the past year, I've walked past Shakespeare's Globe on several occasions. I've told myself I should go and see something and finally, yesterday, I did. Macbeth! Scotland, Kings, Blood and Witches. I particularly enjoyed the witches who did a great job. They were eerie yet graceful. Their voices and movements conjured up so much out of almost nothing. I can imagine it's even better at night when it gets dark. I had tickets to the matinee and at times even the sun came out.
 These photos were taken with my phone. I didn't bring a camera because usually you can't take photos inside a theatre, but I guess the Globe is enough of a tourist attraction for them to allow it before the play starts. And there wasn't much set that could be copyrighted by the set designer. It's amazing how you can tell intricate stories with almost no sets or props. If the text is good, then the audience understands.
 Standing room tickets are only 5 pounds, which is  a steal, and you can usually get them at short notice, while the seats quickly sell out and are rather expensive. But then again you have a roof over your head in case it rains, you get to sit for the 2 - 3 hour long plays, and don't have to rush in to get a good standing spot. I bought a seat this time, not wanting my achy feet to distract from the play.
The Globe Theatre's outdoor season runs only during the spring/summer/autumn months. After that, the weather gets a bit too iffy. So this season is slowly coming to an end, but if you're in London this time next year, why not pop in? (You might want to rent a cushion ...)

Have a great weekend!