Tuesday, 26 November 2013

This is what you call me

Yesterday I turned 29, I’ve now embarked on the last year of a decade!  I had a really nice day, with lots of lovely people wishing me a happy birthday and a little birthday dinner with friends who surprised me with banners and balloons and a cake with proper candles on it. Excitement! I hadn’t blown out birthday candles since Hunter Valley, Australia, when my fab German buddies threw me a delicious 25th birthday breakfast.
I got two birthday cards featuring cats. My friends claim it's not because I'm turning into an old crazy spinster cat lady, they're just IN, but I'm not so sure. 
Now! To the point. Ever since I moved to London I’ve been asked what people call me. Madicken, because that’s my name?
  But Madicken is a bit tricky. It works better now that I’ve Anglofied the pronunciation a little, but it's still not enough, people want a nickname. I’ve never had a proper nickname. My mum would often call me Micki, but that’s about it.

Anywho, being a former academic, I decided to utilize yesterday’s list of birthday greetings for some quantitative research. What better way to figure out what people from around the world call me? I’ve posted the results below. Most common first and so on …
  1. Madicken
  2. Mads
  3. Mad
  4. Maddie
  5. Madi
  6. Maddy
  7. Made
  8. Madsilainen
  9. Baby Face
  10. Lil lady
  11. Lover Girl
Clearly there are a few variations, and if you feel like any of these fit, feel free to use them. We don't all have to agree and I’m not easily offended. Other suggestions are also welcome. As long as we can avoid "That girl" and "You there" I'm happy. 

So, my first post in the final year of my 20s. Is this when greatness begins? :P


Sunday, 17 November 2013

How to break a biker's heart

I was going up to my hotel room when three biker type dudes joined me in the lift. They had long hair, massive tattoos and dusty leather jackets. You shouldn't judge, I know, but if you met them at night you would duck for cover.

‘What floor are you on?
‘Five,’ I said.
‘So are we!’
They spoke Polish to each other until one of them turned to me.
‘Do you speak Polish?’ he asked in Polish.
‘No,’ I answered, having picked up the word Polish.
‘So you do!’
  The lift came to a stop and I was the first to get out.
  ‘Can we come with you?’
   I turned a corner.
  ‘You have broken my heart!’
  I doubt it.   

Now I'm sure they weren't bad guys, just up for bit of banter, but I still made certain to double lock. I wasn't up for company ...

Final night in Helsinki and tomorrow I'm back in London. Unless I've joined a biker gang ...


Saturday, 16 November 2013


Greetings from a mild Finland! I'm taking a weekend break from London to see family and friends, but I still wanted to share what arrived in my email inbox today; the "poster" for my episode of The Christmas Party. Big thanks to fellow series writer Nikki for putting it together!  

I have a poster. I'm eating Finnish chocolate. Life is good. :)


Thursday, 14 November 2013

Mad sprints, green jumpers and a dash of acting

Good morning!

I wanted to be the first to tell you that THE CHRISTMAS PARTY Youtube channel now is up and running and already contains some fun behind the scenes material. Have a look! The actual episodes are only a few weeks away. We've filmed it all so now it's on to post-production!

The latest addition is a video diary from the filming of episode 5 "The Back-Up". Yours truly moved form behind the camera to in front of it and did her best as an actor. The 2,5 kilometer sprint just before wasn't a great help, but what could I do when I'd forgotten Harry's pivotal green Christmas jumper at home. Oh well, it all adds to the drama!

Have a lovely day and see you soon!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Lights ... Camera ...

Good evening!

A little filming update. After a lot of planning and a bit of nerves, my episode of The Christmas Party was shot this Thursday evening. We had three hours to get everything done, and it was a fun experience, which taught me a lot. I look very much forward to seeing the edited version!
We also filmed a little behind the scenes cast interview where I chat to the cast of my episode. You can see the video here! (You do not need a Facebook account.)
Shot lists and story boards. With only three hours to shoot, it was important to stick to our schedule.
Okay, so maybe the power went to my head a little, but come on, who doesn't want a halo?
Not everything could be found in the office, so some things had to be made. It looks real enough, right?
The ten second vent!
 If anyone has a few extra thousand pounds and wants to buy me a camera like this one, I won't mind. Actually, I would be rather pleased.

 That's it for tonight. Have a lovely weekend and see you soon!