Friday, 20 December 2013

House Rules and Pestilence

Greetings from the land of Santa,

(If you just thought "she's on the North Pole?!", you're banned from my blog.) I arrived yesterday and now have my own little studio flat at my grandmother's old people's home. A few things to note when you live in an old people's home:

1. Real candles are not allowed. Or fire of any sort. Therefore, LED lights are the shizzle. And so are bearded Santas made by nephews. I met up with said nephew, nephew number 2 and my sister in law for some coffee and had a nice old time. My younger nephew has now decided my name is Vararikken. Why not, I say?

2. Tannoy scare. At 9.15am a chirpy lady wishes you good morning and lists the activities for the day: Chair work out, children's choir, bake sale and movie night at 5pm. I have yet to find the off button ...

3. Shower chair. I already mentioned this on FB, but hey, it's worth repeating. Who doesn't want a fold out chair in the shower for those long karaoke sessions? (Seriously, some hair treatments are supposed to sit in your hair for 5 minutes or more, and then a chair is more than appropriate.)

I'm sure there are more things to note, but I'll save them for later. For those of you who have asked I'll just add no, there's no snow in Helsinki right now. People are talking about a Black Christmas/Svart Jul/Musta Joulu. It sounds like Christmas with a side order of pestilence, but it just means the ground in black, and so is everything else. Quick, more LED lights!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Vintage Cookies

It's been a hectic few months and when time runs out you just have to cut a few corners, aka use the left over ginger bread cookie dough you made for last Christmas. Don't worry, it's been in the freezer all year so it should be okay ... I think. They went in the oven after all.

Like last year my flatmates helped me decorate the cookies and the designs are if not traditional, at least creative. It's one of the Christmas preparations I really enjoy (and those of you who read this blog know I do like me some Christmas).
A dough gets better with age, right?
No comment ...
My flatmate had been given Hello Kitty cookie cutters ...
It's the shape of Santa, not a parrot!! Why doesn't anyone listen ...
I did warn my flatmates that I take no responsibility for potential festive food poisoning, but so far we're all feeling okay. The decorations however, might offend someone's esthetic eye. I take no responsibility for that either.

And since my blog finally decided to find my web series episode on Youtube (so far, it's been persona non grata) I'm posting that too. Because in the end, it's all the same; awkward, learning while doing, "oh god what have I done?", better luck next time mess. And mess can be a good thing .. (Said the slightly OCD, control freak who runs this blog.)


Monday, 2 December 2013

A labour of love

It's up, it's running, the thing I've been banging on about for the past few months is now online for everyone to see.
What is going on? Episode 7, Awkward Persuasion.
It's been a lot of fun, the planning, the writing, the filming. And most of all, the collaboration with some really great people. Writing can be a lonely business, so meeting up with friends who share your interests is always much appreciated. 

Our Youtube channel sports 7 episodes of The Christmas Party, each one written and directed by a different person. Mine is episode 7, Awkward Persuasion, the final episode of the series. And I also tried my hands at some acting in episode 5, The Back-Up. Do have a look ...
For us, the main purpose of the series was to make something from beginning to end that we could learn from and then share. Looking back, would I do some things differently? Probably. Would I like to change something? Yes, I would. Does that mean it's been useful? I definitely think so! 

It may be imperfect at times, but we're still very proud of our little web series and would love it if you checked it out. It's all here:

Thank you and have a great week!