Sunday, 29 June 2014

Control the weather, I can

The magic of flying is that you can be in two different places within a very short space of time. I just spent a long weekend in Helsinki, managing to combine business with pleasure. There's the little hell of emptying my flat so I can let it out in its entirety once I officially move to London (no longer a student).  I only just started this weekend. The big push is going to happen in July (and possibly August). If anyone wants a nice piano (it's free!) why not drop me a comment?

I also managed to visit family which was much more pleasurable. I can't believe how quickly my nephews are growing! The younger one is turning four in just a few days. We had a pre-party and I got a dirty look from my brother when my nephew unwrapped a wooden recorder. Hehe. They need to start young, right?
The Finnish summer weather hasn't been brilliant the last few weeks but this weekend I think it outdid itself. (Maybe I'm secretly a weather god?)

Friday was pleasant but not too hot, ideal for running errands. Saturday was sunny and warm, perfect for a BBQ and outdoor dining at my brother's house, and then today it was pouring down, windy as Eurovision and 11 degrees celsius. I didn't mind leaving it behind!
I hope you've had a great weekend and look forward to the week!


Monday, 23 June 2014

Eternal Sunshine of a Shattered Mind

Yes, shattered. I am. Not in a bad way though, I just had an intense week.

Wednesday was REHEARSALS and THE SHOWCASE. Weeks (or actually a year) of work got an airing as professional actors read our play extracts in front of a substantial audience, including the people I care about most in London. (Thanks for coming!) It was brilliant to hear the actors read. My biggest fear was that the dialogue would sound terrible once actually spoken out loud, but I think I got away with it. The actors had little time to prepare all the different scenes, so I was very impressed by their work.

The weekend was spent under fun and lovely and slightly nerve racking social circumstances. It's amazing how you can jump on a train in central London and 30 minutes later walk across fields, visit tiny village churches built in the 13th century, and lounge in beautiful gardens with pear trees and home grown courgettes. London suddenly feels very crowded.

I know, there should be plenty of photo evidence, but unfortunately, I just didn't have time. You'll have to make do with this peaceful duckpond.
Next time, I'm bringing bread.
I hope you had a great weekend! Things aren't slowing down just yet, but as long as I get a bit of sleep, it's all good.  


Saturday, 14 June 2014

When grown men cry

Hey kids, do you know what time it is? It's World Cup in football time!

Thank goodness I lack an aversion against football and actually played the game for a few years, because I happen to live in a football crazy flat. World Cup equals Christmas for a whole month. We also happen to be a very international bunch which means there are about 6 teams to root for. So far it's been a big YES! for the Mexican win and a few tears for the Croatian and Australian losses.

Being Finnish I've never had the chance to root for my own country. Here are some stats for Finland's (men's) national football team:

  1. We have never qualified for the European Championships.
  2. We have never qualified for the World Cup. 
  3. Our biggest defeat was against Germany in 1940: 0-13. 
  4. Our biggest win was against San Marino in 2010: 8-0 (or Estonia in 1922: 10-2.)
  5. Finland played its first international football match in 1911. Back then we were still the Grand Duchy of Finland, Russian Empire. We lost 2-5 to Sweden.
  6. I should point out that the the women's national team has qualified for the European Championships three times and got as far as the semifinals in 2005.
With this track record I'm a bit excited to finally live in a country that has a team in the World Cup. Sure, England is expected to do badly, but at least their in it! 

England is known for its football loving people, and tonight is going to be an emotional night in Flat B. 


Source: Wikipedia (of course)