Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Final Countdown


Are we liking July so far? I took my laptop and my script and once again escaped to the countryside for the weekend. I needed to start editing. After a long-ish break, the play had begun to scare me. The thought of getting back into it was intimidating. Rule number 1: Don't let your own words get the better of you!
A playwright's feet and purple flowers. Note the cat hairs on my skirt. No weekend in the country is complete without a playwriting cat.  
After two days of editing I'm feeling a bit calmer. I enjoy working again. There are still things to be done, probably more than I'm aware of, but I can only do my best and hope it's enough this time around. The deadline for the play, which is also my MA thesis, is September 1st and although it might sound far away, I can really feel time running out. This is it. This is when it really matters. I am graduating!

Back in London I'm trying to keep the momentum going, but with a lot of other work, I might have to wait for next weekend to really get my teeth into it again. I want to get this done!

Have a great evening!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Experimental Baking


How's summer going? I had my last uni lecture (EVER!) this week and now half of my brain is thinking I should be on holiday while the other half is screaming You still have a full time job! You still need to write the final draft of your play (thesis)!

I decided to indulge my lazy half (and my taste buds) by baking sweet potato brownies. Yes, sweet potato. It's like you're getting dinner and dessert in one. I seem to surround myself with more and more people who feel better when they don't have too much gluten, and the base for this recipe was sweet potato and a tiny bit of buckwheat flour which is gluten free. There's no refined sugar either.
I know, my camera focused on all the mess in the background instead of on the brownie. Let's pretend that's how I planned it. 
I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical. It all sounded way too healthy. The orange bits are actually sweet potato, but you can't taste it at all. The brownie is very light in consistency, it's not as sweet as a "normal" brownie but perhaps that's just a good thing. You can easily have it on its own or for example with ice cream. No, I have to say I'm surprised how edible it is! It maybe feels a tiny bit rough in your mouth, I'm thinking it might be the buckwheat, or the 100% coco, but it's not a massive issue.
Having eaten a piece, I hereby declare this a pretty decent first attempt at gluten free baking. It's also a dairy free recipe except I chucked in a few optional milk chocolate chunks (bad habits die hard), but I'm not sure if it made any difference to the taste. It does have an egg in it though so vegans beware!

What next? I still have loads of buckwheat flour left!

Have a great weekend (soonish)!