Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Starting Again


It's raining outside and I don't really mind. I can sit indoors with a good conscience while deciding what to do next. My next project. My next play. I have an idea. Sometimes it sits firmly in my hand but then it suddenly dissolves and escapes between my fingers. I have to remind myself that this is okay. Platitudes like Rome wasn't built in a day comes to mind, although I'm hardly building an ancient city. I just want to do the themes and the characters justice. I want to give something to the audience. I want to feel like I've learnt something from previous experiences. I want to write.
It's easy to get overwhelmed but then you just have to figure out one thing at a time. Art by Alina and Jeff Bliumis. 
I re-watched Elizabeth Gilbert's Ted-talk about creativity. I've had nowhere near her success or felt the pressure she's under (except maybe from myself) but the fear is still the same. A fear that can be crippling if it's given too much power. That's why I appreciate her message: work. Just work. Sit down and do your bit and at least you've accomplished something. Not everything you write will be golden, but you're giving it a go and that's good.
I received some wonderful flowers to the theatre last week and they still make me smile whenever I enter my living room. A spot of summer in this rainy weather!
I also keep reminding myself of something I might've written about last year. The words on the page are just that, words on a page. Nothing is sacred. They do not have some magical power over me. I have the power and everything can be changed. The only thing that can't change is something that hasn't been written yet. So I better get cracking. Here's to a first draft that might not be brilliant but can always get better!

Thanks for popping by! I hope you don't mind the rain too much,

Sunday, 23 August 2015

And finally ...


I'm going to keep this brief. I just wanted to share a few production shots from the past week's show. I feel incredibly lucky that so many of my friends and family came and saw the play, and also very grateful to those who don't have a clue who I am but still decided to give the show a chance. It wasn't ideal timing for everyone though, so this will hopefully give you some idea of what it looked like. All the photos were once again taken by the magnificent Mathew Foster.   
It's been an intense couple of months since we found out we'd been chosen to do the play at Theatre503 and the past few weeks have been incredible and terrifying in so many ways. We've had some lovely feedback from audience members and reviewers alike, and I'm proud of the work everyone's done. I've learnt a lot and hopefully that will help me with future projects, because the only way I get to do this again is if I write something worth showing.

Thank you so much to all of you who came to see the play or supported us in some other way. And thank you to the cast and crew who put Victory on stage! You're all brilliant. 

I hope you've had a great weekend!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Saying Goodbye

... to your characters.

There was a time this month when I felt an irrational jealousy. For almost two years these characters had been playing in my head, I'd been their best friend (and worst enemy) and most of the time we got along. And then suddenly, without much warning, they left. My characters went off to play with new people and have some fun without me.
This might or might not have something to do with the play ... 
Like I said, an irrational jealousy. Because like the famous Disney film I still haven't seen due to all the hype and non stop playing songs says, you have to let go. You have to say your goodbyes and allow them to explore the world on their own. And when you do meet again, they will have grown so much. I know mine had when I joined the rehearsals this week. No longer just mine, the characters felt familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. They'd become living breathing people and all of a sudden I was very happy to share them with others. That's what makes playwriting so special, that you get to work together with other people. Sure, it can be scary sometimes. And sometimes you have to give your own ego a good talking to, but when you're surrounded by so much talent and ambition you quickly learn to trust, it's such a great experience.

If you'd like to share at least part of that experience with me, do come along and see my play next week. It's going to be fun! Tickets can be found HERE and I'll be there for most shows so do say hi as well!

I hope you're looking forward to the weekend!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Creative People


How are you?

A lot of the updates and info about Victory (the play I wrote) is on our Facebook page and Twitter page, but for those of you who are a bit social media shy I thought I'd introduce the cast and creative team here on my blog too! Actor/photographer Mathew Foster joined us during a couple of rehearsals and took some lovely photos of everyone in action. Now, the actors might look a bit serious in most of the pics, but I'm telling myself it's because they're concentrating and getting into character, and not because they're sick and tired of the play ... So without further ado!

First up, we have Aspen Reiss who is playing Victory, clearly an important character since the play was named after her ...
Second we have Samuel Lawrence playing Matthew.
Arthur McBain playing Frank.
And finally Jenny Wills as Lorna.
None of it would come together without our director Claire Mullane (who you might remember from previous projects).
And Brian Fenton who's our producer and makes sure some of the "boring" but very important things happen.
And then there's me, who you should know by now. Ta daa!
And I should also mention that Claire Petzal will be performing live the original music that Solfa Carlile has composed for the play. Very exciting! Opening night is not far away now. Tuesday, August 18th, we will be at Theatre503, ready to put on a show, and hopefully you will too. If you haven't picked up a ticket yet, you can do it here!

Thank you so much for all of your support these past couple of months! It's certainly a magical experience. Hope you're looking forward to a nice weekend!