Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Weekend Away

Hello, hello!

How are you? I feel like I've just come back from Miss Marple-land!
I can never take photos of the sea that makes it justice ...
Thorpeness is a very picturesque village by the North Sea. It used to be a small fishing hamlet, but then in 1910 a rich Scottish barrister bought the whole area and made it into a private fantasy resort for friends and family. It wasn't until the 70's that a lot of the properties were sold off and today about 400 people live in the village in winter, and about 1600 in summer because it's still a popular place for holidays and there are plenty of houses to rent on the beach and in the village. (There's also a huge population of bunnies, small and large, to the dismay of the golf course, I'm sure. But they wouldn't sit still for a photo.)

Thorpeness' two sights (in addition to the beach): The House in the Clouds and The Windmill:
We had a wonderful time. It's great to experience real quiet and real darkness. We went down to the sea several times a day, just to look at the water, breath and walk. One evening we sat on the beach and watched a thunder storm slowly roll towards us over the sea. When the rain finally hit us everyone bolted up and ran.
So peaceful. 
During the day we worked a lot. We sat in our little cabin, which had a delightful nautical/80s decor. I got through a first edit of a project and feel quietly optimistic. It's lovely to go back to a text after a bit of a break, with fresh eyes, and realise there might be something there. I wasn't completely deluded when I wrote the first draft.
My favourite place to write. It had amazing light!
A couple of evenings we then walked along the beach to Aldeburgh, about 10 kilometers in total, to buy supplies (the local village shop closed at 4pm and the caf├ęs and restaurants soon after) and to eat fish and chips. The coastal town is also a popular holiday destination and used to be the home of composer Benjamin Britten.
Yep, we went there.
So all in all, a fun, productive and refreshing weekend away! I would just say, if you ever decide to go, do reserve plenty of time and patience for travel! We encountered cancelled trains, delayed trains and trains held up because some emergency on the tracks. We then ended up with a taxi company that seems to have all kinds of issues ... On our way back yesterday they'd forgotten about our booking and we barely made our train home.
Whenever I got stuck I'd look out this window and feel calm. 
But we're here now, back in London and I'm determined to make this relaxed, slower pace last. I have about a week before I fly off to Finland for a few days. There's an exciting theatre related meeting booked in, and I'm also going to see my new niece! Hurrah! But we'll get back to that ...

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

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