Monday, 6 June 2016

Is it the plague?


I got back from Finland on Friday night and looked down at my legs which had been itching the entire flight. Goose all mighty! They looked terrible. My first thought was the plague or something similarly deadly, but then I remembered all the mosquitos from the evening before. The huge red marks must be bites, although I'd never had them as bad before. I sought some expert advice and apparently I might now be extra sensitive to Finnish mosquitos since I haven't been properly bitten by them for a few years. My immune system is becoming British! (I won't pain you with a photo.)
Anywho, it was otherwise a lovely trip with great weather (most of the time)! The main reason I went over was the theatre related meeting I've mentioned before. It went really well, I'm really excited and there is lots to think about! In addition to that I had a great opportunity to see my 4-week-old niece for the first time (hurrah!) and also slightly older members of the family and dear friends.
 On Thursday my friend/host and I challenged thunder and rain (relying on the weather forecast that promised nicer weather for the evening) and took a ferry to Vallisaari, an island outside Helsinki that was used by the military for many years but has recently been opened up to the public. We had a wonderful time. In most places nature has taken over the old structures and it's a very nice place to walk and have a picnic. It also offers great views of the sea and Suomenlinna. Unfortunately the mosquitos enjoy it too ...
But I can happily report that the bites are getting better. Maybe I should get a few Finnish mosquitos in a jar so I can "fortify" myself throughout the year? I'm glad I didn't get any ticks though, which are also common in Finnish nature. Here in London my main concern is the spiders!

Anywho, I hope you had a great weekend and enjoy the rest of the week!