Wednesday, 21 September 2016

It's in the feet

I often think my creativity lurks in my feet, or they're at least the motor. (Apologies to the muses for any unpleasant odors.) That's why I love a morning walk to get the blood pumping and the voices talking. And if I keep getting stuck during the day I might go for another one. And another one. And another one ... (If it feels like a chore I usually tell myself there's a tea or a coffee waiting on the way.)
It's always a joy to see a good sized tractor in London. 
This morning was beautifully sunny with a layer of haze still lingering. I walked aimlessly because that's the best way to discover new streets in your own area, and it also helps the brain access those golden nuggets from the subconscious. (Which also lurks in my feet?)
The best named fast-food place in London. Wets your appetite, doesn't it?
By the time I got home both the haze and the mental fog had lifted and I remembered an article a friend posted on Facebook. It gave tips on how to be a writer. Tip number 2 suggested typing isn't the same as writing, if anything typing is a very small part of writing, it's the mechanical bit that transfers all the hard work your brain's already done to a piece of paper.
I love looking at all the pretty houses. 
Remembering that as I sat down in front of my computer (with another cup of tea) and hoped to get some work done, I made my own suggestion: Typing might not be writing, but walking certainly is!

I hope you're well!

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