Sunday, 25 September 2016

Saving Ibsen

I probably shouldn't get so emotionally involved, but when I see a book in disrepair I feel an accute need to help it. I picked up a copy of Ibsen's plays when I went to Finland. It had been rejected by a library and would probably go in the bin (!) if nobody took it. The pages of the book were all in good shape but they were falling out in chunks. I put on my superhero suit and exclaimed: Intervention time!
The only thing I could think of doing was divide the 5 plays into two A5 folders. They'll be a bit clunkier to read but still easy enough (and now I can add notes of my own without writing on the actual pages). I'm really excited because although the supporting texts in the book are in Swedish, the plays are in their original Norwegian and I've been wanting to read them that way for some time now. Hurrah!
So yes, this copy of Ibsen will have a second life in my bookshelf and hopefully feel a bit more loved in it's olden days.

I hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Hej!

    Hur får man kontakt med dig till exempel via e-mail om man har frågor kring ditt författarskap? Det finns inte så mycket information om dig på internet jämfört med andra finlandssvenska författare :)

  2. Regarding your three homepage pictures....please enlarge the one on the right (walking away, arms in the air). It is an AMAZING picture.

  3. Hope you are well! Miss the blog banter!